linux-firmware: Update firmware patch for Intel WiFi 7260, 7265

This firmware fix the re-configure the FW during the recovery flow
for Intel Wireless.

The firmware has fixed 3 issues, which included:
1) Bugfix - NMI
2) Bugfix - reduced coex duplicate parameters for different channels.
3) Bugfix - on high traffic load add wifi RX boost TTC/RRC functions.

TEST=Check that firmware is installed

Change-Id: Ic13e7ab16e3b03ba849911203bffab9fe7f17662
Signed-off-by: Matt Chen <>
Reviewed-by: Paul Stewart <>
Commit-Queue: Paul Stewart <>
diff --git a/iwlwifi-7260-9.ucode b/iwlwifi-7260-9.ucode
index 0239740..3175322 100644
--- a/iwlwifi-7260-9.ucode
+++ b/iwlwifi-7260-9.ucode
Binary files differ
diff --git a/iwlwifi-7265-9.ucode b/iwlwifi-7265-9.ucode
index 0a3f674..1767a33 100644
--- a/iwlwifi-7265-9.ucode
+++ b/iwlwifi-7265-9.ucode
Binary files differ