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The following RFCs are useful references for Ganesha
RPC Version 2
RPC Bind
NFS v2
We no longer implement V2 but for reference
NFS v3
NFS v4.0
obsolete but we coded to it originally
NFS v4.0 XDR
NFS v4.0 Migration
NFS v4.1
NFS v4.1 XDR
NFS v4.1 PNFS Block Layout
NFS v4.1 PNFS Object Layout
NFS v4.1 PNFS Flex Files Layout
NFS v4.2
NFS v4.2 XDR
NFS v4.x Versioning
IANA Considerations for Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Network Identifiers and
Universal Address Formats
and more...