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  1. d020e74 [SystemZ] Require asserts in subregliveness-06.mir by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 10 minutes ago master
  2. 4a20888 [LICM][NFC] Restructure pointer invalidation API in terms of MemoryLocation by Philip Reames · 11 minutes ago
  3. 516dc8b [llvm-mca] Fix -Wpessimizing-move warnings introduced by r339923. by Andrea Di Biagio · 37 minutes ago
  4. ad8a8d1 Add missing test file from r339799. by Peter Collingbourne · 53 minutes ago
  5. 382c2c9 [X86] Pre-commit test case for D50827. by Craig Topper · 54 minutes ago
  6. fb684e1 [WebAssembly] Remove temporary workaround for function bitcasts by Jacob Gravelle · 57 minutes ago
  7. 5ede58d [MachineVerifier] Check if predecessor is jointly dominated by undefs by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 68 minutes ago
  8. 8744f36 [llvm-mca] Refactor how execution is orchestrated by the Pipeline. by Andrea Di Biagio · 81 minutes ago
  9. cb762f1 [SelectionDAG] Improve the legalisation lowering of UMULO. by Eli Friedman · 2 hours ago
  10. 7b455c4 [llvm-strip] Add support for -p/--preserve-dates by Jordan Rupprecht · 2 hours ago
  11. d9c9d82 [RegisterCoalescer] Shrink to uses if needed after removeCopyByCommutingDef by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 2 hours ago
  12. 3174d7c Fix memory leak in demangling of string literals. by Zachary Turner · 3 hours ago
  13. 465c62b [TargetLowering] Add support for non-uniform vectors to BuildSDIV by Simon Pilgrim · 3 hours ago
  14. 9d1f82a [codeview] Use push_macro to avoid conflicts instead of a prefix by Reid Kleckner · 3 hours ago
  15. cd2d2cf [MC] Cleanup noop default case spelling. NFC. by Nirav Dave · 3 hours ago
  16. 550dfae Revert "unittests: Don't install" by Tom Stellard · 3 hours ago
  17. a0d83d5 AMDGPU: Custom lower fexp by Matt Arsenault · 3 hours ago
  18. b35922e [X86][SSE] Add sdiv by nonuniform constant vector test containing -1/+1 and all-bits style constants by Simon Pilgrim · 3 hours ago
  19. 25358c8 [NFC] Fix typo in test cases by Evandro Menezes · 3 hours ago
  20. 3b2cfd1 [TargetLowering] Refactor BuildSDIV in preparation for D50765. NFCI. by Simon Pilgrim · 3 hours ago