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Sound Open Firmware Tools
This is a collection of open source tools used to develop open source audio
DSP firmwares for ALSA.
Building and Installing
./ (only needed first time)
make install
rimage is used to convert ELF executable firmware files to the firmware file
formats used by the kernel drivers.
rimage -i elf_file -o kernel_file -m machine
rimage can also convert kernel firmware formats to flat binaries formats to
assist in debugging :-
e.g. convert to flat binary, then ELF then dissasemble
rimage -i /lib/firmware/intel/reef-byt.ri -o image.bin -b -m byt
xtensa-byt-elf-objcopy -I binary -O elf32-xtensa-le -B xtensa image.bin image.bin.elf
xtensa-byt-elf-objdump -D image.bin.elf > image.dis.txt