Merge cros/upstream to cros/master

Contains the following commits:
 17934810 iface-modem-3gpp-profile-manager: fix copy-paste error on tags for quarks (Maxim Anisimov)
 f00cb9f6 introspection: add Modem Simple (Dylan Van Assche)
 1e08f9ca mm-log: hiding personal info while logging (som)
 4207ee61 huawei: disable +CPOL based features in Huawei E226 (Aleksander Morgado)
 96fb4259 cinterion: add PLS63 port type hints (Konrad Zapałowicz)
 0645b70a plugins,telit: SWPKGV parsing needs more permissive regex (Carlo Lobrano)
 818b539d test,modem-helpers-telit: fix test inputs (Carlo Lobrano)
 ac243f94 sms: prevent crash if date is out of range (Carlo Lobrano)
 5c8c1136 modem-mbim: update default error when network error is out of range (som)
 e175ada2 plugins,telit: remove unnecessary after sim unlock 1s delay (Carlo Lobrano)
 7960b365 data: add example connection dispatcher (Aleksander Morgado)
 99232154 build: rename directory where fcc unlocks are kept (Aleksander Morgado)
 2dafb32d base-bearer: integrate connection status dispatcher scripts (Aleksander Morgado)
 e8612671 dispatcher-connection: new dispatcher for connection status scripts (Aleksander Morgado)
 e188a77e dispatcher-fcc-unlock: inherit from the base dispatcher object (Aleksander Morgado)
 01c8edf6 dispatcher: new generic object to handle script dispatchers (Aleksander Morgado)
 1fec1cd3 profile-manager: profile-id and apn-type check not required for user settings (som)
 19f38994 port-serial: ensure the port object is valid after BUFFER_FULL handling (Aleksander Morgado)
 210fa8bf qmi: Fall back to NAS SSP/NAS TP capabilities (Sven Schwermer)
 0fbab3c8 broadband-modem-mbim: Set InitialEPSBearer's authentication to CHAP when is UNKNOWN (Andrew Lassalle)
 97933788 bearer-properties: Match UNKNOWN auth to CHAP for loose comparison (Andrew Lassalle)
 d5805002 core: remove "all rights reserved" from copyright lines (Aleksander Morgado)
 cf7b58ce telit: reorganize common_parse_bnd_response for readability (Carlo Lobrano)
 c208d33e telit: fix AT#BND parsing for LE910C1-EUX (Carlo Lobrano)
 30a35e6d telit: detect modem model from revision (Carlo Lobrano)
 3df96a42 telit: override load revision (Carlo Lobrano)
 afd3ce86 mm-netlink: use unaligned netlink attribute length (Bjørn Mork)
 7bbf6c8a mm-netlink: only change IFF_UP flag (Bjørn Mork)
 b5a0a500 po add Dutch translation (Nathan Follens)
 ea247f7e foxconn: consolidate checks for T99W175 and T99W265 (Aleksander Morgado)
 cd2dd20b foxconn: consolidate logic deciding required update methods (Aleksander Morgado)
 b16b49f9 foxconn: consolidate logic deciding requested firmware version type (Aleksander Morgado)
 4efb5f61 foxconn: switch to use autoptr() in firmware info loading (Aleksander Morgado)
 b81680a3 foxconn: remove unneeded input bundle unref (Aleksander Morgado)
 a56f96f0 foxconn: use new qmi service(fox) to get firmware version (Freedom Liu)
 8d0d90a6 build: require libqmi 1.31.4 for FOX service support (Aleksander Morgado)
 0bc0831b build,meson: Fix udev rules and keyfiles tests (Iñigo Martínez)
 1fdc3ac7 linktop: new port type hints (Aleksander Morgado)
 e8bb90e0 cinterion: Add support for PLSx3w modems (Theodore A. Roth)
 8d95c82f shared-qmi: ignore slot status indications until initial status is known (Stephan Gerhold)
 8ab31cf0 broadband-modem-mbim: consolidate initialized SIM creation method (Aleksander Morgado)
 035879da broadband-modem-mbim: update sim-type and esim-status of inactive slot (som)
 c447785f telit: fix mode 'any' setting with AT commands (Daniele Palmas)
 598d99b5 test,modem-helpers: add test for the EM9191 COPS=? response (Aleksander Morgado)
 2c8cfb47 modem-helpers: improve and fix COPS=? numeric fields parsing (Aleksander Morgado)
 5ba67aff modem-helpers: act given in COPS=? may have more than one digit (Aleksander Morgado)


Change-Id: I35bd0d5bbdda0ff3e270a93b3d5d652b11d7bb26