1. 329c5ca mmc-utils: Add OWNERS file by Chris McDonald · 3 weeks ago master stabilize-12331.B
  2. 1c55306 UPSTREAM: fix ENH_START_ADDR overflow by jason.zeng · 1 year ago factory-atlas-11907.B factory-grunt-11164.B factory-nocturne-10984.B factory-nocturne-11066.B factory-octopus-11512.B factory-rammus-11289.B factory-sarien-12033.B firmware-atlas-11827.12.B firmware-atlas-11827.B firmware-grunt-11031.B firmware-kalista-11343.B firmware-nocturne-10984.B firmware-octopus-11297.81.B firmware-octopus-11297.83.B firmware-octopus-11297.B firmware-rammus-11275.B firmware-sarien-12200.B firmware-servo-11011.B release-R69-10895.B release-R70-11021.B release-R71-11151.B release-R72-11316.B release-R73-11647.B release-R74-11895.B release-R75-12105.B release-R76-12239.B stabilize-10866.B stabilize-10895.56.B stabilize-10895.B stabilize-10985.B stabilize-11005.B stabilize-11020.B stabilize-11021.84.B stabilize-11101.B stabilize-111316.112.B stabilize-11151.100.B stabilize-11151.113.B stabilize-11151.59.B stabilize-11217.B stabilize-11306.B stabilize-11316.123.B stabilize-11316.146.B stabilize-11316.148.B stabilize-11316.35.B stabilize-11316.76.B stabilize-11316.82.B stabilize-11554.B stabilize-11647.104.B stabilize-11686.B stabilize-11839.3.B stabilize-11839.B stabilize-11895.108.B stabilize-11895.109.B stabilize-11895.118.B stabilize-11895.72.B stabilize-11895.89.B stabilize-11895.95.B stabilize-11998.B stabilize-12054.B stabilize-12058.B stabilize-12060.B stabilize-12061.B stabilize-12088.B stabilize-12105.100.B stabilize-12105.75.B stabilize-12121.B stabilize-12202.B stabilize-12206.B stabilize-12222.B stabilize-12239.19.B stabilize-12239.46.B stabilize-12249.B stabilize-12301.B stabilize-atlas-11022.B stabilize-atlas-11177.B stabilize-atlas-11512.6.B stabilize-atlas-11512.B stabilize-atlas.11448.B stabilize-flapjack-12109.B stabilize-jetstream-11056.B stabilize-kukui-12285.B stabilize-nocturne-10986.B stabilize-octopus-11316.37.B stabilize-octopus-11316.38.B
  3. 5a52693 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: manpage: fix arguments for TH macro by Uwe Kleine-König · 1 year ago
  4. 8f68bc3 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: remove unused #includes by Uwe Kleine-König · 1 year ago
  5. f16e466 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: move offsetof from mmc.h to only user by Uwe Kleine-König · 1 year ago
  6. fdd2e15 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: expand .gitignore by Uwe Kleine-König · 1 year ago
  7. c08e322 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: make use of dependency information generated by gcc by Uwe Kleine-König · 1 year ago
  8. e09c9e3 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: drop unused header by Uwe Kleine-König · 1 year ago
  9. cd2fea7 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: drop macro CHECK by Uwe Kleine-König · 1 year ago
  10. d6cd3d3 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: Check for ext_csd_rev only once by Alexander Stein · 1 year ago
  11. cce3d88 USPTREAM: mmc-utils: feature spec 5.0+, Pre EOL information by Alexander Stein · 1 year ago
  12. f91b88e USPTREAM: mmc-utils: feature spec 5.0+, device life time estimation for MLC and pSLC mode by Boris Schmidt · 1 year ago
  13. 77c22a8 UPSTREAM: Add missing -c for write_reliability by Tomas Melin · 1 year ago
  14. 20379fa UPSTREAM: Fix return value check from set_partitioning_setting_completed() by Tomas Melin · 1 year ago
  15. 766a3cd UPSTREAM: Add help texts for -c option by Tomas Melin · 1 year ago
  16. 4dadd87 UPSTREAM: Add -c option for partitioning commands by Tomas Melin · 1 year ago
  17. 295dd7a UPSTREAM: Register being set is other than mentioned in printed message. by Tomas Melin · 1 year ago
  18. 2e61066 UPSTREAM: Fix reported offset for enhanced user area start address by Tomas Melin · 1 year ago
  19. bb1600b UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: Add Command Queue fields to Extended CSD by Adrian Hunter · 1 year ago
  20. 1b7f5d7 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: Add ability to configure write protect on an eMMC device by Al Cooper · 1 year ago
  21. fbc0e6c UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: Add disable partition boot to 'mmc bootpart enable' by Markus Schuetterle · 1 year ago
  22. dc7ab96 UPSTREAM mmc_utils: add ffu support by Avi Shchislowski · 1 year ago
  23. bcc3e2e mmc-utils: Add blockprotect command set by Julius Werner · 3 years, 3 months ago factory-coral-10122.B factory-fizz-10167.B factory-gale-8743.19.B factory-gru-8557.B factory-gru-8652.B factory-gru-9017.B factory-nami-10715.B factory-poppy-10504.B factory-reef-8811.B factory-scarlet-10211.B factory-soraka-10323.39.B firmware-coral-10068.B firmware-cr50-9308.24.B firmware-cr50-9308.B firmware-cr50-guc-factory-9308.26.B firmware-cr50-mp-release-9308.87.B firmware-cr50-release-9308.25.B firmware-eve-9584.B firmware-eve-campfire-9584.131.B firmware-fizz-10139.117.B firmware-fizz-10139.94.B firmware-fizz-10139.B firmware-gale-8281.B firmware-gru-8785.B firmware-nami-10775.108.B firmware-nami-10775.B firmware-oak-8438.B firmware-poppy-10431.B firmware-reef-9042.87.B firmware-reef-9042.B firmware-rowan-9516.B firmware-scarlet-10388.B firmware-scribe-10045.B firmware-servo-9040.B firmware-twinkie-9628.B release-R52-8350.B release-R53-8530.B release-R54-8743.B release-R55-8872.B release-R56-9000.B release-R57-9202.B release-R58-9334.B release-R59-9460.B release-R60-9592.B release-R61-9765.B release-R62-9901.B release-R63-10032.B release-R64-10176.B release-R65-10323.B release-R66-10452.B release-R67-10575.B release-R68-10718.B stabilize-10032.56.B stabilize-10032.68.B stabilize-10032.71.B stabilize-10032.72.B stabilize-10032.75.B stabilize-10032.86.B stabilize-10176.13.B stabilize-10176.47.B stabilize-10176.54.B stabilize-10176.58.B stabilize-10176.65.B stabilize-10323.29.B stabilize-10323.30.B stabilize-10323.31.B stabilize-10323.58.B stabilize-10323.62.B stabilize-10323.67.B stabilize-10443.B stabilize-10452.81.B stabilize-10452.85.B stabilize-10452.90.B stabilize-10452.96.B stabilize-10569.B stabilize-10575.54.B stabilize-10575.58.B stabilize-10682.B stabilize-10718.111.B stabilize-10718.69.B stabilize-10718.71.B stabilize-10718.88.B stabilize-8282.B stabilize-8337.B stabilize-8350.21.B stabilize-8350.68.B stabilize-8429.B stabilize-8447.B stabilize-8481.B stabilize-8516.B stabilize-8530.35.B stabilize-8530.71.B stabilize-8530.77.B stabilize-8530.80.B stabilize-8530.89.B stabilize-8530.93.B stabilize-8530.96.B stabilize-8530.B stabilize-8647.B stabilize-8688.B stabilize-8714.B stabilize-8737.B stabilize-8743.25.B stabilize-8743.58.B stabilize-8743.60.B stabilize-8743.69.B stabilize-8798.B stabilize-8838.B stabilize-8872.15.B stabilize-8872.40.B stabilize-8872.6.B stabilize-8872.70.B stabilize-8975.B stabilize-8992.B stabilize-9000.26.B stabilize-9000.29.0 stabilize-9000.29.B stabilize-9000.82.B stabilize-9000.84.B stabilize-9000.87.0.B stabilize-9000.87.B stabilize-9000.91.0.B stabilize-9000.B stabilize-9093.B stabilize-9157.B stabilize-9199.B stabilize-9202.18.B stabilize-9202.28.B stabilize-9202.56.B stabilize-9202.64.B stabilize-9202.B stabilize-9313.B stabilize-9334.58.B stabilize-9428.B stabilize-9430.B stabilize-9460.23.B stabilize-9460.4.B stabilize-9460.40.B stabilize-9460.60.B stabilize-9460.66.B stabilize-9460.73.B stabilize-9517.B stabilize-9554.B stabilize-9592.15.B stabilize-9592.55.B stabilize-9592.67.B stabilize-9592.82.B stabilize-9693.B stabilize-9756.B stabilize-9765.39.B stabilize-9765.65.B stabilize-9765.7.B stabilize-9765.76.B stabilize-9901.35.B stabilize-9901.53.B stabilize-9901.54.B stabilize-9901.77.B stabilize-9998.B stabilize-M57-9202.35.0.B stabilize-M58-9334.41.0.B stabilize-atlas.10736.B stabilize-atlas.10819.B stabilize-fsi-9202.10.B stabilize-fsi-9202.5.0.B stabilize-kevin-8785.94.B stabilize-meowth-10444.B stabilize-meowth-10574.B stabilize-nocturne.10646.B stabilize-nocturne.10736.B stabilize-nocturne.10819.B stabilize-nocturne.10828.B
  24. 7e00a5a UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: Merge the lsmmc tool into mmc-utils by Sebastian Rasmussen · 3 years, 3 months ago stabilize-8249.B
  25. f319eb7 UPSTREAM: mmc_utils: doc: add man-page by Marcus Folkesson · 3 years, 3 months ago
  26. cb04fde UPSTREAM: mmc_utils: gp create: only allow partition [1-4] to be selected by Marcus Folkesson · 3 years, 3 months ago
  27. 786418c UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: add ability to enable/disable optional eMMC cache by Al Cooper · 3 years, 3 months ago
  28. 794314c UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: Add command to set the boot bus conditions by Al Cooper · 3 years, 3 months ago
  29. d78ce08 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: add support to create gp partition by Balaji T K · 3 years, 3 months ago
  30. 1fdb7f9 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: add check for max enhanced user area by Balaji T K · 3 years, 3 months ago
  31. ca3dc21 UPSTREAM: fix building errors on Android by Yaniv Gardi · 3 years, 3 months ago
  32. d186ab5 UPSTREAM: Fit usage to 80 cols by Chris Ball · 3 years, 3 months ago
  33. 023cc7c UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: RPMB: add support for 4 rpmb operations by Roman Peniaev · 3 years, 3 months ago
  34. fec7678 UPSTREAM: mmc-utils: RPMB: add HMAC SHA256 support by Roman Peniaev · 3 years, 3 months ago
  35. c2faa3d mmc-utils: Report HS400/HS533 support by Gwendal Grignou · 4 years, 3 months ago factory-arkham-7077.113.B factory-glados-7657.B factory-glados-7828.B factory-oak-8141.B factory-oak-8182.B factory-smaug-7265.B factory-strago-7458.B factory-test-7077.114.B factory-veyron-7505.B firmware-celes-7287.92.B firmware-cyan-7287.57.B firmware-edgar-7287.167.B firmware-glados-7820.315.B firmware-glados-7820.B firmware-lucid-8173.B firmware-reks-7287.133.B firmware-smaug-7132.B firmware-smaug-7900.B firmware-strago-7287.B firmware-terra-7287.154.B firmware-ultima-7287.131.B release-R44-7077.B release-R45-7262.B release-R46-7390.B release-R47-7520.B release-R48-7647.B release-R49-7834.B release-R50-7978.B release-R51-8172.B stabilize-7018.B stabilize-7019.B stabilize-7039.B stabilize-7059.B stabilize-7060.B stabilize-7077.111.B stabilize-7077.122.B stabilize-7077.123.B stabilize-7077.134.B stabilize-7131.B stabilize-7134.B stabilize-7155.B stabilize-7173.B stabilize-7199.B stabilize-7202.B stabilize-7204.B stabilize-7356.B stabilize-7374.B stabilize-7390.59.B stabilize-7390.68.B stabilize-7442.B stabilize-7520.49.B stabilize-7520.63.B stabilize-7520.67.B stabilize-7628.B stabilize-7647.32.B stabilize-7647.72.B stabilize-7647.74.B stabilize-7729.B stabilize-7797.B stabilize-7821.B stabilize-7834.66.B stabilize-7907.B stabilize-7912.B stabilize-7956.B stabilize-7978.18.B stabilize-7978.51.B stabilize-7978.66.B stabilize-7978.74.B stabilize-7978.B stabilize-8104.B stabilize-8172.47.B stabilize-jetstream-7390.54.B stabilize-jetstream-7390.62.B stabilize-smaug-7547.B stabilize-smaug-7566.B stabilize-smaug-7731.B stabilize-smaug-7800.B stabilize-smaug-7897.B stabilze-7441.B
  36. c384aec mmc-utils: Support new ext_csd_rev in eMMC 5.1 by Puthikorn Voravootivat · 4 years, 3 months ago
  37. 0da2c51 Add hack support for FFU by Gwendal Grignou · 4 years, 4 months ago release-R43-6946.B stabilize-6912.B stabilize-6915.B stabilize-6919.B stabilize-6937.B stabilize-6946.55.B stabilize-6996.B
  38. eb1cd01 Fix indentation and spaces. by Gwendal Grignou · 4 years, 6 months ago factory-auron-6772.B factory-whirlwind-6812.41.B release-R42-6812.B stabilize-6736.B stabilize-6752.B stabilize-6771.B stabilize-6783.B stabilize-6812.13.B stabilize-6812.14.B stabilize-6812.15.B stabilize-6812.29.B stabilize-6812.34.B stabilize-6812.41.B stabilize-6812.75.B stabilize-6812.83.B stabilize-6812.85.B stabilize-6835.B stabilize-6842.B stabilize-6909.B stabilize-js-6812.21.B stabilize-js-6812.25.B stabilize-js-6812.26.B
  39. 0f75734 mmc-utils: one ioctl enough for FFU by Gwendal Grignou · 4 years, 9 months ago factory-auron-6459.B factory-rambi-6420.B factory-ryu-6486.1.B factory-ryu-6486.14.B factory-ryu-6486.B factory-samus-6658.B factory-whirlwind-6509.B firmware-veyron-6588.B foo-test release-R40-6457.B stabilize-6412.B stabilize-6415.B stabilize-6436.B stabilize-6480.B stabilize-6592.B stabilize-6662.B stabilize-6670.B stabilize-6680.78.B stabilize-6680.79.B stabilize-storm-6683.B
  40. 771984c [mmc] Add Field Firmware Upgrade command by Gwendal Grignou · 5 years ago factory-ryu-6212.B factory-samus-6207.B factory-samus-6375.B factory-storm-6269.B firmware-auron-6301.B firmware-buddy-6301.202.B firmware-gandof-6301.155.B firmware-guado-6301.108.B firmware-lulu-6301.136.B firmware-paine-6301.58.B firmware-rikku-6301.110.B firmware-samus-6300.B firmware-storm-6315.B firmware-tidus-6301.109.B firmware-yuna-6301.59.B release-R38-6158.B release-R39-6310.B stabilize-6146.B stabilize-6297.B stabilize-6310.69.B
  41. e966e67 [mmc] Add more MMC5.0 ext csd register by Gwendal Grignou · 5 years ago
  42. 9d57aa7 Add hex dump of EXT_CSD by Nick Sanders · 5 years ago factory-nyan-5772.B factory-samus-5939.B firmware-kitty-5771.61.B firmware-mccloud-5827.B firmware-nyan-5771.B firmware-tricky-5829.B release-R35-5712.B release-R36-5841.B release-R37-5978.B stabilize-5656.B stabilize-5680.B stabilize-5696.B stabilize-5712.49.B stabilize-5712.61.B stabilize-5712.8.B stabilize-5712.89.B stabilize-5784.0.B stabilize-5791.0.B stabilize-5807.0.B stabilize-5828.0.B stabilize-5841.76.B stabilize-5841.83.B stabilize-5875.B stabilize-5899.B stabilize-5942.B stabilize-5943.B stabilize-5944.B stabilize-6082.B stabilize-6092.B stabilize-gnawty-5841.84.B stabilize-swanky-5841.55.B stabilize-zako-5712.88.B stabilize.5978.51.B stabilize.5978.98.B stabilize.59781.98.B test-5619.B
  43. 6bb37ea Fix label mismatch for extcsd: Device life time estimation type A by Puthikorn Voravootivat · 5 years ago
  44. 9b8d99c Decode EXT_CSD of eMMC 5.0 device by Gwendal Grignou · 5 years ago factory-pit-5499.B release-R34-5500.B stabilize-5463.B stabilize-5500.100.B stabilize-5500.130.B stabilize-5500.26.B stabilize-5500.71.B stabilize-5511.B stabilize-5579.B
  45. bd92070 fix make handling by Mike Frysinger · 6 years ago factory-beltino-5140.14.B factory-monroe-5140.B factory-zako-5220.B firmware-banjo-5216.334.B firmware-candy-5216.310.B firmware-clapper-5216.199.B firmware-clapper-5218.B firmware-enguarde-5216.201.B firmware-expresso-5216.223.B firmware-glimmer-5216.198.B firmware-glimmer-5217.B firmware-gnawty-5216.239.B firmware-heli-5216.392.B firmware-kip-5216.227.B firmware-ninja-5216.383.B firmware-orco-5216.362.B firmware-quawks-5216.204.B firmware-rambi-5216.B firmware-squawks-5216.152.B firmware-sumo-5216.382.B firmware-swanky-5216.238.B firmware-winky-5216.1.B firmware-winky-5216.265.B firmware-zako-5219.17.B firmware-zako-5219.B release-R33-5116.B stabilize-5116.113.B stabilize-5116.115.B stabilize-5116.53.B stabilize-5116.88.B stabilize-5254.B stabilize-5339.B stabilize-5412.B stabilize-5414.B stabilize-springlte-5116.46.B test-5394.B
  46. 11f2cea Don't use u8 for fields with more than 1 byte by Oliver Metz · 6 years ago stabilize-5085.B
  47. 22f2641 Add defines for ext_csd field MAX_ENH_SIZE_MULT by Oliver Metz · 6 years ago
  48. 196d0d2 support setting the OTP write reliability settings by Ben Gardiner · 6 years ago
  49. 4da1c0d pretty print write reliability settings by Ben Gardiner · 6 years ago
  50. e6e84e9 extract PARTITION_SETTING_COMPLETE function by Ben Gardiner · 6 years ago
  51. d91d369 support setting the OTP enhanced user area parameters by Ben Gardiner · 6 years ago
  52. f82e27a print KiB sizes for some fields by Ben Gardiner · 6 years ago
  53. 4e85023 report if card is block-addressed and effect on ENH_START_ADDR by Ben Gardiner · 6 years ago
  54. 68f490b fix printing ENH_START_ADDR by Ben Gardiner · 6 years ago
  55. 27c357d Support SEND_STATUS command by Ben Gardiner · 6 years ago
  56. a6cd98d extract definitions for PARTITION_SETTING_COMPLETED and pretty-print by Ben Gardiner · 6 years ago
  57. 82bd950 extract definitions for EXT_CSD register EXT_CSD_PARTITIONING_SUPPORT by Ben Gardiner · 6 years ago
  58. 6117755 allow environment and command-line supplied make vars by Ben Gardiner · 6 years ago
  59. 64f63a3 mmc-utils: Correctly handle CARD_TYPE. by Oleg Matcovschi · 6 years ago
  60. 294bf86 mmc-utils: Remove dependency on linux/major.h. by Oleg Matcovschi · 6 years ago
  61. 8c0c40d mmc-utils: small fixes of output by Mario Schuknecht · 6 years ago
  62. 21bb473 Add method for triggering Sanitize command by Yaniv Gardi · 6 years ago
  63. 1fc81f3 mmc-utils: adding support for Android compilation by Yaniv Gardi · 6 years ago
  64. f74dfe2 Support enable/disable of eMMC H/W Reset function by Chris Ball · 7 years ago
  65. bf4ae7d Add .gitignore for binaries by Chris Ball · 7 years ago
  66. 6599780 Improve/clarify usage descriptions by Chris Ball · 7 years ago
  67. d4faeab Turn on gcc optimization (-O2) by Chris Ball · 7 years ago
  68. 8649651 Add method for enabling bkops via one-time fuse. by Jaehoon Chung · 7 years ago
  69. b7e2599 Add support for disabling 512B emulation by Saugata Das · 7 years ago
  70. 8ba4466 Fix usage strings after command renaming by Chris Ball · 7 years ago
  71. 7bd1320 Add new "bootpart enable" command to enable boot partitions by Giuseppe CAVALLARO · 7 years ago
  72. b9c7a17 Rename extcsd read/write to writeprotect get/set by Chris Ball · 7 years ago
  73. a5bf4a2 improve the parsing of the EXT_CSD registers by Giuseppe CAVALLARO · 7 years ago
  74. 7a39ed3 Remove unneeded dependency on libuuid. by Chris Ball · 7 years ago
  75. 45541d5 Hook up "mmc extcsd read/write" commands. by Chris Ball · 7 years ago
  76. a8bfde7 Add extcsd write-protect read/write code by Johan RUDHOLM · 7 years ago
  77. 80d2660 Create "mmc" utility by Goffredo Baroncelli · 7 years ago