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Sample rate converter (SRC) Setup Tools
This is a tool to set up SRC conversions sample rates list, define
quality related parameters, and test the C implementation for a number
of objective audio quality parameters.
The tools need GNU Octave version 4.0.0 or later with octave-signal
This script creates the default coefficient set and contains nothing
else but call for src_generate.
This script creates the tiny coefficient set. The script contains an
example how to customize the input/output rates matrix and in a simple
way the scale conversions quality. More controlled quality adjust can
be done by editing file src_param.m directly. Note that int16
presentation for SRC coefficients will degrade even the default
Creates the header files to include to C into directory "include". A
report of create modes is written to directory "reports". The
coefficients need to be copied to directory
The default quality of SRC is defined in module src_param.m. The
quality impacts the complexity and coefficents tables size of SRC.