linux-firmware: Update Rambi SST firmware

Update includes fixes which address suspend-resume functionality.

TEST=With entire dependent patch series applied and coreboot with LPE in ACPI
mode check that audio playback and record work correctly after resume.

Change-Id: I19d6597427b04cef8db7c365a9a119b85c333ce3
Signed-off-by: Joe Konno <>
Reviewed-by: Kevin Strasser <>
Tested-by: Kevin Strasser <>
Reviewed-by: Benson Leung <>
Commit-Queue: Benson Leung <>
Tested-by: Benson Leung <>
diff --git a/intel/fw_sst_0f28.bin-i2s_master b/intel/fw_sst_0f28.bin-i2s_master
index ba79f50..915f0be 100644
--- a/intel/fw_sst_0f28.bin-i2s_master
+++ b/intel/fw_sst_0f28.bin-i2s_master
Binary files differ