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  1. c54b6d1 [mips] Fix test typo in rL348914 by Fangrui Song · 86 minutes ago master
  2. 1921566 [Power9][NFC] add setb exploitation test case by Kewen Lin · 6 hours ago
  3. c3c2387 [SILoadStoreOptimizer] Use std::abs to avoid truncation. by Florian Hahn · 9 hours ago
  4. bf1554b [X86] Rename hasNoSignedComparisonUses to hasNoSignFlagUses. Add the instruction that only modify the O flag to the waiver list. by Craig Topper · 9 hours ago
  5. 7a4d0b9 [X86] Make hasNoCarryFlagUses/hasNoSignedComparisonUses take an SDValue that indicates which result is the flag result. NFCI by Craig Topper · 9 hours ago
  6. e2f3e50 [WebAssembly] Check if the section order is correct by Heejin Ahn · 9 hours ago
  7. e4bfa17 [NewGVN] Update use counts for SSA copies when replacing them by their operands. by Florian Hahn · 10 hours ago
  8. 7267516 [Util] Refer to [s|z]exts of args when converting dbg.declares (fix PR35400) by Vedant Kumar · 10 hours ago
  9. fb3de31 [NVPTX] Lower instructions that expand into libcalls. by Artem Belevich · 10 hours ago
  10. b4b260e DebugInfo: Avoid using split DWARF when the split unit would be empty. by David Blaikie · 11 hours ago
  11. 3cc32f9 [codeview] Add begin/endSymbolRecord helpers, NFC by Reid Kleckner · 12 hours ago
  12. b2251b3 DebugInfo: Move addAddrBase from DwarfUnit to DwarfCompileUnit by David Blaikie · 12 hours ago
  13. af29842 [Hexagon] Add patterns for shifts of v2i16 by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 12 hours ago
  14. 878b42a [GlobalISel] LegalizerHelper: Implement fewerElementsVector for G_LOAD/G_STORE by Volkan Keles · 12 hours ago
  15. cba44d9 [Hexagon] Use IMPLICIT_DEF to any-extend 32-bit values to 64 bits by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 12 hours ago
  16. 0bbe50f [AMDGPU] Promote constant offset to the immediate by finding a new base with 13bit constant offset from the nearby instructions. by Farhana Aleen · 13 hours ago
  17. 56ea489 Add missing includes and forward decls to unbreak build by Eric Fiselier · 13 hours ago
  18. cdc0cba [SDAG] Ignore chain operand in REG_SEQUENCE when emitting instructions by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 14 hours ago
  19. f2511ab [AArch64] Simplify the scheduling predicates (NFC) by Evandro Menezes · 14 hours ago
  20. a5a1eba [TransformWarning] Do not warn missed transformations in optnone functions. by Michael Kruse · 14 hours ago