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SOF Audio Processing Components Tests
This is a set of test scripts to test that performance requirements
are met. The tests are currently for measured audio objective quality
parameters. The used criteria for performance is only an initial
assumption and need to be adjusted for various applications needs.
The scripts support currently support the next list of objective
quality parameters. The test scripts need Matlab(R) [2] or GNU Octave
scientific programming language [3].
- Gain
- Frequency Response
- THD+N vs. Frequency
- Dynamic Range
- Attenuation of Alias Products
- Attenuation of Image Products
Note: The metric is an effort to follow AES17 [1] recommendation for
parameters and test procedures. This was created to help developers to
quickly check their work but has not been verified to be
compliant. Professional equipment and formal calibration process is
recommended for professional applications where both accurate absolute
and relative metric is needed.
Note: The test bench uses by default raw binary data files. It is
possible to convert with SoX (v14.4.1) [4] the raw data to e.g. wav
format for other audio tools and subjective listening.
$ sox -b 32 -c 2 -r 48000 -L -e signed-integer fr_test_out.raw fr_test_out.wav
For debugging purposes it is possible to switch from test scripts the
test vectors format to txt for easy manual data creation and
Tests for component SRC
The top level shell script to launch tests is See script for assumed install location of SOF host test bench
executable and component libraries. Exit code 0 indicates success and
exit code 1 indicates failed test cases.
The default in/out rates matrix to test is defined in the beginning of
script src_test.m. The matrix can be also passed from calling function
src_test_top.m if need.
The key objective quality parameters requiremements are in the
beginning of script src_test.m as well under comment Generic test
pass/fail criteria.
Test run creates plots into directory "plots". Brief text format
reports are placed to directory "reports".
[1] AES17-1015 standard,
[2] Matlab(R),
[3] GNU Octave,
[4] SoX - Sound eXchange,