init: make sure /run/shill exists

If we start up before shill, the /run/shill directory might not yet
exist.  Create it so we can properly bind it.

TEST=precq passes

Change-Id: Iaf37a910e603cc1b29155972f0fb10d863451ca2
Commit-Ready: Mike Frysinger <>
Tested-by: Mike Frysinger <>
Reviewed-by: Luis Hector Chavez <>
diff --git a/init/tlsdated.conf b/init/tlsdated.conf
index ec45916..c801a87 100644
--- a/init/tlsdated.conf
+++ b/init/tlsdated.conf
@@ -19,6 +19,12 @@
   mkdir -m 755 -p /var/cache/tlsdated
   # Make sure the timestamp file has the proper permissions if it exists.
   chmod 0644 /var/cache/tlsdated/timestamp || true
+  # If shill hasn't finished initializing, its internal state won't yet exist.
+  # Create it here in the same way it does.
+  # TODO: We really should move the target of /etc/resolv.conf to a common
+  # place that is independent of any daemon (such as "shill").
+  mkdir -p /run/shill || true
 end script
 # The various paths we bind mount: