The package manager for Chromium OS; forked from Gentoo's portage (most changes get upstreamed)

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  1. 608edc2 CHROMIUM: scheduler: dump build log too for long running builds by Mike Frysinger · 2 months ago chromeos-2.3.75 factory-trogdor-13443.B factory-zork-13427.B firmware-volteer-13521.B firmware-zork-13421.B firmware-zork-13434.B release-R86-13421.B release-R87-13505.B stabilize-13421.42.B stabilize-13421.53.B stabilize-13421.73.B stabilize-13482.B stabilize-13525.B stabilize-13532.B stabilize-rust-13514.B
  2. 5a3f93a CHROMIUM: scheduler: log packages that take a long time to build by Mike Frysinger · 3 months ago
  3. 9f29a4b CHROMIUM: locks: add debugging on failures by Mike Frysinger · 3 months ago
  4. 94f739b fix OWNERS path by Mike Frysinger · 3 months ago
  5. 0e1f3ad CHROMIUM: src_configure: dump config.log on failures by Mike Frysinger · 5 months ago factory-endeavour-13295.B factory-puff-13329.B firmware-puff-13324.B release-R85-13310.B stabilize-13310.72.B stabilize-13310.74.B stabilize-13310.83.B stabilize-13310.94.B stabilize-13310.99.B stabilize-13360.B stabilize-lazor-13278.B stabilize-quickfix-13310.73.B stabilize-quickfix-13310.76.B stabilize-quickfix-13310.91.B
  6. dccf55e ebuild: check for QA issues in preinst logs too by Mike Frysinger · 7 months ago factory-drallion-13080.B firmware-endeavour-13259.B release-R83-13020.B release-R84-13099.B stabilize-12997.B stabilize-13020.55.B stabilize-13020.67.B stabilize-13020.87.B stabilize-13070.B stabilize-13099.101.B stabilize-13099.110.B stabilize-13099.118.B stabilize-13099.70.B stabilize-13099.72.B stabilize-13099.73.B stabilize-13099.85.B stabilize-13099.90.B stabilize-13099.94.B stabilize-quickfix-13099.93.B stabilize-sylas-13019.B
  7. f25e2dc Don't discard root_config information when resolving SetArgs by Chris McDonald · 8 months ago firmware-drallion-12930.B release-R82-12974.B stabilize-12951.B stabilize-volteer-12931.B
  8. 6afbe26 CHROMIUM: Log completion of package installs by Benjamin Gordon · 9 months ago
  9. f2244c7 CHROMIUM: info: do not note up-to-date indexes by Mike Frysinger · 10 months ago factory-excelsior-12812.B firmware-servo-12768.B release-R81-12871.B stabilize-12859.B stabilize-12871.102.B stabilize-12871.103.B stabilize-12871.24.B stabilize-12871.253.B stabilize-12871.57.B stabilize-12871.65.B stabilize-12871.91.B stabilize-12881.B stabilize-quickfix-12871.27.B
  10. fd71a42 CHROMIUM: emerge: trim useless auto-clean message by Mike Frysinger · 10 months ago
  11. 358f389 elog: fix log flushing by Mike Frysinger · 11 months ago
  12. 65fd999 CHROMIUM: make "command not found" QA warnings fatal by Mike Frysinger · 11 months ago release-R80-12739.B stabilize-12739.105.B stabilize-12739.106.B stabilize-12739.111.B stabilize-12748.B stabilize-excelsior-12739.67.B stabilize-quickfix-12739.71.B stabilize-quickfix-12739.94.B
  13. 5773915 Keep https_proxy populated for curl downloads by Ed Baker · 11 months ago
  14. f2ef839 estrip: Copy full binaries instead of split-debug. by Manoj Gupta · 1 year ago
  15. 8426e7c CHROMIUM: add timestamps to common log points by Mike Frysinger · 1 year ago
  16. 79fd9ab CHROMIUM: output build failures immediately by Mike Frysinger · 1 year ago
  17. 978b6c4 CHROMIUM: increase textwrap widths by Mike Frysinger · 1 year ago
  18. 92241cf CHROMIUM: drop quoting around emerge build logs by Mike Frysinger · 1 year ago
  19. cf359bd CHROMIUM: die: tighten up output by Mike Frysinger · 1 year ago
  20. 90d90fb CHROMIUM: move auto-pdb invocation behind an env var by Mike Frysinger · 1 year ago