linux-firmware: Remove buggy ar3k firmware binaries.

Some Ar3k may have newer version and for now we want to deprecate
the binaries in public repo.

TEST=emerge-whirlwind linux-firmware

Change-Id: I617174db8c4760e9ee7862eed1960bbea2e91f96
Reviewed-by: Hung-Te Lin <>
Commit-Queue: Hung-Te Lin <>
Tested-by: Hung-Te Lin <>
diff --git a/ar3k/AthrBT_0x01020201.dfu b/ar3k/AthrBT_0x01020201.dfu
deleted file mode 100644
index c51bf1d..0000000
--- a/ar3k/AthrBT_0x01020201.dfu
+++ /dev/null
Binary files differ
diff --git a/ar3k/ramps_0x01020201_26.dfu b/ar3k/ramps_0x01020201_26.dfu
deleted file mode 100644
index 00bc50a..0000000
--- a/ar3k/ramps_0x01020201_26.dfu
+++ /dev/null
Binary files differ