Firmware verification for Marvell 8897 FW version 15.68.7.p77

Changes of 8897 from 15.68.7.p74 to 15.68.7.p77

1) Fixed network_WiFi_IBSS testcase failure introduced in 7.p74

2) Fixed bluetooth issue 542169: chameleon: bluetooth reconnect in a loop on peach_pi

Changes of 8897 from 15.68.7.p66 to 15.68.7.p74

1) Improved TCP Rx TP fluctuation. Addresses bug#47681 and #51842

2) Fixed an issue reported by the community: Corruption in FW used to cause invalid packet error leading to card reset.

TEST=Sanity test run wifi_matfunc suite on veryron-jerry/jaq for SD8897 and glimmer/clapper for PCIE-8897

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