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  1. 208eae0 [X86][SSE] Avoid unnecessary stack codegen in NT store codegen tests. by Simon Pilgrim · 61 minutes ago master
  2. ce39064 AsmPrinter: add doc-string for EmitLinkage by Nicolai Haehnle · 72 minutes ago
  3. f95bc33 gn build: Merge r363530 by Nico Weber · 78 minutes ago
  4. 784000b [LV] Deny irregular types in interleavedAccessCanBeWidened by Bjorn Pettersson · 2 hours ago
  5. 52598db Test forward references in IntrinsicEmitter on Neon LD(2|3|4) by Sander de Smalen · 2 hours ago
  6. e36a3e3 [DAGCombiner] [CodeGenPrepare] More comprehensive GEP splitting by Luis Marques · 3 hours ago
  7. ba4b2d5 Fix clang -Wcovered-switch-default after stack-id change by D60137 by Fangrui Song · 3 hours ago
  8. ec69a27 [SelectionDAG] Fold insert_subvector(undef, extract_subvector(v, c), c) -> v in getNode by Simon Pilgrim · 3 hours ago
  9. 57a7d9d [SCEV] Use NoWrapFlags when expanding a simple mul by Sam Parker · 4 hours ago
  10. 400438c [llvm-objdump] Use %08 instead of %016 to print leading addresses for 32-bit binaries by Fangrui Song · 4 hours ago
  11. 1002960 [lit] Delete empty lines at the end of lit.local.cfg NFC by Fangrui Song · 4 hours ago
  12. e3afbf5 [NFC][Codegen] Standalone tests for icmp eq/ne (urem %x, C), 0 -> icmp eq/ne %x, 0 fold (D63390) by Roman Lebedev · 4 hours ago
  13. 992d474 [ARM] Fix another -Wunused-variable in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off builds after D63265 by Fangrui Song · 4 hours ago
  14. 679d03e [ARM] Fix -Wunused-variable in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off builds after D63265 by Fangrui Song · 4 hours ago
  15. f4bff34 Describe stack-id as an enum by Sander de Smalen · 4 hours ago
  16. 82ad3d1 [ARM] Remove ARMComputeBlockSize by Sam Parker · 4 hours ago
  17. 659a320 [ARM] Add ARMBasicBlockInfo.cpp by Sam Parker · 5 hours ago
  18. 2d3fee0 [ARM] Extract some code from ARMConstantIslandPass by Sam Parker · 5 hours ago
  19. 8daad51 Re-commit r357452 (take 3): "SimplifyCFG SinkCommonCodeFromPredecessors: Also sink function calls without used results (PR41259)" by Hans Wennborg · 6 hours ago
  20. 90e12ff [SimplifyCFG] Fix prof branch_weights MD while removing unreachable switch cases by Yevgeny Rouban · 8 hours ago