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# Copyright 2011 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
import os
import re
from utils import command_executer
from utils import utils
class PerfProcessor(object):
class PerfResults(object):
def __init__(self, report, output): = report
self.output = output
def __init__(self, logger_to_use=None):
self._logger = logger_to_use
self._ce = command_executer.GetCommandExecuter(self._logger)
def GeneratePerfResults(self, results_dir, chromeos_root, board):
perf_location = os.path.join(results_dir,
host_perf_location = os.path.join(chromeos_root, "chroot",
report = self._GeneratePerfReport(perf_location, chromeos_root, board)
output = self._ReadPerfOutput(host_perf_location)
return PerfProcessor.PerfResults(report, output)
def ParseStatResults(self, results):
output = results.output
result = {}
p = re.compile("\s*([0-9.]+) +(\S+)")
for line in output.split("\n"):
match = p.match(line)
if match:
result[] =
return result
def _ReadPerfOutput(self, perf_location):
perf_output_file = os.path.join(perf_location, "perf.out")
with open(perf_output_file, "rb") as f:
def _GeneratePerfReport(self, perf_location, chromeos_root, board):
perf_data_file = os.path.join(perf_location, "")
# Attempt to build a perf report and keep it with the results.
command = ("/usr/sbin/perf report --symfs=/build/%s"
" -i %s --stdio | head -n1000" % (board, perf_data_file))
_, out, _ = self._ce.ChrootRunCommand(chromeos_root,
command, return_output=True)
return out
class MockPerfProcessor(object):
def __init__(self):
def GeneratePerfReport(self, *args):
def ParseStatResults(self, *args):
return {}