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* COPYRIGHT (C) 1986 Gary S. Brown. You may use this program, or
* code or tables extracted from it, as desired without restriction.
* First, the polynomial itself and its table of feedback terms. The
* polynomial is
* X^32+X^26+X^23+X^22+X^16+X^12+X^11+X^10+X^8+X^7+X^5+X^4+X^2+X^1+X^0
* Note that we take it "backwards" and put the highest-order term in
* the lowest-order bit. The X^32 term is "implied"; the LSB is the
* X^31 term, etc. The X^0 term (usually shown as "+1") results in
* the MSB being 1
* Note that the usual hardware shift register implementation, which
* is what we're using (we're merely optimizing it by doing eight-bit
* chunks at a time) shifts bits into the lowest-order term. In our
* implementation, that means shifting towards the right. Why do we
* do it this way? Because the calculated CRC must be transmitted in
* order from highest-order term to lowest-order term. UARTs transmit
* characters in order from LSB to MSB. By storing the CRC this way
* we hand it to the UART in the order low-byte to high-byte; the UART
* sends each low-bit to hight-bit; and the result is transmission bit
* by bit from highest- to lowest-order term without requiring any bit
* shuffling on our part. Reception works similarly
* The feedback terms table consists of 256, 32-bit entries. Notes
* The table can be generated at runtime if desired; code to do so
* is shown later. It might not be obvious, but the feedback
* terms simply represent the results of eight shift/xor opera
* tions for all combinations of data and CRC register values
* The values must be right-shifted by eight bits by the "updcrc
* logic; the shift must be unsigned (bring in zeroes). On some
* hardware you could probably optimize the shift in assembler by
* using byte-swap instructions
* polynomial $edb88320
* CRC32 code derived from work by Gary S. Brown.
#include <sys/cdefs.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/param.h>
const uint32_t crc32_tab[] = {
0x00000000, 0x77073096, 0xee0e612c, 0x990951ba, 0x076dc419, 0x706af48f,
0xe963a535, 0x9e6495a3, 0x0edb8832, 0x79dcb8a4, 0xe0d5e91e, 0x97d2d988,
0x09b64c2b, 0x7eb17cbd, 0xe7b82d07, 0x90bf1d91, 0x1db71064, 0x6ab020f2,
0xf3b97148, 0x84be41de, 0x1adad47d, 0x6ddde4eb, 0xf4d4b551, 0x83d385c7,
0x136c9856, 0x646ba8c0, 0xfd62f97a, 0x8a65c9ec, 0x14015c4f, 0x63066cd9,
0xfa0f3d63, 0x8d080df5, 0x3b6e20c8, 0x4c69105e, 0xd56041e4, 0xa2677172,
0x3c03e4d1, 0x4b04d447, 0xd20d85fd, 0xa50ab56b, 0x35b5a8fa, 0x42b2986c,
0xdbbbc9d6, 0xacbcf940, 0x32d86ce3, 0x45df5c75, 0xdcd60dcf, 0xabd13d59,
0x26d930ac, 0x51de003a, 0xc8d75180, 0xbfd06116, 0x21b4f4b5, 0x56b3c423,
0xcfba9599, 0xb8bda50f, 0x2802b89e, 0x5f058808, 0xc60cd9b2, 0xb10be924,
0x2f6f7c87, 0x58684c11, 0xc1611dab, 0xb6662d3d, 0x76dc4190, 0x01db7106,
0x98d220bc, 0xefd5102a, 0x71b18589, 0x06b6b51f, 0x9fbfe4a5, 0xe8b8d433,
0x7807c9a2, 0x0f00f934, 0x9609a88e, 0xe10e9818, 0x7f6a0dbb, 0x086d3d2d,
0x91646c97, 0xe6635c01, 0x6b6b51f4, 0x1c6c6162, 0x856530d8, 0xf262004e,
0x6c0695ed, 0x1b01a57b, 0x8208f4c1, 0xf50fc457, 0x65b0d9c6, 0x12b7e950,
0x8bbeb8ea, 0xfcb9887c, 0x62dd1ddf, 0x15da2d49, 0x8cd37cf3, 0xfbd44c65,
0x4db26158, 0x3ab551ce, 0xa3bc0074, 0xd4bb30e2, 0x4adfa541, 0x3dd895d7,
0xa4d1c46d, 0xd3d6f4fb, 0x4369e96a, 0x346ed9fc, 0xad678846, 0xda60b8d0,
0x44042d73, 0x33031de5, 0xaa0a4c5f, 0xdd0d7cc9, 0x5005713c, 0x270241aa,
0xbe0b1010, 0xc90c2086, 0x5768b525, 0x206f85b3, 0xb966d409, 0xce61e49f,
0x5edef90e, 0x29d9c998, 0xb0d09822, 0xc7d7a8b4, 0x59b33d17, 0x2eb40d81,
0xb7bd5c3b, 0xc0ba6cad, 0xedb88320, 0x9abfb3b6, 0x03b6e20c, 0x74b1d29a,
0xead54739, 0x9dd277af, 0x04db2615, 0x73dc1683, 0xe3630b12, 0x94643b84,
0x0d6d6a3e, 0x7a6a5aa8, 0xe40ecf0b, 0x9309ff9d, 0x0a00ae27, 0x7d079eb1,
0xf00f9344, 0x8708a3d2, 0x1e01f268, 0x6906c2fe, 0xf762575d, 0x806567cb,
0x196c3671, 0x6e6b06e7, 0xfed41b76, 0x89d32be0, 0x10da7a5a, 0x67dd4acc,
0xf9b9df6f, 0x8ebeeff9, 0x17b7be43, 0x60b08ed5, 0xd6d6a3e8, 0xa1d1937e,
0x38d8c2c4, 0x4fdff252, 0xd1bb67f1, 0xa6bc5767, 0x3fb506dd, 0x48b2364b,
0xd80d2bda, 0xaf0a1b4c, 0x36034af6, 0x41047a60, 0xdf60efc3, 0xa867df55,
0x316e8eef, 0x4669be79, 0xcb61b38c, 0xbc66831a, 0x256fd2a0, 0x5268e236,
0xcc0c7795, 0xbb0b4703, 0x220216b9, 0x5505262f, 0xc5ba3bbe, 0xb2bd0b28,
0x2bb45a92, 0x5cb36a04, 0xc2d7ffa7, 0xb5d0cf31, 0x2cd99e8b, 0x5bdeae1d,
0x9b64c2b0, 0xec63f226, 0x756aa39c, 0x026d930a, 0x9c0906a9, 0xeb0e363f,
0x72076785, 0x05005713, 0x95bf4a82, 0xe2b87a14, 0x7bb12bae, 0x0cb61b38,
0x92d28e9b, 0xe5d5be0d, 0x7cdcefb7, 0x0bdbdf21, 0x86d3d2d4, 0xf1d4e242,
0x68ddb3f8, 0x1fda836e, 0x81be16cd, 0xf6b9265b, 0x6fb077e1, 0x18b74777,
0x88085ae6, 0xff0f6a70, 0x66063bca, 0x11010b5c, 0x8f659eff, 0xf862ae69,
0x616bffd3, 0x166ccf45, 0xa00ae278, 0xd70dd2ee, 0x4e048354, 0x3903b3c2,
0xa7672661, 0xd06016f7, 0x4969474d, 0x3e6e77db, 0xaed16a4a, 0xd9d65adc,
0x40df0b66, 0x37d83bf0, 0xa9bcae53, 0xdebb9ec5, 0x47b2cf7f, 0x30b5ffe9,
0xbdbdf21c, 0xcabac28a, 0x53b39330, 0x24b4a3a6, 0xbad03605, 0xcdd70693,
0x54de5729, 0x23d967bf, 0xb3667a2e, 0xc4614ab8, 0x5d681b02, 0x2a6f2b94,
0xb40bbe37, 0xc30c8ea1, 0x5a05df1b, 0x2d02ef8d
* A function that calculates the CRC-32 based on the table above is
* given below for documentation purposes. An equivalent implementation
* of this function that's actually used in the kernel can be found
* in sys/libkern.h, where it can be inlined.
* uint32_t
* crc32(const void *buf, size_t size)
* {
* const uint8_t *p = buf;
* uint32_t crc;
* crc = ~0U;
* while (size--)
* crc = crc32_tab[(crc ^ *p++) & 0xFF] ^ (crc >> 8);
* return crc ^ ~0U;
* }
/* CRC32C routines, these use a different polynomial */
/* */
/* ================ */
/* The following CRC lookup table was generated automagically */
/* by the Rocksoft^tm Model CRC Algorithm Table Generation */
/* Program V1.0 using the following model parameters: */
/* */
/* Width : 4 bytes. */
/* Poly : 0x1EDC6F41L */
/* Reverse : TRUE. */
/* */
/* For more information on the Rocksoft^tm Model CRC Algorithm, */
/* see the document titled "A Painless Guide to CRC Error */
/* Detection Algorithms" by Ross Williams */
/* ( This document is likely to be */
/* in the FTP archive "". */
/* */
static const uint32_t crc32Table[256] = {
0x00000000L, 0xF26B8303L, 0xE13B70F7L, 0x1350F3F4L,
0xC79A971FL, 0x35F1141CL, 0x26A1E7E8L, 0xD4CA64EBL,
0x8AD958CFL, 0x78B2DBCCL, 0x6BE22838L, 0x9989AB3BL,
0x4D43CFD0L, 0xBF284CD3L, 0xAC78BF27L, 0x5E133C24L,
0x105EC76FL, 0xE235446CL, 0xF165B798L, 0x030E349BL,
0xD7C45070L, 0x25AFD373L, 0x36FF2087L, 0xC494A384L,
0x9A879FA0L, 0x68EC1CA3L, 0x7BBCEF57L, 0x89D76C54L,
0x5D1D08BFL, 0xAF768BBCL, 0xBC267848L, 0x4E4DFB4BL,
0x20BD8EDEL, 0xD2D60DDDL, 0xC186FE29L, 0x33ED7D2AL,
0xE72719C1L, 0x154C9AC2L, 0x061C6936L, 0xF477EA35L,
0xAA64D611L, 0x580F5512L, 0x4B5FA6E6L, 0xB93425E5L,
0x6DFE410EL, 0x9F95C20DL, 0x8CC531F9L, 0x7EAEB2FAL,
0x30E349B1L, 0xC288CAB2L, 0xD1D83946L, 0x23B3BA45L,
0xF779DEAEL, 0x05125DADL, 0x1642AE59L, 0xE4292D5AL,
0xBA3A117EL, 0x4851927DL, 0x5B016189L, 0xA96AE28AL,
0x7DA08661L, 0x8FCB0562L, 0x9C9BF696L, 0x6EF07595L,
0x417B1DBCL, 0xB3109EBFL, 0xA0406D4BL, 0x522BEE48L,
0x86E18AA3L, 0x748A09A0L, 0x67DAFA54L, 0x95B17957L,
0xCBA24573L, 0x39C9C670L, 0x2A993584L, 0xD8F2B687L,
0x0C38D26CL, 0xFE53516FL, 0xED03A29BL, 0x1F682198L,
0x5125DAD3L, 0xA34E59D0L, 0xB01EAA24L, 0x42752927L,
0x96BF4DCCL, 0x64D4CECFL, 0x77843D3BL, 0x85EFBE38L,
0xDBFC821CL, 0x2997011FL, 0x3AC7F2EBL, 0xC8AC71E8L,
0x1C661503L, 0xEE0D9600L, 0xFD5D65F4L, 0x0F36E6F7L,
0x61C69362L, 0x93AD1061L, 0x80FDE395L, 0x72966096L,
0xA65C047DL, 0x5437877EL, 0x4767748AL, 0xB50CF789L,
0xEB1FCBADL, 0x197448AEL, 0x0A24BB5AL, 0xF84F3859L,
0x2C855CB2L, 0xDEEEDFB1L, 0xCDBE2C45L, 0x3FD5AF46L,
0x7198540DL, 0x83F3D70EL, 0x90A324FAL, 0x62C8A7F9L,
0xB602C312L, 0x44694011L, 0x5739B3E5L, 0xA55230E6L,
0xFB410CC2L, 0x092A8FC1L, 0x1A7A7C35L, 0xE811FF36L,
0x3CDB9BDDL, 0xCEB018DEL, 0xDDE0EB2AL, 0x2F8B6829L,
0x82F63B78L, 0x709DB87BL, 0x63CD4B8FL, 0x91A6C88CL,
0x456CAC67L, 0xB7072F64L, 0xA457DC90L, 0x563C5F93L,
0x082F63B7L, 0xFA44E0B4L, 0xE9141340L, 0x1B7F9043L,
0xCFB5F4A8L, 0x3DDE77ABL, 0x2E8E845FL, 0xDCE5075CL,
0x92A8FC17L, 0x60C37F14L, 0x73938CE0L, 0x81F80FE3L,
0x55326B08L, 0xA759E80BL, 0xB4091BFFL, 0x466298FCL,
0x1871A4D8L, 0xEA1A27DBL, 0xF94AD42FL, 0x0B21572CL,
0xDFEB33C7L, 0x2D80B0C4L, 0x3ED04330L, 0xCCBBC033L,
0xA24BB5A6L, 0x502036A5L, 0x4370C551L, 0xB11B4652L,
0x65D122B9L, 0x97BAA1BAL, 0x84EA524EL, 0x7681D14DL,
0x2892ED69L, 0xDAF96E6AL, 0xC9A99D9EL, 0x3BC21E9DL,
0xEF087A76L, 0x1D63F975L, 0x0E330A81L, 0xFC588982L,
0xB21572C9L, 0x407EF1CAL, 0x532E023EL, 0xA145813DL,
0x758FE5D6L, 0x87E466D5L, 0x94B49521L, 0x66DF1622L,
0x38CC2A06L, 0xCAA7A905L, 0xD9F75AF1L, 0x2B9CD9F2L,
0xFF56BD19L, 0x0D3D3E1AL, 0x1E6DCDEEL, 0xEC064EEDL,
0xC38D26C4L, 0x31E6A5C7L, 0x22B65633L, 0xD0DDD530L,
0x0417B1DBL, 0xF67C32D8L, 0xE52CC12CL, 0x1747422FL,
0x49547E0BL, 0xBB3FFD08L, 0xA86F0EFCL, 0x5A048DFFL,
0x8ECEE914L, 0x7CA56A17L, 0x6FF599E3L, 0x9D9E1AE0L,
0xD3D3E1ABL, 0x21B862A8L, 0x32E8915CL, 0xC083125FL,
0x144976B4L, 0xE622F5B7L, 0xF5720643L, 0x07198540L,
0x590AB964L, 0xAB613A67L, 0xB831C993L, 0x4A5A4A90L,
0x9E902E7BL, 0x6CFBAD78L, 0x7FAB5E8CL, 0x8DC0DD8FL,
0xE330A81AL, 0x115B2B19L, 0x020BD8EDL, 0xF0605BEEL,
0x24AA3F05L, 0xD6C1BC06L, 0xC5914FF2L, 0x37FACCF1L,
0x69E9F0D5L, 0x9B8273D6L, 0x88D28022L, 0x7AB90321L,
0xAE7367CAL, 0x5C18E4C9L, 0x4F48173DL, 0xBD23943EL,
0xF36E6F75L, 0x0105EC76L, 0x12551F82L, 0xE03E9C81L,
0x34F4F86AL, 0xC69F7B69L, 0xD5CF889DL, 0x27A40B9EL,
0x79B737BAL, 0x8BDCB4B9L, 0x988C474DL, 0x6AE7C44EL,
0xBE2DA0A5L, 0x4C4623A6L, 0x5F16D052L, 0xAD7D5351L
static uint32_t singletable_crc32c(uint32_t crc, const void *buf, size_t size)
const uint8_t *p = buf;
while (size--)
crc = crc32Table[(crc ^ *p++) & 0xff] ^ (crc >> 8);
return crc;
* Copyright (c) 2004-2006 Intel Corporation - All Rights Reserved
* This software program is licensed subject to the BSD License, available at
* Abstract:
* Tables for software CRC generation
* The following CRC lookup table was generated automagically using the
* following model parameters:
* Generator Polynomial = ................. 0x1EDC6F41
* Generator Polynomial Length = .......... 32 bits
* Reflected Bits = ....................... TRUE
* Table Generation Offset = .............. 32 bits
* Number of Slices = ..................... 8 slices
* Slice Lengths = ........................ 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
* Directory Name = ....................... .\
* File Name = ............................ 8x256_tables.c
static const uint32_t sctp_crc_tableil8_o32[256] = {
0x00000000, 0xF26B8303, 0xE13B70F7, 0x1350F3F4, 0xC79A971F, 0x35F1141C,
0x26A1E7E8, 0xD4CA64EB,
0x8AD958CF, 0x78B2DBCC, 0x6BE22838, 0x9989AB3B, 0x4D43CFD0, 0xBF284CD3,
0xAC78BF27, 0x5E133C24,
0x105EC76F, 0xE235446C, 0xF165B798, 0x030E349B, 0xD7C45070, 0x25AFD373,
0x36FF2087, 0xC494A384,
0x9A879FA0, 0x68EC1CA3, 0x7BBCEF57, 0x89D76C54, 0x5D1D08BF, 0xAF768BBC,
0xBC267848, 0x4E4DFB4B,
0x20BD8EDE, 0xD2D60DDD, 0xC186FE29, 0x33ED7D2A, 0xE72719C1, 0x154C9AC2,
0x061C6936, 0xF477EA35,
0xAA64D611, 0x580F5512, 0x4B5FA6E6, 0xB93425E5, 0x6DFE410E, 0x9F95C20D,
0x8CC531F9, 0x7EAEB2FA,
0x30E349B1, 0xC288CAB2, 0xD1D83946, 0x23B3BA45, 0xF779DEAE, 0x05125DAD,
0x1642AE59, 0xE4292D5A,
0xBA3A117E, 0x4851927D, 0x5B016189, 0xA96AE28A, 0x7DA08661, 0x8FCB0562,
0x9C9BF696, 0x6EF07595,
0x417B1DBC, 0xB3109EBF, 0xA0406D4B, 0x522BEE48, 0x86E18AA3, 0x748A09A0,
0x67DAFA54, 0x95B17957,
0xCBA24573, 0x39C9C670, 0x2A993584, 0xD8F2B687, 0x0C38D26C, 0xFE53516F,
0xED03A29B, 0x1F682198,
0x5125DAD3, 0xA34E59D0, 0xB01EAA24, 0x42752927, 0x96BF4DCC, 0x64D4CECF,
0x77843D3B, 0x85EFBE38,
0xDBFC821C, 0x2997011F, 0x3AC7F2EB, 0xC8AC71E8, 0x1C661503, 0xEE0D9600,
0xFD5D65F4, 0x0F36E6F7,
0x61C69362, 0x93AD1061, 0x80FDE395, 0x72966096, 0xA65C047D, 0x5437877E,
0x4767748A, 0xB50CF789,
0xEB1FCBAD, 0x197448AE, 0x0A24BB5A, 0xF84F3859, 0x2C855CB2, 0xDEEEDFB1,
0xCDBE2C45, 0x3FD5AF46,
0x7198540D, 0x83F3D70E, 0x90A324FA, 0x62C8A7F9, 0xB602C312, 0x44694011,
0x5739B3E5, 0xA55230E6,
0xFB410CC2, 0x092A8FC1, 0x1A7A7C35, 0xE811FF36, 0x3CDB9BDD, 0xCEB018DE,
0xDDE0EB2A, 0x2F8B6829,
0x82F63B78, 0x709DB87B, 0x63CD4B8F, 0x91A6C88C, 0x456CAC67, 0xB7072F64,
0xA457DC90, 0x563C5F93,
0x082F63B7, 0xFA44E0B4, 0xE9141340, 0x1B7F9043, 0xCFB5F4A8, 0x3DDE77AB,
0x2E8E845F, 0xDCE5075C,
0x92A8FC17, 0x60C37F14, 0x73938CE0, 0x81F80FE3, 0x55326B08, 0xA759E80B,
0xB4091BFF, 0x466298FC,
0x1871A4D8, 0xEA1A27DB, 0xF94AD42F, 0x0B21572C, 0xDFEB33C7, 0x2D80B0C4,
0x3ED04330, 0xCCBBC033,
0xA24BB5A6, 0x502036A5, 0x4370C551, 0xB11B4652, 0x65D122B9, 0x97BAA1BA,
0x84EA524E, 0x7681D14D,
0x2892ED69, 0xDAF96E6A, 0xC9A99D9E, 0x3BC21E9D, 0xEF087A76, 0x1D63F975,
0x0E330A81, 0xFC588982,
0xB21572C9, 0x407EF1CA, 0x532E023E, 0xA145813D, 0x758FE5D6, 0x87E466D5,
0x94B49521, 0x66DF1622,
0x38CC2A06, 0xCAA7A905, 0xD9F75AF1, 0x2B9CD9F2, 0xFF56BD19, 0x0D3D3E1A,
0x1E6DCDEE, 0xEC064EED,
0xC38D26C4, 0x31E6A5C7, 0x22B65633, 0xD0DDD530, 0x0417B1DB, 0xF67C32D8,
0xE52CC12C, 0x1747422F,
0x49547E0B, 0xBB3FFD08, 0xA86F0EFC, 0x5A048DFF, 0x8ECEE914, 0x7CA56A17,
0x6FF599E3, 0x9D9E1AE0,
0xD3D3E1AB, 0x21B862A8, 0x32E8915C, 0xC083125F, 0x144976B4, 0xE622F5B7,
0xF5720643, 0x07198540,
0x590AB964, 0xAB613A67, 0xB831C993, 0x4A5A4A90, 0x9E902E7B, 0x6CFBAD78,
0x7FAB5E8C, 0x8DC0DD8F,
0xE330A81A, 0x115B2B19, 0x020BD8ED, 0xF0605BEE, 0x24AA3F05, 0xD6C1BC06,
0xC5914FF2, 0x37FACCF1,
0x69E9F0D5, 0x9B8273D6, 0x88D28022, 0x7AB90321, 0xAE7367CA, 0x5C18E4C9,
0x4F48173D, 0xBD23943E,
0xF36E6F75, 0x0105EC76, 0x12551F82, 0xE03E9C81, 0x34F4F86A, 0xC69F7B69,
0xD5CF889D, 0x27A40B9E,
0x79B737BA, 0x8BDCB4B9, 0x988C474D, 0x6AE7C44E, 0xBE2DA0A5, 0x4C4623A6,
0x5F16D052, 0xAD7D5351
* end of the CRC lookup table crc_tableil8_o32
* The following CRC lookup table was generated automagically using the
* following model parameters:
* Generator Polynomial = ................. 0x1EDC6F41
* Generator Polynomial Length = .......... 32 bits
* Reflected Bits = ....................... TRUE
* Table Generation Offset = .............. 32 bits
* Number of Slices = ..................... 8 slices
* Slice Lengths = ........................ 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
* Directory Name = ....................... .\
* File Name = ............................ 8x256_tables.c
static const uint32_t sctp_crc_tableil8_o40[256] = {
0x00000000, 0x13A29877, 0x274530EE, 0x34E7A899, 0x4E8A61DC, 0x5D28F9AB,
0x69CF5132, 0x7A6DC945,
0x9D14C3B8, 0x8EB65BCF, 0xBA51F356, 0xA9F36B21, 0xD39EA264, 0xC03C3A13,
0xF4DB928A, 0xE7790AFD,
0x3FC5F181, 0x2C6769F6, 0x1880C16F, 0x0B225918, 0x714F905D, 0x62ED082A,
0x560AA0B3, 0x45A838C4,
0xA2D13239, 0xB173AA4E, 0x859402D7, 0x96369AA0, 0xEC5B53E5, 0xFFF9CB92,
0xCB1E630B, 0xD8BCFB7C,
0x7F8BE302, 0x6C297B75, 0x58CED3EC, 0x4B6C4B9B, 0x310182DE, 0x22A31AA9,
0x1644B230, 0x05E62A47,
0xE29F20BA, 0xF13DB8CD, 0xC5DA1054, 0xD6788823, 0xAC154166, 0xBFB7D911,
0x8B507188, 0x98F2E9FF,
0x404E1283, 0x53EC8AF4, 0x670B226D, 0x74A9BA1A, 0x0EC4735F, 0x1D66EB28,
0x298143B1, 0x3A23DBC6,
0xDD5AD13B, 0xCEF8494C, 0xFA1FE1D5, 0xE9BD79A2, 0x93D0B0E7, 0x80722890,
0xB4958009, 0xA737187E,
0xFF17C604, 0xECB55E73, 0xD852F6EA, 0xCBF06E9D, 0xB19DA7D8, 0xA23F3FAF,
0x96D89736, 0x857A0F41,
0x620305BC, 0x71A19DCB, 0x45463552, 0x56E4AD25, 0x2C896460, 0x3F2BFC17,
0x0BCC548E, 0x186ECCF9,
0xC0D23785, 0xD370AFF2, 0xE797076B, 0xF4359F1C, 0x8E585659, 0x9DFACE2E,
0xA91D66B7, 0xBABFFEC0,
0x5DC6F43D, 0x4E646C4A, 0x7A83C4D3, 0x69215CA4, 0x134C95E1, 0x00EE0D96,
0x3409A50F, 0x27AB3D78,
0x809C2506, 0x933EBD71, 0xA7D915E8, 0xB47B8D9F, 0xCE1644DA, 0xDDB4DCAD,
0xE9537434, 0xFAF1EC43,
0x1D88E6BE, 0x0E2A7EC9, 0x3ACDD650, 0x296F4E27, 0x53028762, 0x40A01F15,
0x7447B78C, 0x67E52FFB,
0xBF59D487, 0xACFB4CF0, 0x981CE469, 0x8BBE7C1E, 0xF1D3B55B, 0xE2712D2C,
0xD69685B5, 0xC5341DC2,
0x224D173F, 0x31EF8F48, 0x050827D1, 0x16AABFA6, 0x6CC776E3, 0x7F65EE94,
0x4B82460D, 0x5820DE7A,
0xFBC3FAF9, 0xE861628E, 0xDC86CA17, 0xCF245260, 0xB5499B25, 0xA6EB0352,
0x920CABCB, 0x81AE33BC,
0x66D73941, 0x7575A136, 0x419209AF, 0x523091D8, 0x285D589D, 0x3BFFC0EA,
0x0F186873, 0x1CBAF004,
0xC4060B78, 0xD7A4930F, 0xE3433B96, 0xF0E1A3E1, 0x8A8C6AA4, 0x992EF2D3,
0xADC95A4A, 0xBE6BC23D,
0x5912C8C0, 0x4AB050B7, 0x7E57F82E, 0x6DF56059, 0x1798A91C, 0x043A316B,
0x30DD99F2, 0x237F0185,
0x844819FB, 0x97EA818C, 0xA30D2915, 0xB0AFB162, 0xCAC27827, 0xD960E050,
0xED8748C9, 0xFE25D0BE,
0x195CDA43, 0x0AFE4234, 0x3E19EAAD, 0x2DBB72DA, 0x57D6BB9F, 0x447423E8,
0x70938B71, 0x63311306,
0xBB8DE87A, 0xA82F700D, 0x9CC8D894, 0x8F6A40E3, 0xF50789A6, 0xE6A511D1,
0xD242B948, 0xC1E0213F,
0x26992BC2, 0x353BB3B5, 0x01DC1B2C, 0x127E835B, 0x68134A1E, 0x7BB1D269,
0x4F567AF0, 0x5CF4E287,
0x04D43CFD, 0x1776A48A, 0x23910C13, 0x30339464, 0x4A5E5D21, 0x59FCC556,
0x6D1B6DCF, 0x7EB9F5B8,
0x99C0FF45, 0x8A626732, 0xBE85CFAB, 0xAD2757DC, 0xD74A9E99, 0xC4E806EE,
0xF00FAE77, 0xE3AD3600,
0x3B11CD7C, 0x28B3550B, 0x1C54FD92, 0x0FF665E5, 0x759BACA0, 0x663934D7,
0x52DE9C4E, 0x417C0439,
0xA6050EC4, 0xB5A796B3, 0x81403E2A, 0x92E2A65D, 0xE88F6F18, 0xFB2DF76F,
0xCFCA5FF6, 0xDC68C781,
0x7B5FDFFF, 0x68FD4788, 0x5C1AEF11, 0x4FB87766, 0x35D5BE23, 0x26772654,
0x12908ECD, 0x013216BA,
0xE64B1C47, 0xF5E98430, 0xC10E2CA9, 0xD2ACB4DE, 0xA8C17D9B, 0xBB63E5EC,
0x8F844D75, 0x9C26D502,
0x449A2E7E, 0x5738B609, 0x63DF1E90, 0x707D86E7, 0x0A104FA2, 0x19B2D7D5,
0x2D557F4C, 0x3EF7E73B,
0xD98EEDC6, 0xCA2C75B1, 0xFECBDD28, 0xED69455F, 0x97048C1A, 0x84A6146D,
0xB041BCF4, 0xA3E32483
* end of the CRC lookup table crc_tableil8_o40
* The following CRC lookup table was generated automagically using the
* following model parameters:
* Generator Polynomial = ................. 0x1EDC6F41
* Generator Polynomial Length = .......... 32 bits
* Reflected Bits = ....................... TRUE
* Table Generation Offset = .............. 32 bits
* Number of Slices = ..................... 8 slices
* Slice Lengths = ........................ 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
* Directory Name = ....................... .\
* File Name = ............................ 8x256_tables.c
static const uint32_t sctp_crc_tableil8_o48[256] = {
0x00000000, 0xA541927E, 0x4F6F520D, 0xEA2EC073, 0x9EDEA41A, 0x3B9F3664,
0xD1B1F617, 0x74F06469,
0x38513EC5, 0x9D10ACBB, 0x773E6CC8, 0xD27FFEB6, 0xA68F9ADF, 0x03CE08A1,
0xE9E0C8D2, 0x4CA15AAC,
0x70A27D8A, 0xD5E3EFF4, 0x3FCD2F87, 0x9A8CBDF9, 0xEE7CD990, 0x4B3D4BEE,
0xA1138B9D, 0x045219E3,
0x48F3434F, 0xEDB2D131, 0x079C1142, 0xA2DD833C, 0xD62DE755, 0x736C752B,
0x9942B558, 0x3C032726,
0xE144FB14, 0x4405696A, 0xAE2BA919, 0x0B6A3B67, 0x7F9A5F0E, 0xDADBCD70,
0x30F50D03, 0x95B49F7D,
0xD915C5D1, 0x7C5457AF, 0x967A97DC, 0x333B05A2, 0x47CB61CB, 0xE28AF3B5,
0x08A433C6, 0xADE5A1B8,
0x91E6869E, 0x34A714E0, 0xDE89D493, 0x7BC846ED, 0x0F382284, 0xAA79B0FA,
0x40577089, 0xE516E2F7,
0xA9B7B85B, 0x0CF62A25, 0xE6D8EA56, 0x43997828, 0x37691C41, 0x92288E3F,
0x78064E4C, 0xDD47DC32,
0xC76580D9, 0x622412A7, 0x880AD2D4, 0x2D4B40AA, 0x59BB24C3, 0xFCFAB6BD,
0x16D476CE, 0xB395E4B0,
0xFF34BE1C, 0x5A752C62, 0xB05BEC11, 0x151A7E6F, 0x61EA1A06, 0xC4AB8878,
0x2E85480B, 0x8BC4DA75,
0xB7C7FD53, 0x12866F2D, 0xF8A8AF5E, 0x5DE93D20, 0x29195949, 0x8C58CB37,
0x66760B44, 0xC337993A,
0x8F96C396, 0x2AD751E8, 0xC0F9919B, 0x65B803E5, 0x1148678C, 0xB409F5F2,
0x5E273581, 0xFB66A7FF,
0x26217BCD, 0x8360E9B3, 0x694E29C0, 0xCC0FBBBE, 0xB8FFDFD7, 0x1DBE4DA9,
0xF7908DDA, 0x52D11FA4,
0x1E704508, 0xBB31D776, 0x511F1705, 0xF45E857B, 0x80AEE112, 0x25EF736C,
0xCFC1B31F, 0x6A802161,
0x56830647, 0xF3C29439, 0x19EC544A, 0xBCADC634, 0xC85DA25D, 0x6D1C3023,
0x8732F050, 0x2273622E,
0x6ED23882, 0xCB93AAFC, 0x21BD6A8F, 0x84FCF8F1, 0xF00C9C98, 0x554D0EE6,
0xBF63CE95, 0x1A225CEB,
0x8B277743, 0x2E66E53D, 0xC448254E, 0x6109B730, 0x15F9D359, 0xB0B84127,
0x5A968154, 0xFFD7132A,
0xB3764986, 0x1637DBF8, 0xFC191B8B, 0x595889F5, 0x2DA8ED9C, 0x88E97FE2,
0x62C7BF91, 0xC7862DEF,
0xFB850AC9, 0x5EC498B7, 0xB4EA58C4, 0x11ABCABA, 0x655BAED3, 0xC01A3CAD,
0x2A34FCDE, 0x8F756EA0,
0xC3D4340C, 0x6695A672, 0x8CBB6601, 0x29FAF47F, 0x5D0A9016, 0xF84B0268,
0x1265C21B, 0xB7245065,
0x6A638C57, 0xCF221E29, 0x250CDE5A, 0x804D4C24, 0xF4BD284D, 0x51FCBA33,
0xBBD27A40, 0x1E93E83E,
0x5232B292, 0xF77320EC, 0x1D5DE09F, 0xB81C72E1, 0xCCEC1688, 0x69AD84F6,
0x83834485, 0x26C2D6FB,
0x1AC1F1DD, 0xBF8063A3, 0x55AEA3D0, 0xF0EF31AE, 0x841F55C7, 0x215EC7B9,
0xCB7007CA, 0x6E3195B4,
0x2290CF18, 0x87D15D66, 0x6DFF9D15, 0xC8BE0F6B, 0xBC4E6B02, 0x190FF97C,
0xF321390F, 0x5660AB71,
0x4C42F79A, 0xE90365E4, 0x032DA597, 0xA66C37E9, 0xD29C5380, 0x77DDC1FE,
0x9DF3018D, 0x38B293F3,
0x7413C95F, 0xD1525B21, 0x3B7C9B52, 0x9E3D092C, 0xEACD6D45, 0x4F8CFF3B,
0xA5A23F48, 0x00E3AD36,
0x3CE08A10, 0x99A1186E, 0x738FD81D, 0xD6CE4A63, 0xA23E2E0A, 0x077FBC74,
0xED517C07, 0x4810EE79,
0x04B1B4D5, 0xA1F026AB, 0x4BDEE6D8, 0xEE9F74A6, 0x9A6F10CF, 0x3F2E82B1,
0xD50042C2, 0x7041D0BC,
0xAD060C8E, 0x08479EF0, 0xE2695E83, 0x4728CCFD, 0x33D8A894, 0x96993AEA,
0x7CB7FA99, 0xD9F668E7,
0x9557324B, 0x3016A035, 0xDA386046, 0x7F79F238, 0x0B899651, 0xAEC8042F,
0x44E6C45C, 0xE1A75622,
0xDDA47104, 0x78E5E37A, 0x92CB2309, 0x378AB177, 0x437AD51E, 0xE63B4760,
0x0C158713, 0xA954156D,
0xE5F54FC1, 0x40B4DDBF, 0xAA9A1DCC, 0x0FDB8FB2, 0x7B2BEBDB, 0xDE6A79A5,
0x3444B9D6, 0x91052BA8
* end of the CRC lookup table crc_tableil8_o48
* The following CRC lookup table was generated automagically using the
* following model parameters:
* Generator Polynomial = ................. 0x1EDC6F41
* Generator Polynomial Length = .......... 32 bits
* Reflected Bits = ....................... TRUE
* Table Generation Offset = .............. 32 bits
* Number of Slices = ..................... 8 slices
* Slice Lengths = ........................ 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
* Directory Name = ....................... .\
* File Name = ............................ 8x256_tables.c
static const uint32_t sctp_crc_tableil8_o56[256] = {
0x00000000, 0xDD45AAB8, 0xBF672381, 0x62228939, 0x7B2231F3, 0xA6679B4B,
0xC4451272, 0x1900B8CA,
0xF64463E6, 0x2B01C95E, 0x49234067, 0x9466EADF, 0x8D665215, 0x5023F8AD,
0x32017194, 0xEF44DB2C,
0xE964B13D, 0x34211B85, 0x560392BC, 0x8B463804, 0x924680CE, 0x4F032A76,
0x2D21A34F, 0xF06409F7,
0x1F20D2DB, 0xC2657863, 0xA047F15A, 0x7D025BE2, 0x6402E328, 0xB9474990,
0xDB65C0A9, 0x06206A11,
0xD725148B, 0x0A60BE33, 0x6842370A, 0xB5079DB2, 0xAC072578, 0x71428FC0,
0x136006F9, 0xCE25AC41,
0x2161776D, 0xFC24DDD5, 0x9E0654EC, 0x4343FE54, 0x5A43469E, 0x8706EC26,
0xE524651F, 0x3861CFA7,
0x3E41A5B6, 0xE3040F0E, 0x81268637, 0x5C632C8F, 0x45639445, 0x98263EFD,
0xFA04B7C4, 0x27411D7C,
0xC805C650, 0x15406CE8, 0x7762E5D1, 0xAA274F69, 0xB327F7A3, 0x6E625D1B,
0x0C40D422, 0xD1057E9A,
0xABA65FE7, 0x76E3F55F, 0x14C17C66, 0xC984D6DE, 0xD0846E14, 0x0DC1C4AC,
0x6FE34D95, 0xB2A6E72D,
0x5DE23C01, 0x80A796B9, 0xE2851F80, 0x3FC0B538, 0x26C00DF2, 0xFB85A74A,
0x99A72E73, 0x44E284CB,
0x42C2EEDA, 0x9F874462, 0xFDA5CD5B, 0x20E067E3, 0x39E0DF29, 0xE4A57591,
0x8687FCA8, 0x5BC25610,
0xB4868D3C, 0x69C32784, 0x0BE1AEBD, 0xD6A40405, 0xCFA4BCCF, 0x12E11677,
0x70C39F4E, 0xAD8635F6,
0x7C834B6C, 0xA1C6E1D4, 0xC3E468ED, 0x1EA1C255, 0x07A17A9F, 0xDAE4D027,
0xB8C6591E, 0x6583F3A6,
0x8AC7288A, 0x57828232, 0x35A00B0B, 0xE8E5A1B3, 0xF1E51979, 0x2CA0B3C1,
0x4E823AF8, 0x93C79040,
0x95E7FA51, 0x48A250E9, 0x2A80D9D0, 0xF7C57368, 0xEEC5CBA2, 0x3380611A,
0x51A2E823, 0x8CE7429B,
0x63A399B7, 0xBEE6330F, 0xDCC4BA36, 0x0181108E, 0x1881A844, 0xC5C402FC,
0xA7E68BC5, 0x7AA3217D,
0x52A0C93F, 0x8FE56387, 0xEDC7EABE, 0x30824006, 0x2982F8CC, 0xF4C75274,
0x96E5DB4D, 0x4BA071F5,
0xA4E4AAD9, 0x79A10061, 0x1B838958, 0xC6C623E0, 0xDFC69B2A, 0x02833192,
0x60A1B8AB, 0xBDE41213,
0xBBC47802, 0x6681D2BA, 0x04A35B83, 0xD9E6F13B, 0xC0E649F1, 0x1DA3E349,
0x7F816A70, 0xA2C4C0C8,
0x4D801BE4, 0x90C5B15C, 0xF2E73865, 0x2FA292DD, 0x36A22A17, 0xEBE780AF,
0x89C50996, 0x5480A32E,
0x8585DDB4, 0x58C0770C, 0x3AE2FE35, 0xE7A7548D, 0xFEA7EC47, 0x23E246FF,
0x41C0CFC6, 0x9C85657E,
0x73C1BE52, 0xAE8414EA, 0xCCA69DD3, 0x11E3376B, 0x08E38FA1, 0xD5A62519,
0xB784AC20, 0x6AC10698,
0x6CE16C89, 0xB1A4C631, 0xD3864F08, 0x0EC3E5B0, 0x17C35D7A, 0xCA86F7C2,
0xA8A47EFB, 0x75E1D443,
0x9AA50F6F, 0x47E0A5D7, 0x25C22CEE, 0xF8878656, 0xE1873E9C, 0x3CC29424,
0x5EE01D1D, 0x83A5B7A5,
0xF90696D8, 0x24433C60, 0x4661B559, 0x9B241FE1, 0x8224A72B, 0x5F610D93,
0x3D4384AA, 0xE0062E12,
0x0F42F53E, 0xD2075F86, 0xB025D6BF, 0x6D607C07, 0x7460C4CD, 0xA9256E75,
0xCB07E74C, 0x16424DF4,
0x106227E5, 0xCD278D5D, 0xAF050464, 0x7240AEDC, 0x6B401616, 0xB605BCAE,
0xD4273597, 0x09629F2F,
0xE6264403, 0x3B63EEBB, 0x59416782, 0x8404CD3A, 0x9D0475F0, 0x4041DF48,
0x22635671, 0xFF26FCC9,
0x2E238253, 0xF36628EB, 0x9144A1D2, 0x4C010B6A, 0x5501B3A0, 0x88441918,
0xEA669021, 0x37233A99,
0xD867E1B5, 0x05224B0D, 0x6700C234, 0xBA45688C, 0xA345D046, 0x7E007AFE,
0x1C22F3C7, 0xC167597F,
0xC747336E, 0x1A0299D6, 0x782010EF, 0xA565BA57, 0xBC65029D, 0x6120A825,
0x0302211C, 0xDE478BA4,
0x31035088, 0xEC46FA30, 0x8E647309, 0x5321D9B1, 0x4A21617B, 0x9764CBC3,
0xF54642FA, 0x2803E842
* end of the CRC lookup table crc_tableil8_o56
* The following CRC lookup table was generated automagically using the
* following model parameters:
* Generator Polynomial = ................. 0x1EDC6F41
* Generator Polynomial Length = .......... 32 bits
* Reflected Bits = ....................... TRUE
* Table Generation Offset = .............. 32 bits
* Number of Slices = ..................... 8 slices
* Slice Lengths = ........................ 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
* Directory Name = ....................... .\
* File Name = ............................ 8x256_tables.c
static const uint32_t sctp_crc_tableil8_o64[256] = {
0x00000000, 0x38116FAC, 0x7022DF58, 0x4833B0F4, 0xE045BEB0, 0xD854D11C,
0x906761E8, 0xA8760E44,
0xC5670B91, 0xFD76643D, 0xB545D4C9, 0x8D54BB65, 0x2522B521, 0x1D33DA8D,
0x55006A79, 0x6D1105D5,
0x8F2261D3, 0xB7330E7F, 0xFF00BE8B, 0xC711D127, 0x6F67DF63, 0x5776B0CF,
0x1F45003B, 0x27546F97,
0x4A456A42, 0x725405EE, 0x3A67B51A, 0x0276DAB6, 0xAA00D4F2, 0x9211BB5E,
0xDA220BAA, 0xE2336406,
0x1BA8B557, 0x23B9DAFB, 0x6B8A6A0F, 0x539B05A3, 0xFBED0BE7, 0xC3FC644B,
0x8BCFD4BF, 0xB3DEBB13,
0xDECFBEC6, 0xE6DED16A, 0xAEED619E, 0x96FC0E32, 0x3E8A0076, 0x069B6FDA,
0x4EA8DF2E, 0x76B9B082,
0x948AD484, 0xAC9BBB28, 0xE4A80BDC, 0xDCB96470, 0x74CF6A34, 0x4CDE0598,
0x04EDB56C, 0x3CFCDAC0,
0x51EDDF15, 0x69FCB0B9, 0x21CF004D, 0x19DE6FE1, 0xB1A861A5, 0x89B90E09,
0xC18ABEFD, 0xF99BD151,
0x37516AAE, 0x0F400502, 0x4773B5F6, 0x7F62DA5A, 0xD714D41E, 0xEF05BBB2,
0xA7360B46, 0x9F2764EA,
0xF236613F, 0xCA270E93, 0x8214BE67, 0xBA05D1CB, 0x1273DF8F, 0x2A62B023,
0x625100D7, 0x5A406F7B,
0xB8730B7D, 0x806264D1, 0xC851D425, 0xF040BB89, 0x5836B5CD, 0x6027DA61,
0x28146A95, 0x10050539,
0x7D1400EC, 0x45056F40, 0x0D36DFB4, 0x3527B018, 0x9D51BE5C, 0xA540D1F0,
0xED736104, 0xD5620EA8,
0x2CF9DFF9, 0x14E8B055, 0x5CDB00A1, 0x64CA6F0D, 0xCCBC6149, 0xF4AD0EE5,
0xBC9EBE11, 0x848FD1BD,
0xE99ED468, 0xD18FBBC4, 0x99BC0B30, 0xA1AD649C, 0x09DB6AD8, 0x31CA0574,
0x79F9B580, 0x41E8DA2C,
0xA3DBBE2A, 0x9BCAD186, 0xD3F96172, 0xEBE80EDE, 0x439E009A, 0x7B8F6F36,
0x33BCDFC2, 0x0BADB06E,
0x66BCB5BB, 0x5EADDA17, 0x169E6AE3, 0x2E8F054F, 0x86F90B0B, 0xBEE864A7,
0x6EA2D55C, 0x56B3BAF0, 0x1E800A04, 0x269165A8, 0x8EE76BEC, 0xB6F60440,
0xFEC5B4B4, 0xC6D4DB18,
0xABC5DECD, 0x93D4B161, 0xDBE70195, 0xE3F66E39, 0x4B80607D, 0x73910FD1,
0x3BA2BF25, 0x03B3D089,
0xE180B48F, 0xD991DB23, 0x91A26BD7, 0xA9B3047B, 0x01C50A3F, 0x39D46593,
0x71E7D567, 0x49F6BACB,
0x24E7BF1E, 0x1CF6D0B2, 0x54C56046, 0x6CD40FEA, 0xC4A201AE, 0xFCB36E02,
0xB480DEF6, 0x8C91B15A,
0x750A600B, 0x4D1B0FA7, 0x0528BF53, 0x3D39D0FF, 0x954FDEBB, 0xAD5EB117,
0xE56D01E3, 0xDD7C6E4F,
0xB06D6B9A, 0x887C0436, 0xC04FB4C2, 0xF85EDB6E, 0x5028D52A, 0x6839BA86,
0x200A0A72, 0x181B65DE,
0xFA2801D8, 0xC2396E74, 0x8A0ADE80, 0xB21BB12C, 0x1A6DBF68, 0x227CD0C4,
0x6A4F6030, 0x525E0F9C,
0x3F4F0A49, 0x075E65E5, 0x4F6DD511, 0x777CBABD, 0xDF0AB4F9, 0xE71BDB55,
0xAF286BA1, 0x9739040D,
0x59F3BFF2, 0x61E2D05E, 0x29D160AA, 0x11C00F06, 0xB9B60142, 0x81A76EEE,
0xC994DE1A, 0xF185B1B6,
0x9C94B463, 0xA485DBCF, 0xECB66B3B, 0xD4A70497, 0x7CD10AD3, 0x44C0657F,
0x0CF3D58B, 0x34E2BA27,
0xD6D1DE21, 0xEEC0B18D, 0xA6F30179, 0x9EE26ED5, 0x36946091, 0x0E850F3D,
0x46B6BFC9, 0x7EA7D065,
0x13B6D5B0, 0x2BA7BA1C, 0x63940AE8, 0x5B856544, 0xF3F36B00, 0xCBE204AC,
0x83D1B458, 0xBBC0DBF4,
0x425B0AA5, 0x7A4A6509, 0x3279D5FD, 0x0A68BA51, 0xA21EB415, 0x9A0FDBB9,
0xD23C6B4D, 0xEA2D04E1,
0x873C0134, 0xBF2D6E98, 0xF71EDE6C, 0xCF0FB1C0, 0x6779BF84, 0x5F68D028,
0x175B60DC, 0x2F4A0F70,
0xCD796B76, 0xF56804DA, 0xBD5BB42E, 0x854ADB82, 0x2D3CD5C6, 0x152DBA6A,
0x5D1E0A9E, 0x650F6532,
0x081E60E7, 0x300F0F4B, 0x783CBFBF, 0x402DD013, 0xE85BDE57, 0xD04AB1FB,
0x9879010F, 0xA0686EA3
* end of the CRC lookup table crc_tableil8_o64
* The following CRC lookup table was generated automagically using the
* following model parameters:
* Generator Polynomial = ................. 0x1EDC6F41
* Generator Polynomial Length = .......... 32 bits
* Reflected Bits = ....................... TRUE
* Table Generation Offset = .............. 32 bits
* Number of Slices = ..................... 8 slices
* Slice Lengths = ........................ 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
* Directory Name = ....................... .\
* File Name = ............................ 8x256_tables.c
static const uint32_t sctp_crc_tableil8_o72[256] = {
0x00000000, 0xEF306B19, 0xDB8CA0C3, 0x34BCCBDA, 0xB2F53777, 0x5DC55C6E,
0x697997B4, 0x8649FCAD,
0x6006181F, 0x8F367306, 0xBB8AB8DC, 0x54BAD3C5, 0xD2F32F68, 0x3DC34471,
0x097F8FAB, 0xE64FE4B2,
0xC00C303E, 0x2F3C5B27, 0x1B8090FD, 0xF4B0FBE4, 0x72F90749, 0x9DC96C50,
0xA975A78A, 0x4645CC93,
0xA00A2821, 0x4F3A4338, 0x7B8688E2, 0x94B6E3FB, 0x12FF1F56, 0xFDCF744F,
0xC973BF95, 0x2643D48C,
0x85F4168D, 0x6AC47D94, 0x5E78B64E, 0xB148DD57, 0x370121FA, 0xD8314AE3,
0xEC8D8139, 0x03BDEA20,
0xE5F20E92, 0x0AC2658B, 0x3E7EAE51, 0xD14EC548, 0x570739E5, 0xB83752FC,
0x8C8B9926, 0x63BBF23F,
0x45F826B3, 0xAAC84DAA, 0x9E748670, 0x7144ED69, 0xF70D11C4, 0x183D7ADD,
0x2C81B107, 0xC3B1DA1E,
0x25FE3EAC, 0xCACE55B5, 0xFE729E6F, 0x1142F576, 0x970B09DB, 0x783B62C2,
0x4C87A918, 0xA3B7C201,
0x0E045BEB, 0xE13430F2, 0xD588FB28, 0x3AB89031, 0xBCF16C9C, 0x53C10785,
0x677DCC5F, 0x884DA746,
0x6E0243F4, 0x813228ED, 0xB58EE337, 0x5ABE882E, 0xDCF77483, 0x33C71F9A,
0x077BD440, 0xE84BBF59,
0xCE086BD5, 0x213800CC, 0x1584CB16, 0xFAB4A00F, 0x7CFD5CA2, 0x93CD37BB,
0xA771FC61, 0x48419778,
0xAE0E73CA, 0x413E18D3, 0x7582D309, 0x9AB2B810, 0x1CFB44BD, 0xF3CB2FA4,
0xC777E47E, 0x28478F67,
0x8BF04D66, 0x64C0267F, 0x507CEDA5, 0xBF4C86BC, 0x39057A11, 0xD6351108,
0xE289DAD2, 0x0DB9B1CB,
0xEBF65579, 0x04C63E60, 0x307AF5BA, 0xDF4A9EA3, 0x5903620E, 0xB6330917,
0x828FC2CD, 0x6DBFA9D4,
0x4BFC7D58, 0xA4CC1641, 0x9070DD9B, 0x7F40B682, 0xF9094A2F, 0x16392136,
0x2285EAEC, 0xCDB581F5,
0x2BFA6547, 0xC4CA0E5E, 0xF076C584, 0x1F46AE9D, 0x990F5230, 0x763F3929,
0x4283F2F3, 0xADB399EA,
0x1C08B7D6, 0xF338DCCF, 0xC7841715, 0x28B47C0C, 0xAEFD80A1, 0x41CDEBB8,
0x75712062, 0x9A414B7B,
0x7C0EAFC9, 0x933EC4D0, 0xA7820F0A, 0x48B26413, 0xCEFB98BE, 0x21CBF3A7,
0x1577387D, 0xFA475364,
0xDC0487E8, 0x3334ECF1, 0x0788272B, 0xE8B84C32, 0x6EF1B09F, 0x81C1DB86,
0xB57D105C, 0x5A4D7B45,
0xBC029FF7, 0x5332F4EE, 0x678E3F34, 0x88BE542D, 0x0EF7A880, 0xE1C7C399,
0xD57B0843, 0x3A4B635A,
0x99FCA15B, 0x76CCCA42, 0x42700198, 0xAD406A81, 0x2B09962C, 0xC439FD35,
0xF08536EF, 0x1FB55DF6,
0xF9FAB944, 0x16CAD25D, 0x22761987, 0xCD46729E, 0x4B0F8E33, 0xA43FE52A,
0x90832EF0, 0x7FB345E9,
0x59F09165, 0xB6C0FA7C, 0x827C31A6, 0x6D4C5ABF, 0xEB05A612, 0x0435CD0B,
0x308906D1, 0xDFB96DC8,
0x39F6897A, 0xD6C6E263, 0xE27A29B9, 0x0D4A42A0, 0x8B03BE0D, 0x6433D514,
0x508F1ECE, 0xBFBF75D7,
0x120CEC3D, 0xFD3C8724, 0xC9804CFE, 0x26B027E7, 0xA0F9DB4A, 0x4FC9B053,
0x7B757B89, 0x94451090,
0x720AF422, 0x9D3A9F3B, 0xA98654E1, 0x46B63FF8, 0xC0FFC355, 0x2FCFA84C,
0x1B736396, 0xF443088F,
0xD200DC03, 0x3D30B71A, 0x098C7CC0, 0xE6BC17D9, 0x60F5EB74, 0x8FC5806D,
0xBB794BB7, 0x544920AE,
0xB206C41C, 0x5D36AF05, 0x698A64DF, 0x86BA0FC6, 0x00F3F36B, 0xEFC39872,
0xDB7F53A8, 0x344F38B1,
0x97F8FAB0, 0x78C891A9, 0x4C745A73, 0xA344316A, 0x250DCDC7, 0xCA3DA6DE,
0xFE816D04, 0x11B1061D,
0xF7FEE2AF, 0x18CE89B6, 0x2C72426C, 0xC3422975, 0x450BD5D8, 0xAA3BBEC1,
0x9E87751B, 0x71B71E02,
0x57F4CA8E, 0xB8C4A197, 0x8C786A4D, 0x63480154, 0xE501FDF9, 0x0A3196E0,
0x3E8D5D3A, 0xD1BD3623,
0x37F2D291, 0xD8C2B988, 0xEC7E7252, 0x034E194B, 0x8507E5E6, 0x6A378EFF,
0x5E8B4525, 0xB1BB2E3C
* end of the CRC lookup table crc_tableil8_o72
* The following CRC lookup table was generated automagically using the
* following model parameters:
* Generator Polynomial = ................. 0x1EDC6F41
* Generator Polynomial Length = .......... 32 bits
* Reflected Bits = ....................... TRUE
* Table Generation Offset = .............. 32 bits
* Number of Slices = ..................... 8 slices
* Slice Lengths = ........................ 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
* Directory Name = ....................... .\
* File Name = ............................ 8x256_tables.c
static const uint32_t sctp_crc_tableil8_o80[256] = {
0x00000000, 0x68032CC8, 0xD0065990, 0xB8057558, 0xA5E0C5D1, 0xCDE3E919,
0x75E69C41, 0x1DE5B089,
0x4E2DFD53, 0x262ED19B, 0x9E2BA4C3, 0xF628880B, 0xEBCD3882, 0x83CE144A,
0x3BCB6112, 0x53C84DDA,
0x9C5BFAA6, 0xF458D66E, 0x4C5DA336, 0x245E8FFE, 0x39BB3F77, 0x51B813BF,
0xE9BD66E7, 0x81BE4A2F,
0xD27607F5, 0xBA752B3D, 0x02705E65, 0x6A7372AD, 0x7796C224, 0x1F95EEEC,
0xA7909BB4, 0xCF93B77C,
0x3D5B83BD, 0x5558AF75, 0xED5DDA2D, 0x855EF6E5, 0x98BB466C, 0xF0B86AA4,
0x48BD1FFC, 0x20BE3334,
0x73767EEE, 0x1B755226, 0xA370277E, 0xCB730BB6, 0xD696BB3F, 0xBE9597F7,
0x0690E2AF, 0x6E93CE67,
0xA100791B, 0xC90355D3, 0x7106208B, 0x19050C43, 0x04E0BCCA, 0x6CE39002,
0xD4E6E55A, 0xBCE5C992,
0xEF2D8448, 0x872EA880, 0x3F2BDDD8, 0x5728F110, 0x4ACD4199, 0x22CE6D51,
0x9ACB1809, 0xF2C834C1,
0x7AB7077A, 0x12B42BB2, 0xAAB15EEA, 0xC2B27222, 0xDF57C2AB, 0xB754EE63,
0x0F519B3B, 0x6752B7F3,
0x349AFA29, 0x5C99D6E1, 0xE49CA3B9, 0x8C9F8F71, 0x917A3FF8, 0xF9791330,
0x417C6668, 0x297F4AA0,
0xE6ECFDDC, 0x8EEFD114, 0x36EAA44C, 0x5EE98884, 0x430C380D, 0x2B0F14C5,
0x930A619D, 0xFB094D55,
0xA8C1008F, 0xC0C22C47, 0x78C7591F, 0x10C475D7, 0x0D21C55E, 0x6522E996,
0xDD279CCE, 0xB524B006,
0x47EC84C7, 0x2FEFA80F, 0x97EADD57, 0xFFE9F19F, 0xE20C4116, 0x8A0F6DDE,
0x320A1886, 0x5A09344E,
0x09C17994, 0x61C2555C, 0xD9C72004, 0xB1C40CCC, 0xAC21BC45, 0xC422908D,
0x7C27E5D5, 0x1424C91D,
0xDBB77E61, 0xB3B452A9, 0x0BB127F1, 0x63B20B39, 0x7E57BBB0, 0x16549778,
0xAE51E220, 0xC652CEE8,
0x959A8332, 0xFD99AFFA, 0x459CDAA2, 0x2D9FF66A, 0x307A46E3, 0x58796A2B,
0xE07C1F73, 0x887F33BB,
0xF56E0EF4, 0x9D6D223C, 0x25685764, 0x4D6B7BAC, 0x508ECB25, 0x388DE7ED,
0x808892B5, 0xE88BBE7D,
0xBB43F3A7, 0xD340DF6F, 0x6B45AA37, 0x034686FF, 0x1EA33676, 0x76A01ABE,
0xCEA56FE6, 0xA6A6432E,
0x6935F452, 0x0136D89A, 0xB933ADC2, 0xD130810A, 0xCCD53183, 0xA4D61D4B,
0x1CD36813, 0x74D044DB,
0x27180901, 0x4F1B25C9, 0xF71E5091, 0x9F1D7C59, 0x82F8CCD0, 0xEAFBE018,
0x52FE9540, 0x3AFDB988,
0xC8358D49, 0xA036A181, 0x1833D4D9, 0x7030F811, 0x6DD54898, 0x05D66450,
0xBDD31108, 0xD5D03DC0,
0x8618701A, 0xEE1B5CD2, 0x561E298A, 0x3E1D0542, 0x23F8B5CB, 0x4BFB9903,
0xF3FEEC5B, 0x9BFDC093,
0x546E77EF, 0x3C6D5B27, 0x84682E7F, 0xEC6B02B7, 0xF18EB23E, 0x998D9EF6,
0x2188EBAE, 0x498BC766,
0x1A438ABC, 0x7240A674, 0xCA45D32C, 0xA246FFE4, 0xBFA34F6D, 0xD7A063A5,
0x6FA516FD, 0x07A63A35,
0x8FD9098E, 0xE7DA2546, 0x5FDF501E, 0x37DC7CD6, 0x2A39CC5F, 0x423AE097,
0xFA3F95CF, 0x923CB907,
0xC1F4F4DD, 0xA9F7D815, 0x11F2AD4D, 0x79F18185, 0x6414310C, 0x0C171DC4,
0xB412689C, 0xDC114454,
0x1382F328, 0x7B81DFE0, 0xC384AAB8, 0xAB878670, 0xB66236F9, 0xDE611A31,
0x66646F69, 0x0E6743A1,
0x5DAF0E7B, 0x35AC22B3, 0x8DA957EB, 0xE5AA7B23, 0xF84FCBAA, 0x904CE762,
0x2849923A, 0x404ABEF2,
0xB2828A33, 0xDA81A6FB, 0x6284D3A3, 0x0A87FF6B, 0x17624FE2, 0x7F61632A,
0xC7641672, 0xAF673ABA,
0xFCAF7760, 0x94AC5BA8, 0x2CA92EF0, 0x44AA0238, 0x594FB2B1, 0x314C9E79,
0x8949EB21, 0xE14AC7E9,
0x2ED97095, 0x46DA5C5D, 0xFEDF2905, 0x96DC05CD, 0x8B39B544, 0xE33A998C,
0x5B3FECD4, 0x333CC01C,
0x60F48DC6, 0x08F7A10E, 0xB0F2D456, 0xD8F1F89E, 0xC5144817, 0xAD1764DF,
0x15121187, 0x7D113D4F
* end of the CRC lookup table crc_tableil8_o80
* The following CRC lookup table was generated automagically using the
* following model parameters:
* Generator Polynomial = ................. 0x1EDC6F41
* Generator Polynomial Length = .......... 32 bits
* Reflected Bits = ....................... TRUE
* Table Generation Offset = .............. 32 bits
* Number of Slices = ..................... 8 slices
* Slice Lengths = ........................ 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
* Directory Name = ....................... .\
* File Name = ............................ 8x256_tables.c
static const uint32_t sctp_crc_tableil8_o88[256] = {
0x00000000, 0x493C7D27, 0x9278FA4E, 0xDB448769, 0x211D826D, 0x6821FF4A,
0xB3657823, 0xFA590504,
0x423B04DA, 0x0B0779FD, 0xD043FE94, 0x997F83B3, 0x632686B7, 0x2A1AFB90,
0xF15E7CF9, 0xB86201DE,
0x847609B4, 0xCD4A7493, 0x160EF3FA, 0x5F328EDD, 0xA56B8BD9, 0xEC57F6FE,
0x37137197, 0x7E2F0CB0,
0xC64D0D6E, 0x8F717049, 0x5435F720, 0x1D098A07, 0xE7508F03, 0xAE6CF224,
0x7528754D, 0x3C14086A,
0x0D006599, 0x443C18BE, 0x9F789FD7, 0xD644E2F0, 0x2C1DE7F4, 0x65219AD3,
0xBE651DBA, 0xF759609D,
0x4F3B6143, 0x06071C64, 0xDD439B0D, 0x947FE62A, 0x6E26E32E, 0x271A9E09,
0xFC5E1960, 0xB5626447,
0x89766C2D, 0xC04A110A, 0x1B0E9663, 0x5232EB44, 0xA86BEE40, 0xE1579367,
0x3A13140E, 0x732F6929,
0xCB4D68F7, 0x827115D0, 0x593592B9, 0x1009EF9E, 0xEA50EA9A, 0xA36C97BD,
0x782810D4, 0x31146DF3,
0x1A00CB32, 0x533CB615, 0x8878317C, 0xC1444C5B, 0x3B1D495F, 0x72213478,
0xA965B311, 0xE059CE36,
0x583BCFE8, 0x1107B2CF, 0xCA4335A6, 0x837F4881, 0x79264D85, 0x301A30A2,
0xEB5EB7CB, 0xA262CAEC,
0x9E76C286, 0xD74ABFA1, 0x0C0E38C8, 0x453245EF, 0xBF6B40EB, 0xF6573DCC,
0x2D13BAA5, 0x642FC782,
0xDC4DC65C, 0x9571BB7B, 0x4E353C12, 0x07094135, 0xFD504431, 0xB46C3916,
0x6F28BE7F, 0x2614C358,
0x1700AEAB, 0x5E3CD38C, 0x857854E5, 0xCC4429C2, 0x361D2CC6, 0x7F2151E1,
0xA465D688, 0xED59ABAF,
0x553BAA71, 0x1C07D756, 0xC743503F, 0x8E7F2D18, 0x7426281C, 0x3D1A553B,
0xE65ED252, 0xAF62AF75,
0x9376A71F, 0xDA4ADA38, 0x010E5D51, 0x48322076, 0xB26B2572, 0xFB575855,
0x2013DF3C, 0x692FA21B,
0xD14DA3C5, 0x9871DEE2, 0x4335598B, 0x0A0924AC, 0xF05021A8, 0xB96C5C8F,
0x6228DBE6, 0x2B14A6C1,
0x34019664, 0x7D3DEB43, 0xA6796C2A, 0xEF45110D, 0x151C1409, 0x5C20692E,
0x8764EE47, 0xCE589360,
0x763A92BE, 0x3F06EF99, 0xE44268F0, 0xAD7E15D7, 0x572710D3, 0x1E1B6DF4,
0xC55FEA9D, 0x8C6397BA,
0xB0779FD0, 0xF94BE2F7, 0x220F659E, 0x6B3318B9, 0x916A1DBD, 0xD856609A,
0x0312E7F3, 0x4A2E9AD4,
0xF24C9B0A, 0xBB70E62D, 0x60346144, 0x29081C63, 0xD3511967, 0x9A6D6440,
0x4129E329, 0x08159E0E,
0x3901F3FD, 0x703D8EDA, 0xAB7909B3, 0xE2457494, 0x181C7190, 0x51200CB7,
0x8A648BDE, 0xC358F6F9,
0x7B3AF727, 0x32068A00, 0xE9420D69, 0xA07E704E, 0x5A27754A, 0x131B086D,
0xC85F8F04, 0x8163F223,
0xBD77FA49, 0xF44B876E, 0x2F0F0007, 0x66337D20, 0x9C6A7824, 0xD5560503,
0x0E12826A, 0x472EFF4D,
0xFF4CFE93, 0xB67083B4, 0x6D3404DD, 0x240879FA, 0xDE517CFE, 0x976D01D9,
0x4C2986B0, 0x0515FB97,
0x2E015D56, 0x673D2071, 0xBC79A718, 0xF545DA3F, 0x0F1CDF3B, 0x4620A21C,
0x9D642575, 0xD4585852,
0x6C3A598C, 0x250624AB, 0xFE42A3C2, 0xB77EDEE5, 0x4D27DBE1, 0x041BA6C6,
0xDF5F21AF, 0x96635C88,
0xAA7754E2, 0xE34B29C5, 0x380FAEAC, 0x7133D38B, 0x8B6AD68F, 0xC256ABA8,
0x19122CC1, 0x502E51E6,
0xE84C5038, 0xA1702D1F, 0x7A34AA76, 0x3308D751, 0xC951D255, 0x806DAF72,
0x5B29281B, 0x1215553C,
0x230138CF, 0x6A3D45E8, 0xB179C281, 0xF845BFA6, 0x021CBAA2, 0x4B20C785,
0x906440EC, 0xD9583DCB,
0x613A3C15, 0x28064132, 0xF342C65B, 0xBA7EBB7C, 0x4027BE78, 0x091BC35F,
0xD25F4436, 0x9B633911,
0xA777317B, 0xEE4B4C5C, 0x350FCB35, 0x7C33B612, 0x866AB316, 0xCF56CE31,
0x14124958, 0x5D2E347F,
0xE54C35A1, 0xAC704886, 0x7734CFEF, 0x3E08B2C8, 0xC451B7CC, 0x8D6DCAEB,
0x56294D82, 0x1F1530A5
* end of the CRC lookup table crc_tableil8_o88
static uint32_t crc32c_sb8_64_bit(uint32_t crc, const unsigned char *p_buf,
uint32_t length, uint32_t init_bytes)
uint32_t li;
uint32_t term1, term2;
uint32_t running_length;
uint32_t end_bytes;
running_length = ((length - init_bytes) / 8) * 8;
end_bytes = length - init_bytes - running_length;
for (li = 0; li < init_bytes; li++)
crc =
sctp_crc_tableil8_o32[(crc ^ *p_buf++) & 0x000000FF] ^ (crc
for (li = 0; li < running_length / 8; li++) {
crc ^= *p_buf++;
crc ^= (*p_buf++) << 8;
crc ^= (*p_buf++) << 16;
crc ^= (*p_buf++) << 24;
crc ^= *(const uint32_t *)p_buf;
p_buf += 4;
term1 =
sctp_crc_tableil8_o88[crc & 0x000000FF] ^
sctp_crc_tableil8_o80[(crc >> 8) & 0x000000FF];
term2 = crc >> 16;
crc =
term1 ^ sctp_crc_tableil8_o72[term2 & 0x000000FF] ^
sctp_crc_tableil8_o64[(term2 >> 8) & 0x000000FF];
crc ^= sctp_crc_tableil8_o56[*p_buf++];
crc ^= sctp_crc_tableil8_o48[*p_buf++];
crc ^= sctp_crc_tableil8_o40[*p_buf++];
crc ^= sctp_crc_tableil8_o32[*p_buf++];
term1 =
sctp_crc_tableil8_o56[(*(const uint32_t *)p_buf) &
0x000000FF] ^
sctp_crc_tableil8_o48[((*(const uint32_t *)p_buf) >> 8) &
term2 = (*(const uint32_t *)p_buf) >> 16;
crc =
crc ^ term1 ^ sctp_crc_tableil8_o40[term2 & 0x000000FF] ^
sctp_crc_tableil8_o32[(term2 >> 8) & 0x000000FF];
p_buf += 4;
for (li = 0; li < end_bytes; li++)
crc =
sctp_crc_tableil8_o32[(crc ^ *p_buf++) & 0x000000FF] ^ (crc
return crc;
static uint32_t multitable_crc32c(uint32_t crc32c, const unsigned char *buffer,
unsigned int length)
uint32_t to_even_word;
if (length == 0)
return (crc32c);
to_even_word = (4 - (((uintptr_t) buffer) & 0x3));
return (crc32c_sb8_64_bit(crc32c, buffer, length, to_even_word));
uint32_t calculate_crc32c(uint32_t crc32c, const unsigned char *buffer,
unsigned int length)
if (length < 4)
return (singletable_crc32c(crc32c, buffer, length));
return (multitable_crc32c(crc32c, buffer, length));