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Overview of changes in ModemManager 0.5
- Added a mechanism to get remaining incorrect PIN attempts
- Added a mechanism to retrieve the equipment identifier (MEID/ESN, IMEI)
- Added support for returning devices to factory settings
- Better compatibility with Blackberry GSM devices
- Added a Location Services API with support for GSM devices
- Fixes for Novatel CDMA devices (home/roaming status, better signal quality reporting)
- Better detection of EVDO registration when device is in 1X mode
- Add support for newer Alcatel devices like X220D
- Support for more ZTE devices
- Fix modem detection failures with some Sierra devices
- Add support for newer Ericsson devices
- Add an SIM identifier for use when auto-unlocking modems
- Add an device identifier for use when MEID/IMEI is not yet available
- Handle signal quality reporting for GSM modems that don't support AT+CSQ
- Add preliminary USSD support
- Fix reconnection attempts with some Sierra devices
- Add support for pseduo-ethernet interface on newer Sierra devices
Fixed bugs:
rh#597296 rh#583691 rh#597088 bgo#626421 rh#585394 bgo#628105 bgo#627935
bgo#621815 rh#632516 lp:682282 bgo#590798