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  1. 3a656aa pyrun: fix quoting by Mike Frysinger · 5 days ago master
  2. f479996 Increase timeout for slower builders. by Luis A. Lozano · 6 days ago
  3. cde23a8 import by Mike Frysinger · 7 days ago
  4. 4a3dce0 toolchain-utils: Add a tool to create llvm-extra ebuild. by Manoj Gupta · 12 days ago
  5. 49b1436 crosperf: remove smoothness.tough_webgl_cases by Ting-Yuan Huang · 6 weeks ago release-R69-10895.B stabilize-10866.B
  6. a631811 toolchain-utils: update scripts for building and testing the Go toolchain. by Rahul Chaudhry · 6 weeks ago
  7. fceaba3 Use internal chrome source tree for telemetry. by Yunlian Jiang · 10 weeks ago firmware-nami-10775.B stabilize-atlas.10819.B stabilize-nocturne.10819.B stabilize-nocturne.10828.B
  8. 907d463 update _estimated_stddev for speedometer2 by Yunlian Jiang · 10 weeks ago
  9. 4358aa8 add speedometer2 result format by Yunlian Jiang · 2 months ago
  10. 1058fc7 crosperf: add speedometer2 to toolchain perf tests. by Rahul Chaudhry · 2 months ago
  11. 372e164 toolchain_utils: Use external chrome source tree for telemetry. by Caroline Tice · 3 months ago stabilize-atlas.10736.B stabilize-nocturne.10736.B
  12. e2a920a toolchain-utils: Delete temporary chroot image after verification step. by Gabriel Marin · 3 months ago factory-nami-10715.B release-R68-10718.B stabilize-10718.71.B
  13. ea6935f toolchain-utils: Use the chromeos_image value computed initially. by Gabriel Marin · 3 months ago
  14. b0c2d48 debug_info_test: check that chrome was built with ICF enabled by Rahul Chaudhry · 3 months ago stabilize-10682.B
  15. 9b17afe [toolchain-utils] Whitelist update for debug_info_test by Zhizhou Yang · 3 months ago
  16. c7e0520 crosperf: Disable turbo only if enabled. by Manoj Gupta · 3 months ago stabilize-nocturne.10646.B
  17. 065ab80 crosperf: Ignore error when disabling turbo. by Manoj Gupta · 3 months ago
  18. 40372e3 toolchain-utils: Update list of toolchain boards. by Manoj Gupta · 3 months ago
  19. 2bf1a34 debug_info_test: add a test to check DW_AT_producer by Zhizhou Yang · 4 months ago
  20. feb442e [toolchain-utils] Update waterfall reports. by Caroline Tice · 4 months ago