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The modem-watcher-javascript program makes use of the 'libmm-glib' library through
GObject Introspection to talk to ModemManager.
The program will just print in stdout whenever:
* ModemManager is found in the bus
* ModemManager is lost in the bus
* A new modem is added to ModemManager
* A modem is removed from ModemManager
The output will look like this:
$ ./modem-watcher-javascript
[ModemWatcher] ModemManager service is available in bus
[ModemWatcher] Vodafone (Huawei) (K3772) modem managed by ModemManager [861320000017897]: /org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/1
[ModemWatcher] modem unmanaged by ModemManager: /org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/1
[ModemWatcher] ModemManager service not available in bus
Note that the program requires ModemManager and libmm-glib to be installed in
the system and the introspection typelibs available in the standard paths.
Have fun!