Firmware verification for Marvell 8897 FW version 15.68.7.p66

Changes since 8897 15.68.7.p18

1) Tx statistics fix

2) Fix for "unknown upload type 0x7" error. Addresses Google bug: #49418, #49170, and #48460.

3) Fix for deauth in 4 way handshake after receiving Msg1 Addresses google bug: #38849.

4) Fix for GTK rekey offload and wakeup on GTK rekey failure
            This would be useful for Lucid sleep on as Oak.

5) Throughput improvements.

TEST=Sanity test run wifi_matfunc suite on nyan-big/blaze or veyron_jerry/jaq for SD8897 and glimmer/clapper for PCIE-8897

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