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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2013 The ChromiumOS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""SuiteRunner defines the interface from crosperf to test script."""
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
import json
import os
import pipes
import shlex
import time
from cros_utils import command_executer
TEST_THAT_PATH = '/usr/bin/test_that'
TAST_PATH = '/usr/bin/tast'
CROSFLEET_PATH = 'crosfleet'
GS_UTIL = 'src/chromium/depot_tools/'
AUTOTEST_DIR = '/mnt/host/source/src/third_party/autotest/files'
CHROME_MOUNT_DIR = '/tmp/chrome_root'
def GetProfilerArgs(profiler_args):
# Remove "--" from in front of profiler args.
args_list = shlex.split(profiler_args)
new_list = []
for arg in args_list:
if arg[0:2] == '--':
arg = arg[2:]
args_list = new_list
# Remove "perf_options=" from middle of profiler args.
new_list = []
for arg in args_list:
idx = arg.find('perf_options=')
if idx != -1:
prefix = arg[0:idx]
suffix = arg[idx + len('perf_options=') + 1:-1]
new_arg = prefix + "'" + suffix + "'"
args_list = new_list
return ' '.join(args_list)
def GetDutConfigArgs(dut_config):
return 'dut_config={}'.format(pipes.quote(json.dumps(dut_config)))
class SuiteRunner(object):
"""This defines the interface from crosperf to test script."""
def __init__(self,
self.logger = logger_to_use
self.log_level = log_level
self._ce = cmd_exec or command_executer.GetCommandExecuter(
self.logger, log_level=self.log_level)
# DUT command executer.
# Will be initialized and used within Run.
self._ct = cmd_term or command_executer.CommandTerminator()
self.dut_config = dut_config
def Run(self, cros_machine, label, benchmark, test_args, profiler_args):
machine_name =
for i in range(0, benchmark.retries + 1):
if label.crosfleet:
ret_tup = self.Crosfleet_Run(label, benchmark, test_args, profiler_args)
if benchmark.suite == 'tast':
ret_tup = self.Tast_Run(machine_name, label, benchmark)
ret_tup = self.Test_That_Run(machine_name, label, benchmark,
test_args, profiler_args)
if ret_tup[0] != 0:
self.logger.LogOutput('benchmark %s failed. Retries left: %s' %
(, benchmark.retries - i))
elif i > 0:
self.logger.LogOutput('benchmark %s succeded after %s retries' %
(, i))
self.logger.LogOutput('benchmark %s succeded on first try' %
return ret_tup
def RemoveTelemetryTempFile(self, machine, chromeos_root):
filename = 'telemetry@%s' % machine
fullname = os.path.join(chromeos_root, 'chroot', 'tmp', filename)
if os.path.exists(fullname):
def GenTestArgs(self, benchmark, test_args, profiler_args):
args_list = []
if benchmark.suite != 'telemetry_Crosperf' and profiler_args:
self.logger.LogFatal('Tests other than telemetry_Crosperf do not '
'support profiler.')
if test_args:
# Strip double quotes off args (so we can wrap them in single
# quotes, to pass through to Telemetry).
if test_args[0] == '"' and test_args[-1] == '"':
test_args = test_args[1:-1]
args_list.append("test_args='%s'" % test_args)
if not (benchmark.suite == 'telemetry_Crosperf' or
benchmark.suite == 'crosperf_Wrapper'):
self.logger.LogWarning('Please make sure the server test has stage for '
'device setup.\n')
args_list.append('test=%s' % benchmark.test_name)
if benchmark.suite == 'telemetry_Crosperf':
args_list.append('run_local=%s' % benchmark.run_local)
return args_list
# TODO(zhizhouy): Currently do not support passing arguments or running
# customized tast tests, as we do not have such requirements.
def Tast_Run(self, machine, label, benchmark):
# Remove existing tast results
command = 'rm -rf /usr/local/autotest/results/*'
command, machine=machine, chromeos_root=label.chromeos_root)
command = ' '.join(
[TAST_PATH, 'run', '-build=False', machine, benchmark.test_name])
if self.log_level != 'verbose':
self.logger.LogOutput('Running test.')
self.logger.LogOutput('CMD: %s' % command)
return self._ce.ChrootRunCommandWOutput(
label.chromeos_root, command, command_terminator=self._ct)
def Test_That_Run(self, machine, label, benchmark, test_args, profiler_args):
"""Run the test_that test.."""
# Remove existing test_that results
command = 'rm -rf /usr/local/autotest/results/*'
command, machine=machine, chromeos_root=label.chromeos_root)
if benchmark.suite == 'telemetry_Crosperf':
if not os.path.isdir(label.chrome_src):
self.logger.LogFatal('Cannot find chrome src dir to '
'run telemetry: %s' % label.chrome_src)
# Check for and remove temporary file that may have been left by
# previous telemetry runs (and which might prevent this run from
# working).
self.RemoveTelemetryTempFile(machine, label.chromeos_root)
# --autotest_dir specifies which autotest directory to use.
autotest_dir_arg = '--autotest_dir=%s' % (
label.autotest_path if label.autotest_path else AUTOTEST_DIR)
# --fast avoids unnecessary copies of syslogs.
fast_arg = '--fast'
board_arg = '--board=%s' % label.board
args_list = self.GenTestArgs(benchmark, test_args, profiler_args)
args_arg = '--args=%s' % pipes.quote(' '.join(args_list))
command = ' '.join([
TEST_THAT_PATH, autotest_dir_arg, fast_arg, board_arg, args_arg,
machine, benchmark.suite if
(benchmark.suite == 'telemetry_Crosperf' or
benchmark.suite == 'crosperf_Wrapper') else benchmark.test_name
# Use --no-ns-pid so that cros_sdk does not create a different
# process namespace and we can kill process created easily by their
# process group.
chrome_root_options = ('--no-ns-pid '
'--chrome_root={0} --chrome_root_mount={1} '
'FEATURES="-usersandbox" '
if self.log_level != 'verbose':
self.logger.LogOutput('Running test.')
self.logger.LogOutput('CMD: %s' % command)
return self._ce.ChrootRunCommandWOutput(
def DownloadResult(self, label, task_id):
gsutil_cmd = os.path.join(label.chromeos_root, GS_UTIL)
result_dir = 'gs://chromeos-autotest-results/swarming-%s' % task_id
download_path = os.path.join(label.chromeos_root, 'chroot/tmp')
ls_command = '%s ls %s' % (gsutil_cmd,
os.path.join(result_dir, 'autoserv_test'))
cp_command = '%s -mq cp -r %s %s' % (gsutil_cmd, result_dir, download_path)
# Server sometimes will not be able to generate the result directory right
# after the test. Will try to access this gs location every 60s for
t = 0
while t < RETRY_LIMIT:
t += 1
status = self._ce.RunCommand(ls_command, print_to_console=False)
if status == 0:
self.logger.LogOutput('Result directory not generated yet, '
'retry (%d) in 60s.' % t)
self.logger.LogOutput('No result directory for task %s' % task_id)
return status
# Wait for 60s to make sure server finished writing to gs location.
status = self._ce.RunCommand(cp_command)
if status != 0:
self.logger.LogOutput('Cannot download results from task %s' % task_id)
self.logger.LogOutput('Result downloaded for task %s' % task_id)
return status
def Crosfleet_Run(self, label, benchmark, test_args, profiler_args):
"""Run the test via crosfleet.."""
options = []
if label.board:
options.append('-board=%s' % label.board)
options.append('-image=%s' %
# TODO: now only put toolchain pool here, user need to be able to specify
# which pool to use. Need to request feature to not use this option at all.
args_list = self.GenTestArgs(benchmark, test_args, profiler_args)
options.append('-test-args=%s' % pipes.quote(' '.join(args_list)))
dimensions = []
for dut in label.remote:
dimensions.append('-dim dut_name:%s' % dut.rstrip('.cros'))
command = (('%s create-test %s %s %s') % \
(CROSFLEET_PATH, ' '.join(dimensions), ' '.join(options),
benchmark.suite if
(benchmark.suite == 'telemetry_Crosperf' or
benchmark.suite == 'crosperf_Wrapper')
else benchmark.test_name))
if self.log_level != 'verbose':
self.logger.LogOutput('Starting crosfleet test.')
self.logger.LogOutput('CMD: %s' % command)
ret_tup = self._ce.RunCommandWOutput(command, command_terminator=self._ct)
if ret_tup[0] != 0:
self.logger.LogOutput('Crosfleet test not created successfully.')
return ret_tup
# Std output of the command will look like:
# Created request at
# We want to parse it and get the id number of the task, which is the
# number in the very end of the link address.
task_id = ret_tup[1].strip().split('b')[-1]
command = ('crosfleet wait-task %s' % task_id)
if self.log_level != 'verbose':
self.logger.LogOutput('Waiting for crosfleet test to finish.')
self.logger.LogOutput('CMD: %s' % command)
ret_tup = self._ce.RunCommandWOutput(command, command_terminator=self._ct)
# The output of `wait-task` command will be a combination of verbose and a
# json format result in the end. The json result looks like this:
# {"task-result":
# {"name":"Test Platform Invocation",
# "state":"", "failure":false, "success":true,
# "task-run-id":"12345",
# "task-run-url":"",
# "task-logs-url":""
# },
# "stdout":"",
# "child-results":
# [{"name":"graphics_WebGLAquarium",
# "state":"", "failure":false, "success":true, "task-run-id":"",
# "task-run-url":"",
# "task-logs-url":""}
# ]
# }
# We need the task id of the child-results to download result.
output = json.loads(ret_tup[1].split('\n')[-1])
output = output['child-results'][0]
if output['success']:
task_id = output['task-run-url'].split('=')[-1]
if self.DownloadResult(label, task_id) == 0:
result_dir = '\nResults placed in tmp/swarming-%s\n' % task_id
return (ret_tup[0], result_dir, ret_tup[2])
return ret_tup
def CommandTerminator(self):
return self._ct
def Terminate(self):
class MockSuiteRunner(object):
"""Mock suite runner for test."""
def __init__(self):
self._true = True
def Run(self, *_args):
if self._true:
return [0, '', '']
return [0, '', '']