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//===-- ValueTypes.cpp - Implementation of MVT::ValueType methods ---------===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file was developed by the LLVM research group and is distributed under
// the University of Illinois Open Source License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file implements methods in the CodeGen/ValueTypes.h header.
#include "llvm/ADT/StringExtras.h"
#include "llvm/CodeGen/ValueTypes.h"
#include "llvm/Type.h"
#include "llvm/DerivedTypes.h"
using namespace llvm;
/// MVT::getValueTypeString - This function returns value type as a string,
/// e.g. "i32".
std::string MVT::getValueTypeString(MVT::ValueType VT) {
switch (VT) {
if (isExtendedVT(VT))
return "v" + utostr(getVectorNumElements(VT)) +
assert(0 && "Invalid ValueType!");
case MVT::i1: return "i1";
case MVT::i8: return "i8";
case MVT::i16: return "i16";
case MVT::i32: return "i32";
case MVT::i64: return "i64";
case MVT::i128: return "i128";
case MVT::f32: return "f32";
case MVT::f64: return "f64";
case MVT::f80: return "f80";
case MVT::f128: return "f128";
case MVT::ppcf128: return "ppcf128";
case MVT::isVoid: return "isVoid";
case MVT::Other: return "ch";
case MVT::Flag: return "flag";
case MVT::v8i8: return "v8i8";
case MVT::v4i16: return "v4i16";
case MVT::v2i32: return "v2i32";
case MVT::v1i64: return "v1i64";
case MVT::v16i8: return "v16i8";
case MVT::v8i16: return "v8i16";
case MVT::v4i32: return "v4i32";
case MVT::v2i64: return "v2i64";
case MVT::v2f32: return "v2f32";
case MVT::v4f32: return "v4f32";
case MVT::v2f64: return "v2f64";
case MVT::v3i32: return "v3i32";
case MVT::v3f32: return "v3f32";
/// MVT::getTypeForValueType - This method returns an LLVM type corresponding
/// to the specified ValueType. Note that this will abort for types that cannot
/// be represented.
const Type *MVT::getTypeForValueType(MVT::ValueType VT) {
switch (VT) {
if (isExtendedVT(VT))
return VectorType::get(getTypeForValueType(getVectorElementType(VT)),
assert(0 && "ValueType does not correspond to LLVM type!");
case MVT::isVoid:return Type::VoidTy;
case MVT::i1: return Type::Int1Ty;
case MVT::i8: return Type::Int8Ty;
case MVT::i16: return Type::Int16Ty;
case MVT::i32: return Type::Int32Ty;
case MVT::i64: return Type::Int64Ty;
case MVT::i128: return IntegerType::get(128);
case MVT::f32: return Type::FloatTy;
case MVT::f64: return Type::DoubleTy;
case MVT::f80: return Type::X86_FP80Ty;
case MVT::f128: return Type::FP128Ty;
case MVT::ppcf128: return Type::PPC_FP128Ty;
case MVT::v8i8: return VectorType::get(Type::Int8Ty, 8);
case MVT::v4i16: return VectorType::get(Type::Int16Ty, 4);
case MVT::v2i32: return VectorType::get(Type::Int32Ty, 2);
case MVT::v1i64: return VectorType::get(Type::Int64Ty, 1);
case MVT::v16i8: return VectorType::get(Type::Int8Ty, 16);
case MVT::v8i16: return VectorType::get(Type::Int16Ty, 8);
case MVT::v4i32: return VectorType::get(Type::Int32Ty, 4);
case MVT::v2i64: return VectorType::get(Type::Int64Ty, 2);
case MVT::v2f32: return VectorType::get(Type::FloatTy, 2);
case MVT::v4f32: return VectorType::get(Type::FloatTy, 4);
case MVT::v2f64: return VectorType::get(Type::DoubleTy, 2);
case MVT::v3i32: return VectorType::get(Type::Int32Ty, 3);
case MVT::v3f32: return VectorType::get(Type::FloatTy, 3);
/// MVT::getValueType - Return the value type corresponding to the specified
/// type. This returns all pointers as MVT::iPTR. If HandleUnknown is true,
/// unknown types are returned as Other, otherwise they are invalid.
MVT::ValueType MVT::getValueType(const Type *Ty, bool HandleUnknown) {
switch (Ty->getTypeID()) {
if (HandleUnknown) return MVT::Other;
assert(0 && "Unknown type!");
case Type::VoidTyID:
return MVT::isVoid;
case Type::IntegerTyID:
switch (cast<IntegerType>(Ty)->getBitWidth()) {
// FIXME: Return MVT::iANY.
if (HandleUnknown) return MVT::Other;
assert(0 && "Invalid width for value type");
case 1: return MVT::i1;
case 8: return MVT::i8;
case 16: return MVT::i16;
case 32: return MVT::i32;
case 64: return MVT::i64;
case 128: return MVT::i128;
case Type::FloatTyID: return MVT::f32;
case Type::DoubleTyID: return MVT::f64;
case Type::X86_FP80TyID: return MVT::f80;
case Type::FP128TyID: return MVT::f128;
case Type::PPC_FP128TyID: return MVT::ppcf128;
case Type::PointerTyID: return MVT::iPTR;
case Type::VectorTyID: {
const VectorType *VTy = cast<VectorType>(Ty);
return getVectorType(getValueType(VTy->getElementType(), false),