Firmware verification for Marvell 8897 FW version 15.68.7.p18

Changes since 8897 15.68.4.p113

FW ver 15.68.7.p18 changes.
1) Chromebook Throughput enhancements for UDP Rx.

2) Improve BT connection stability in Headset profiles

3) Enhanced Power Save mode for both Wifi and BT during Coex scenario.

4) Improve audio quality while using PCM interface.

TEST=Sanity test run wifi_matfunc suite on nyan-big or nyan-blaze for SD8897 and glimmer/clapper for PCIE-8897

Change-Id: I49302cf3495350c62f7fe1b11b6a44f195a834bf
Signed-off-by: Nick Tran <>
Reviewed-by: Paul Stewart <>
2 files changed