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2009-04-21 Daniel Nylander <>
* [r90] serviceproviders.xml:
Daniel Nylander added username/password for Telenor Sweden.
2009-03-09 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r89] serviceproviders.xml:
Andres Mujica added Tele2, Lithuania
2009-03-08 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r88] serviceproviders.xml:
Update Italian information
2009-03-05 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r87] serviceproviders.xml:
Andres Mujica and Andreas Kostyrka added FONIC, Germany
* [r86] serviceproviders.xml:
Andres Mujica added Wataniya, Kuwait
* [r85] serviceproviders.xml:
Andres Mujica and Chris Jones added user/pass to Orange
(contact), UK
* [r84] serviceproviders.xml:
Felix Danso-Quayson added Zain, Ghana
* [r83] serviceproviders.xml:
Savvas Radevic provided multiple fixes gathered from ubuntu bug
* [r82] serviceproviders.xml:
Timothy Kyalo added Econet, Kenya
* [r81] serviceproviders.xml:
Andrei Bordei added Eventis, Republic of Moldova
* [r80] serviceproviders.xml:
Edison Mera added Jazztel, Spain
* [r79] serviceproviders.xml:
Stefan Andersen added Fullrate Denmark
* [r78] serviceproviders.xml:
Val Zak added provider Unitel, Angola
* [r77] serviceproviders.xml:
Dominic Evans added Vodafone (TopUp and Go) UK
* [r76] serviceproviders.xml:
Carlos Arenas added authentication credentials for Comcel
* [r75] serviceproviders.xml:
Pramod Dematagoda added Sri Lankan provider Airtel
* [r74] serviceproviders.xml:
3 UK: Separate APNs for dedicated mobile broadband devices and
2009-01-19 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r73] serviceproviders.xml:
Andrés Mauricio Mujica Zalamea added Orange Internet Everywhere
3G in France
* [r72] serviceproviders.xml:
Thomas Lee added Three Prepaid in Australia
* [r71] serviceproviders.xml:
Serge de Souza added Movinet Angola
2008-12-19 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r70] serviceproviders.xml:
Jacob Nielsen added Danish provider
2008-12-17 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r69] serviceproviders.xml:
Mykhailo Korbakov added Ukrainian provider Utel
* [r68] serviceproviders.xml:
Sunatomo Masuda added some Japanese CDMA providers
2008-12-09 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r67] serviceproviders.xml:
Johannes Hessellund added Danish provider BiBoB
* [r66] ChangeLog, serviceproviders.xml:
Manuel Gomez added Colombian providers Tigo and Movistar, and
removed redundant user/pass from Comcel
2008-12-08 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r65] serviceproviders.xml:
Rodrigo Linfati added Claro Chile - Prepago
* [r64] serviceproviders.xml:
added Austrian provider Yesss
* [r63] serviceproviders.xml:
Paul Sisnett added Digicel Barbados
* [r62] serviceproviders.xml:
Steven Lizarazo added Colombian provider Comcel
* [r61] serviceproviders.xml:
Rodrigo Linfati updated Chilean service providers
2008-11-24 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r59] ChangeLog, NEWS,
prepare for release
2008-11-22 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r58] serviceproviders.xml:
Bjørn Lie added NetworkNorway and a bunch of other operators
using the same network
2008-11-18 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r57] serviceproviders.xml:
Matheus Pacheco de Andrade added Brazilian provider Vivo
2008-11-16 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r56] serviceproviders.xml:
Anton Blanchard added Australian provider Exetel
2008-11-14 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r55] serviceproviders.xml:
Joseph Price fixed the APN of 3 UK
* [r54] serviceproviders.xml:
Konstantinos Togias fixed the APN of Vodafone Greece
2008-11-07 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r53] serviceproviders.xml:
Martin Pitt and Alejandro Romero Herrera provided WebSessions
profile for Vodafone Germany
* [r52] serviceproviders.xml:
Aldo Bassanini added Ecuadorian provider Porta 3G
* [r51] serviceproviders.xml:
Gabor Kelemen updated Hungarian providers
* [r50] serviceproviders.xml:
Florian Eberle updated APN of Orange Switzerland
2008-10-29 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r48] ChangeLog, NEWS, README.svn,
prepare for release
* [r47] serviceproviders.xml:
Removed German Quam as suggested by Julius Bloch (LP: #287115)
* [r46] serviceproviders.xml:
Piotr Makowski added Polish operator Play Online
* [r45] serviceproviders.xml:
Daniel Wiberg added operator 3 for Denmark and fixed some
settings for 3 Sweden
* [r44] serviceproviders.xml:
Alejandro Romero Herrera Mexican Iusacell
* [r43] serviceproviders.xml:
Kenneth Mokkelbost added Norwegian TDC
2008-10-25 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r42] authors.svn2cl:
added Dan to authors.svn2cl
2008-10-24 Dan Williams <>
* [r41] serviceproviders.xml:
Update OneNet -> Orange for Austria (Wolfgang Silbermayr)
* [r40] serviceproviders.xml:
Update US CDMA providers
2008-10-24 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r39] serviceproviders.xml:
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason added Icelandic provider Nova
* [r38] serviceproviders.xml:
Fanen Ahua updated Nigerian provider information
* [r37] serviceproviders.xml:
Gilbert Mendoza added Sprint CDMA for US
* [r36] serviceproviders.xml:
Gilbert Mendoza added Verizon EV-DO for US
2008-10-15 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r34] ChangeLog, NEWS,
prepare for release
* [r33] authors.svn2cl:
Added carlos
* [r32] README.svn:
svn commit messages should not be complete ChangeLog entries
* [r31] serviceproviders.xml:
Andreas Schildbach pointed out that o2 is spelled o2 (small
letter) or (capital letter, subscript digit), but never O2
(capital letter, plain digit)
* [r30] serviceproviders.xml:
Chris Jones fixed APN of UK o2
* [r29] serviceproviders.xml:
Stefano Rivera updated Vodacom South Africa
* [r28] serviceproviders.xml:
Stefan Andersen removed Danish service provider Orange as it has
been merged with Telia
2008-10-13 Carlos Perelló Marín <>
* [r27] ChangeLog, serviceproviders.xml:
2008-10-13 Carlos Perelló Marín <>
* serviceproviders.xml: Added Simyo and Orange to the Spanish
While adding them, sorted the entries in Spain to keep a "sane
as the wiki page asks.
2008-10-13 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r26] serviceproviders.xml:
Martijn van de Streek added Dutch service provider xs4all
2008-09-23 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r25] serviceproviders.xml:
Pramod Dematagoda updated Sri Lankan provider information
* [r24] serviceproviders.xml:
Fanen Ahua updated Nigerian provider information
2008-09-18 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r23] serviceproviders.xml:
Raphael Finke provided information for Irish provider Three
* [r22] serviceproviders.xml:
Vitja Makarov added xml:lang=ru names for Russian providers and
provided information for service provider Skylink (Moscow)
2008-09-15 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r21] serviceproviders.xml:
Carlos Santiago updated Portuguese provider information
2008-09-10 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r20] serviceproviders.xml:
Istvan Szollosi provided information for Romanian service
provider Zapp
2008-08-27 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r19] authors.svn2cl:
correct Antti's email address
* [r18] serviceproviders.xml:
Daniel Nylander updated Swedish provider information and provided
information for Scandinavian operator
2008-08-22 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r16] ChangeLog, NEWS,,
prepare for release
2008-08-21 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r15] serviceproviders.xml:
Arne Goetje updated Taiwanese provider information
2008-08-20 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r14] serviceproviders.xml:
Onkar Shinde updated Indian provider information
2008-08-18 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r13] serviceproviders.xml:
Dan Williams updated the United States provider information
2008-08-14 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r11] ChangeLog:
update ChangeLog
* [r10]
prepare for release
* [r9]
add linebreak after file list
* [r8] NEWS, README, README.svn, authors.svn2cl,
* added script to generate ChangeLog
* added NEWS
2008-07-29 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r7], serviceproviders.xml:
Christoffer Sawicki updated Swedish provider information
2008-07-25 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r6]
added .pc
* [r5], README, README.svn,
added .pc
2008-07-22 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
* [r4], README.svn,
Use the GNU Build Tools for configuration and installation (and
place them in trunk this time ;)
2008-07-21 Antti Kaijanmäki <>
serviceproviders.dtd, serviceproviders.xml:
initial commit
2008-07-21 gnomecvs
* [r1] .:
Initial project roots