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This defines the temporary binary blow we are to pass to the SCU
driver to emulate the binary firmware that we will eventually be
able to access via NVRAM on the SCU controller.
The current size of the binary blob is expected to be 149 bytes or larger
Header Types:
0x1: Phy Masks
0x2: Phy Gens
0x3: SAS Addrs
0xff: End of Data
ID string - u8[12]: "#SCU MAGIC#\0"
Version - u8: 1
SubVersion - u8: 0
Header Type - u8: 0x1
Size - u8: 8
Phy Mask - u32[8]
Header Type - u8: 0x2
Size - u8: 8
Phy Gen - u32[8]
Header Type - u8: 0x3
Size - u8: 8
Sas Addr - u64[8]
Header Type - u8: 0xf
Place isci_firmware.bin in /lib/firmware/isci
Be sure to recreate the initramfs image to include the firmware.