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ModemManager 1.0 Interface Specification
Copyright (C) 2008 Novell, Inc.
Copyright (C) 2008-2013 Red Hat, Inc.
Copyright (C) 2011-2013 Google, Inc.
Copyright (C) 2011-2013 Lanedo GmbH
<node name="/" xmlns:doc="">
@short_description: The ModemManager 3GPP USSD interface.
This interface provides access to actions based on the USSD protocol.
This interface will only be available once the modem is ready to be
registered in the cellular network. 3GPP devices will require a valid
unlocked SIM card before any of the features in the interface can be
<interface name="org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Modem.Modem3gpp.Ussd">
@command: The command to start the USSD session with.
@reply: The network response to the command which started the USSD session.
Sends a USSD command string to the network initiating a USSD session.
When the request is handled by the network, the method returns the
response or an appropriate error. The network may be awaiting further
response from the ME after returning from this method and no new command
can be initiated until this one is cancelled or ended.
<method name="Initiate">
<arg name="command" type="s" direction="in" />
<arg name="reply" type="s" direction="out" />
@response: The response to network-initiated USSD command, or a response to a request for further input.
@reply: The network reply to this response to the network-initiated USSD command. The reply may require further responses.
Respond to a USSD request that is either initiated by the mobile network,
or that is awaiting further input after
<link linkend="gdbus-method-org-freedesktop-ModemManager1-Modem-Modem3gpp-Ussd.Initiate">Initiate()</link>
was called.
<method name="Respond">
<arg name="response" type="s" direction="in" />
<arg name="reply" type="s" direction="out" />
Cancel an ongoing USSD session, either mobile or network initiated.
<method name="Cancel" />
A <link linkend="MMModem3gppUssdSessionState">MMModem3gppUssdSessionState</link> value,
indicating the state of any ongoing USSD session.
<property name="State" type="u" access="read" />
Contains any network-initiated request to which no USSD response is
When no USSD session is active, or when there is no network-
initiated request, this property will be a zero-length string.
<property name="NetworkNotification" type="s" access="read" />
Contains any pending network-initiated request for a response. Client
should call
<link linkend="gdbus-method-org-freedesktop-ModemManager1-Modem-Modem3gpp-Ussd.Respond">Respond()</link>
with the appropriate response to this request.
When no USSD session is active, or when there is no pending
network-initiated request, this property will be a zero-length string.
<property name="NetworkRequest" type="s" access="read" />