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This files list the people, outside of the original development team that help in the project.
Their contributions were very helpful, so I guess they should have their names listed somewhere.
Thanks to:
Contributors that are not colleagues or students
- Tom "spot" Callaway <>, for his experience and wiseness in RPM packaging.
- People from maling-list (with special attention to J. Bruce Fields
and Trond Myklebust) for their help understanding the complex logic within NFSv4
- Eric Sesterhenn <> who provided a nice patch fixing memleaks.
- Erik Levinson <> who did lots of work to make libnfsidmap work with gssrpc in nfs-ganesha
- Sean Dague <> who provides me with several typos and memleaks patches
- Aneesh Kumar K. V. <> who implemented NLMv4 support (locking for NFSv3)
- Frank Filz <> who provided me with several small fixes on the server's behavior. He idesigned i
and wrote as well the new Log layer API.
Students that came to make an intership with us and worked on the project
- Mickael Guerin who wrote the first release of the FSAL_POSIX
- Laureline Provost who wrote a PERL library that had been very useful to quickly write benchmarks
and non-regression test
- Cedric Cabessa who worked on the SNMP admin module
- Adrien Grellier who provided us with the first TI-RPC support in the product
- Rémi Duraffort who wrote the FSAL_ZFS implementation as well as the libzfswrap contrib. He fixed many other small bugs too