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* QEMU e1000(e) emulation - shared code
* Copyright (c) 2008 Qumranet
* Based on work done by:
* Nir Peleg, Tutis Systems Ltd. for Qumranet Inc.
* Copyright (c) 2007 Dan Aloni
* Copyright (c) 2004 Antony T Curtis
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this library; if not, see <>.
#include "e1000_regs.h"
#define defreg(x) x = (E1000_##x >> 2)
enum {
defreg(CTRL), defreg(EECD), defreg(EERD), defreg(GPRC),
defreg(GPTC), defreg(ICR), defreg(ICS), defreg(IMC),
defreg(IMS), defreg(LEDCTL), defreg(MANC), defreg(MDIC),
defreg(MPC), defreg(PBA), defreg(RCTL), defreg(RDBAH0),
defreg(RDBAL0), defreg(RDH0), defreg(RDLEN0), defreg(RDT0),
defreg(STATUS), defreg(SWSM), defreg(TCTL), defreg(TDBAH),
defreg(TDBAL), defreg(TDH), defreg(TDLEN), defreg(TDT),
defreg(TDLEN1), defreg(TDBAL1), defreg(TDBAH1), defreg(TDH1),
defreg(TDT1), defreg(TORH), defreg(TORL), defreg(TOTH),
defreg(TOTL), defreg(TPR), defreg(TPT), defreg(TXDCTL),
defreg(WUFC), defreg(RA), defreg(MTA), defreg(CRCERRS),
defreg(VFTA), defreg(VET), defreg(RDTR), defreg(RADV),
defreg(TADV), defreg(ITR), defreg(SCC), defreg(ECOL),
defreg(MCC), defreg(LATECOL), defreg(COLC), defreg(DC),
defreg(TNCRS), defreg(SEC), defreg(CEXTERR), defreg(RLEC),
defreg(XONRXC), defreg(XONTXC), defreg(XOFFRXC), defreg(XOFFTXC),
defreg(FCRUC), defreg(AIT), defreg(TDFH), defreg(TDFT),
defreg(TDFHS), defreg(TDFTS), defreg(TDFPC), defreg(WUC),
defreg(WUS), defreg(POEMB), defreg(PBS), defreg(RDFH),
defreg(RDFT), defreg(RDFHS), defreg(RDFTS), defreg(RDFPC),
defreg(PBM), defreg(IPAV), defreg(IP4AT), defreg(IP6AT),
defreg(WUPM), defreg(FFLT), defreg(FFMT), defreg(FFVT),
defreg(TARC0), defreg(TARC1), defreg(IAM), defreg(EXTCNF_CTRL),
defreg(GCR), defreg(TIMINCA), defreg(EIAC), defreg(CTRL_EXT),
defreg(IVAR), defreg(MFUTP01), defreg(MFUTP23), defreg(MANC2H),
defreg(MFVAL), defreg(MDEF), defreg(FACTPS), defreg(FTFT),
defreg(RUC), defreg(ROC), defreg(RFC), defreg(RJC),
defreg(PRC64), defreg(PRC127), defreg(PRC255), defreg(PRC511),
defreg(PRC1023), defreg(PRC1522), defreg(PTC64), defreg(PTC127),
defreg(PTC255), defreg(PTC511), defreg(PTC1023), defreg(PTC1522),
defreg(GORCL), defreg(GORCH), defreg(GOTCL), defreg(GOTCH),
defreg(RNBC), defreg(BPRC), defreg(MPRC), defreg(RFCTL),
defreg(PSRCTL), defreg(MPTC), defreg(BPTC), defreg(TSCTFC),
defreg(IAC), defreg(MGTPRC), defreg(MGTPDC), defreg(MGTPTC),
defreg(TSCTC), defreg(RXCSUM), defreg(FUNCTAG), defreg(GSCL_1),
defreg(GSCL_2), defreg(GSCL_3), defreg(GSCL_4), defreg(GSCN_0),
defreg(GSCN_1), defreg(GSCN_2), defreg(GSCN_3), defreg(GCR2),
defreg(RAID), defreg(RSRPD), defreg(TIDV), defreg(EITR),
defreg(MRQC), defreg(RETA), defreg(RSSRK), defreg(RDBAH1),
defreg(RDBAL1), defreg(RDLEN1), defreg(RDH1), defreg(RDT1),
defreg(PBACLR), defreg(FCAL), defreg(FCAH), defreg(FCT),
defreg(FCRTH), defreg(FCRTL), defreg(FCTTV), defreg(FCRTV),
defreg(FLA), defreg(EEWR), defreg(FLOP), defreg(FLOL),
defreg(FLSWCTL), defreg(FLSWCNT), defreg(RXDCTL), defreg(RXDCTL1),
defreg(MAVTV0), defreg(MAVTV1), defreg(MAVTV2), defreg(MAVTV3),
defreg(TXSTMPL), defreg(TXSTMPH), defreg(SYSTIML), defreg(SYSTIMH),
defreg(RXCFGL), defreg(RXUDP), defreg(TIMADJL), defreg(TIMADJH),
defreg(RXSTMPH), defreg(RXSTMPL), defreg(RXSATRL), defreg(RXSATRH),
defreg(FLASHT), defreg(TIPG), defreg(RDH), defreg(RDT),
defreg(RDLEN), defreg(RDBAH), defreg(RDBAL),
/* Aliases */
defreg(RDH0_A), defreg(RDT0_A), defreg(RDTR_A), defreg(RDFH_A),
defreg(RDFT_A), defreg(TDH_A), defreg(TDT_A), defreg(TIDV_A),
defreg(TDFH_A), defreg(TDFT_A), defreg(RA_A), defreg(RDBAL0_A),
defreg(TDBAL_A), defreg(TDLEN_A), defreg(VFTA_A), defreg(RDLEN0_A),
defreg(FCRTL_A), defreg(FCRTH_A)
static inline void
e1000x_inc_reg_if_not_full(uint32_t *mac, int index)
if (mac[index] != 0xffffffff) {
static inline void
e1000x_grow_8reg_if_not_full(uint32_t *mac, int index, int size)
uint64_t sum = mac[index] | (uint64_t)mac[index + 1] << 32;
if (sum + size < sum) {
sum = ~0ULL;
} else {
sum += size;
mac[index] = sum;
mac[index + 1] = sum >> 32;
static inline int
e1000x_vlan_enabled(uint32_t *mac)
return ((mac[CTRL] & E1000_CTRL_VME) != 0);
static inline int
e1000x_is_vlan_txd(uint32_t txd_lower)
return ((txd_lower & E1000_TXD_CMD_VLE) != 0);
static inline int
e1000x_vlan_rx_filter_enabled(uint32_t *mac)
return ((mac[RCTL] & E1000_RCTL_VFE) != 0);
static inline int
e1000x_fcs_len(uint32_t *mac)
/* FCS aka Ethernet CRC-32. We don't get it from backends and can't
* fill it in, just pad descriptor length by 4 bytes unless guest
* told us to strip it off the packet. */
return (mac[RCTL] & E1000_RCTL_SECRC) ? 0 : 4;
static inline void
e1000x_update_regs_on_link_down(uint32_t *mac, uint16_t *phy)
mac[STATUS] &= ~E1000_STATUS_LU;
static inline void
e1000x_update_regs_on_link_up(uint32_t *mac, uint16_t *phy)
mac[STATUS] |= E1000_STATUS_LU;
void e1000x_update_rx_total_stats(uint32_t *mac,
size_t data_size,
size_t data_fcs_size);
void e1000x_core_prepare_eeprom(uint16_t *eeprom,
const uint16_t *templ,
uint32_t templ_size,
uint16_t dev_id,
const uint8_t *macaddr);
uint32_t e1000x_rxbufsize(uint32_t rctl);
bool e1000x_rx_ready(PCIDevice *d, uint32_t *mac);
bool e1000x_is_vlan_packet(const uint8_t *buf, uint16_t vet);
bool e1000x_rx_group_filter(uint32_t *mac, const uint8_t *buf);
bool e1000x_hw_rx_enabled(uint32_t *mac);
bool e1000x_is_oversized(uint32_t *mac, size_t size);
void e1000x_restart_autoneg(uint32_t *mac, uint16_t *phy, QEMUTimer *timer);
void e1000x_reset_mac_addr(NICState *nic, uint32_t *mac_regs,
uint8_t *mac_addr);
void e1000x_update_regs_on_autoneg_done(uint32_t *mac, uint16_t *phy);
void e1000x_increase_size_stats(uint32_t *mac, const int *size_regs, int size);
typedef struct e1000x_txd_props {
unsigned char sum_needed;
uint8_t ipcss;
uint8_t ipcso;
uint16_t ipcse;
uint8_t tucss;
uint8_t tucso;
uint16_t tucse;
uint32_t paylen;
uint8_t hdr_len;
uint16_t mss;
int8_t ip;
int8_t tcp;
bool tse;
bool cptse;
} e1000x_txd_props;
void e1000x_read_tx_ctx_descr(struct e1000_context_desc *d,
e1000x_txd_props *props);