tlsdate: Let tlsdated send to its own D-Bus interface.

org.torproject.tlsdate.conf contains the following stanza:

  <policy context="default">
    <deny send_interface="org.torproject.tlsdate" />

This appears to apply to the "tlsdate" user that's used to
run tlsdated. For reasons that are unclear to me, with this
stanza, I'm able to observe TimeUpdated D-Bus signals when
running dbus-monitor as the root user, but Chrome doesn't
receive them. It's not clear to me if this behavior is
deterministic or whether it's changed over time.

This change adds an "allow send_interface" directive to the
user="tlsdate" stanza at the top of the file, which results
in Chrome receiving TimeUpdated signals as expected.

TEST=made chrome log when receiving TimeUpdated and verified
     that signals are received at boot for "system-clock"
     and "network"

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