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# Copyright 2011 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
class Settings(object):
"""Class representing settings (a set of fields) from an experiment file."""
def __init__(self, name, settings_type): = name
self.settings_type = settings_type
self.fields = {}
self.parent = None
def SetParentSettings(self, settings):
"""Set the parent settings which these settings can inherit from."""
self.parent = settings
def AddField(self, field):
name =
if name in self.fields:
raise Exception("Field %s defined previously." % name)
self.fields[name] = field
def SetField(self, name, value, append=False):
if name not in self.fields:
raise Exception("'%s' is not a valid field in '%s' settings"
% (name, self.settings_type))
if append:
def GetField(self, name):
"""Get the value of a field with a given name."""
if name not in self.fields:
raise Exception("Field '%s' not a valid field in '%s' settings." %
field = self.fields[name]
if not field.assigned and field.required:
raise Exception("Required field '%s' not defined in '%s' settings." %
return self.fields[name].Get()
def Inherit(self):
"""Inherit any unset values from the parent settings."""
for name in self.fields:
if (not self.fields[name].assigned and self.parent and
name in self.parent.fields and self.parent.fields[name].assigned):
self.fields[name].Set(self.parent.GetField(name), parse=False)
def Override(self, settings):
"""Override settings with settings from a different object."""
for name in settings.fields:
if name in self.fields and settings.fields[name].assigned:
self.fields[name].Set(settings.GetField(name), parse=False)
def Validate(self):
"""Check that all required fields have been set."""
for name in self.fields:
if not self.fields[name].assigned and self.fields[name].required:
raise Exception("Field %s is invalid." % name)