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Chrome Extension

To enable in Chrome browser:

  1. navigate to chrome://extensions
  2. enable “developer mode”
  3. click “load unpacked” and select chrome_plugin directory

To create package:

  1. navigate to chrome://extensions
  2. you have to have the Touch Client plugin installed in developer mode
  3. click “Details” in Touch Client plugin
  4. at the top bar click “Pack Extension”


When installed, the chrome plugin will show as a button at the toolbar. The button looks like Optofidelity logo; red, green and blue squares.

  1. Open settings by right-clicking the button.
  2. Set TPPT server's ip-address, port 50009 and DUT name (default: Dut1)
  3. Make sure that you have started the TPPT server.
  4. Left-click the toolbar button, this should open a new page with “full screen” button on it. This will also open the connection to the TPPT server.
  5. Follow the instructions from the TPPT server.

If the connection is lost, refresh the page. Refreshing the page will create new connection to the server.