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  1. 1604a95 Merge commit '5a7c8db7c01134185889dcf58202d5998635f8d1' into patch_branch by chrome-bot · 5 months ago factory-atlas-11907.B factory-octopus-11512.B factory-sarien-12033.B firmware-atlas-11827.12.B firmware-atlas-11827.B firmware-sarien-12200.B master release-R73-11647.B release-R74-11895.B release-R75-12105.B stabilize-11554.B stabilize-11647.104.B stabilize-11686.B stabilize-11839.3.B stabilize-11839.B stabilize-11895.108.B stabilize-11895.109.B stabilize-11895.118.B stabilize-11895.72.B stabilize-11895.89.B stabilize-11895.95.B stabilize-11998.B stabilize-12054.B stabilize-12058.B stabilize-12060.B stabilize-12061.B stabilize-12088.B stabilize-12121.B stabilize-12202.B stabilize-12206.B stabilize-atlas-11512.6.B stabilize-atlas-11512.B stabilize-atlas.11448.B stabilize-flapjack-12109.B
  2. fb03ed7 Add PRESUBMIT.cfg to repo by Eric Caruso · 5 months ago
  3. 5a7c8db Merge remote-tracking branch 'cros/upstream' by Eric Caruso · 5 months ago
  4. c1bdfb3 logging: add min priority and other cleanup by Eric Caruso · 5 months ago upstream
  5. c9c4a3c qrtr-lookup: print better information about DIAG service by Eric Caruso · 5 months ago
  6. 980b7a8 Merge branch 'upstream' by Ben Chan · 8 months ago factory-grunt-11164.B factory-rammus-11289.B firmware-kalista-11343.B firmware-octopus-11297.B firmware-rammus-11275.B release-R71-11151.B release-R72-11316.B stabilize-111316.112.B stabilize-11151.100.B stabilize-11151.113.B stabilize-11151.59.B stabilize-11217.B stabilize-11306.B stabilize-11316.123.B stabilize-11316.146.B stabilize-11316.148.B stabilize-11316.35.B stabilize-11316.76.B stabilize-11316.82.B stabilize-atlas-11177.B stabilize-octopus-11316.37.B stabilize-octopus-11316.38.B
  7. a1694a1 libqrtr: Correct "instance" composition by Bjorn Andersson · 10 months ago
  8. d3895b9 Merge branch 'upstream' by Ben Chan · 10 months ago factory-nocturne-10984.B factory-nocturne-11066.B firmware-grunt-11031.B firmware-nocturne-10984.B firmware-servo-11011.B release-R70-11021.B stabilize-10985.B stabilize-11005.B stabilize-11020.B stabilize-11021.84.B stabilize-11101.B stabilize-atlas-11022.B stabilize-jetstream-11056.B stabilize-nocturne-10986.B
  9. f9b5b38 qmi: pass `const struct qrtr_packet' to qmi_decode_header() by Ben Chan · 10 months ago
  10. 4c4987b libqrtr : Add support for signed one byte enum. by Arun Kumar Neelakantam · 10 months ago
  11. eb666db qrtr-ns: initialize waiter_ticket struct in waiter_wait_timeout() by Ben Chan · 11 months ago
  12. 688e15c Merge branch 'upstream' by Ben Chan · 11 months ago release-R69-10895.B stabilize-10866.B stabilize-10895.56.B stabilize-10895.B
  13. 0ba7509 libqrtr: add extern "C" guard in libqrtr.h by Ben Chan · 11 months ago
  14. a9c50b6 qrtr-lookup: Add description of service 52 by Bjorn Andersson · 11 months ago
  15. 4b7025a lookup: fix service name for service type 17 by Ben Chan · 11 months ago
  16. 238c066 Merge branch 'upstream' by Eric Caruso · 1 year ago factory-nami-10715.B firmware-nami-10775.108.B firmware-nami-10775.B release-R68-10718.B stabilize-10682.B stabilize-10718.111.B stabilize-10718.69.B stabilize-10718.71.B stabilize-10718.88.B stabilize-atlas.10736.B stabilize-atlas.10819.B stabilize-nocturne.10736.B stabilize-nocturne.10819.B stabilize-nocturne.10828.B
  17. 140a462 ns: add -s option for logging to syslog by Eric Caruso · 1 year ago
  18. de5ee77 logging: add use_syslog to qlog_setup by Eric Caruso · 1 year ago
  19. f64c25c Unify logging into one function by Eric Caruso · 1 year ago
  20. 516011d cfg, ns: factor out qrtr_set_address function by Eric Caruso · 1 year, 1 month ago