Firmware verification for Marvell 8897 version 15.68.4.p103.

PCIE-USB 8897 p103 changes since p92
SDIO 8897 p103 changes since p102

-Improved peak TX throughput including APs which have AMPDU only.

-Improved RX VHT80 throughput.
Improved ISR and High Priority task handling to avoid race conditions during 11ac data traffic.

-Fixed google bug [26268]
Improved Driver CMD-FW RSP procedure, during FW sleep-wake cycle, to fix case of failure in host suspend-resume stress test.

TEST=For sanity check, run matfunc autotest on nyan-big and clapper. Verify fix for 26268.

Change-Id: Ieec928a67d98b42abd83cede7f4fd5ac85e00149
Signed-off-by: Nick Tran <>
Reviewed-by: Paul Stewart <>
2 files changed