Remove obsolete Vodafone APNs.

Vodafone have requested that APNs that do not appear in their master
database be removed from serviceproviders.xml.

It is still an open question whether it is appropriate to upstream
all these changes. Awaiting answer from Vodafone.

Note also that there are some MCC/MNC collisions between entries.
See TDC for Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, for example, and the
two Vodafone providers for Turkey. In cases where one is not marked
"primary", it is as yet unresolved how to select the correct entry
in a given context, unless the SIM has an SPN that allows

TEST=emerge-<boardtype> mobile-providers, which validates the XML
file. Also emerged flimflam.

(cherry picked from commit 5cac11d11967cc3b20e5358cbe12371550c8a93d)

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