The package manager for ChromiumOS; forked from Gentoo's portage (most changes get upstreamed)

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  1. 0df08e1 Don't set `is_empty = False` when dir doesn't exist. by Michael Benfield · 5 weeks ago chromeos-2.3.75 factory-brya-15231.B firmware-nissa-15217.B release-R109-15236.B stabilize-15245.B stabilize-15251.B
  2. 4e4df3b OWNERS: switch to shared owners repo by Mike Frysinger · 3 months ago factory-corsola-15196.B factory-nissa-15199.B factory-trogdor-15210.B firmware-corsola-15194.B firmware-duplo-15151.B release-R107-15117.B release-R108-15183.B stabilize-15117.111.B stabilize-15117.48.B stabilize-15117.86.B stabilize-15120.B stabilize-15122.B stabilize-15129.B stabilize-15167.B stabilize-15174.B stabilize-15183.14.B stabilize-15185.B stabilize-15207.B stabilize-15208.B
  3. cc51c0d depgraph: long dep calc timing by Mike Frysinger · 3 months ago
  4. 67a208d CHROMIUM: fix race in artifact dir setup by Mike Frysinger · 3 months ago
  5. 7556f9c egencache: add a --repos-conf option by Mike Frysinger · 3 months ago firmware-ti50-mp-15224.B firmware-ti50-prepvt-15086.B stabilize-15086.B
  6. bec0c49 CHROMIUM: move CROS_ARTIFACTS_TMP_DIR init to setup phase by Mike Frysinger · 3 months ago stabilize-15072.B stabilize-15083.B
  7. a19bc46 CHROMIUM: Add logging for unset attribute while logging failure. by Alex Klein · 4 months ago release-R106-15054.B stabilize-15032.B stabilize-15033.B stabilize-15054.115.B stabilize-15054.26.B stabilize-15054.98.B
  8. f11e061 _slot_confict_backtrack: group similar missed updates (bug 743115) by Zac Medico · 4 months ago
  9. 23dbec2 _slot_confict_backtrack: minimize conflict atoms (bug 743631) by Zac Medico · 4 months ago
  10. 87b2544 Add unit test demonstrating excessive backtracking for bug 743115 by Zac Medico · 4 months ago
  11. 3d5f700 CHROMIUM: emerge: add --with-bdepends option to disable BDEPEND by Mike Frysinger · 4 months ago
  12. ba2b414 vartree: fix an outdated link by Tommy Chiang · 4 months ago
  13. 1e5ce99 CHROMIUM: Increase cache size for use_reduce, vercmp, and catpkgsplit by Yi Chou · 4 months ago factory-foobar-15000.B
  14. fcc9b1d Add caching to use_reduce, vercmp, and catpkgsplit by Yi Chou · 4 months ago
  15. 1f202d4 EbuildMetadataPhase: make _unregister idempotent (bug 711362) by Zac Medico · 5 months ago release-R105-14989.B stabilize-14964.B stabilize-14989.107.B stabilize-14989.85.B stabilize-14998.B
  16. ff558e7 Move the code handling CROS_ARTIFACTS_TMP_DIR by Michael Benfield · 5 months ago firmware-14947.B firmware-chameleon-14947.B
  17. cab9de8 Set CROS_ARTIFACTS_TMP_DIR for ebuilds. by Michael Benfield · 7 months ago factory-brya-14909.124.B factory-guybrush-14908.B release-R103-14816.B release-R104-14909.B stabilize-14790.B stabilize-14803.B stabilize-14816.131.B stabilize-14816.82.B stabilize-14816.84.B stabilize-14839.B stabilize-14909.100.B stabilize-14918.B stabilize-quickfix-14909.132.B
  18. d04d26b CHROMIUM: delete desktop/mime cache QA check by Mike Frysinger · 7 months ago
  19. 10c5138 CHROMIUM: add milliseconds to logs by Mike Frysinger · 7 months ago
  20. 3a70e46 UPSTREAM: compression_probe: omit zstd --long=31 on 32-bit arch by Zac Medico · 7 months ago