1. 4a0ed36 Disable the reloading of evicted keys. by Darren Krahn · 4 years, 5 months ago factory-ryu-6486.1.B factory-ryu-6486.14.B factory-ryu-6486.B factory-whirlwind-6509.B master
  2. 621ffda Add basic support for reading DA info. by Darren Krahn · 4 years, 5 months ago
  3. 2bb0f13 Add support for querying TPM DAD counter on more systems. by Darren Krahn · 4 years, 9 months ago factory-auron-6459.B factory-rambi-6420.B factory-ryu-6212.B factory-samus-6207.B factory-samus-6375.B factory-storm-6269.B firmware-auron-6301.B firmware-buddy-6301.202.B firmware-gandof-6301.155.B firmware-guado-6301.108.B firmware-lulu-6301.136.B firmware-paine-6301.58.B firmware-rikku-6301.110.B firmware-samus-6300.B firmware-storm-6315.B firmware-tidus-6301.109.B firmware-yuna-6301.59.B foo-test release-R38-6158.B release-R39-6310.B stabilize-6082.B stabilize-6092.B stabilize-6146.B stabilize-6297.B stabilize-6310.69.B stabilize-6412.B stabilize-6415.B stabilize-6436.B stabilize-6480.B
  4. a1ad36c Direct trousers logging to the syslog. by Darren Krahn · 4 years, 11 months ago factory-samus-5939.B release-R37-5978.B stabilize-5942.B stabilize-5943.B stabilize-5944.B stabilize.5978.51.B stabilize.5978.98.B stabilize.59781.98.B
  5. 502c9f6 Added error tolerance to metrics_client calls. by Darren Krahn · 5 years ago stabilize-5899.B
  6. fdfa9d7 Fix the dictionary attack count metric. by Darren Krahn · 5 years ago factory-nyan-5772.B firmware-kitty-5771.61.B firmware-mccloud-5827.B firmware-nyan-5771.B firmware-tricky-5829.B release-R36-5841.B stabilize-5784.0.B stabilize-5791.0.B stabilize-5807.0.B stabilize-5828.0.B stabilize-5841.76.B stabilize-5841.83.B stabilize-5875.B stabilize-gnawty-5841.84.B stabilize-swanky-5841.55.B
  7. 233bc6d Add trousers' init scripts by Bertrand SIMONNET · 5 years ago stabilize-5680.B stabilize-5696.B
  8. da25d93 app-crypt/trousers: Remove static and const qualifier from ReleaseProc by Nam T. Nguyen · 5 years ago stabilize-5656.B
  9. c9c7cd5 trousers: remove inline keyword from two functions. by Yunlian Jiang · 6 years ago factory-4455.228.B factory-4455.B factory-beltino-5140.14.B factory-daisy-4731.81.B factory-monroe-5140.B factory-panther-4920.23.B factory-pit-4390.B factory-pit-4471.B factory-pit-5499.B factory-rambi-5517.B factory-samus-4788.B factory-zako-5220.B firmware-4389.71.B firmware-banjo-5216.334.B firmware-bolt_kirby-4979.B firmware-candy-5216.310.B firmware-clapper-5216.199.B firmware-clapper-5218.B firmware-enguarde-5216.201.B firmware-expresso-5216.223.B firmware-falco_peppy-4389.81.B firmware-falco_peppy-4389.B firmware-glimmer-5216.198.B firmware-glimmer-5217.B firmware-gnawty-5216.239.B firmware-heli-5216.392.B firmware-kip-5216.227.B firmware-leon-4389.26.B firmware-leon-4389.61.B firmware-monroe-4921.B firmware-ninja-5216.383.B firmware-orco-5216.362.B firmware-panther-4920.24.B firmware-pit-4482.B firmware-quawks-5216.204.B firmware-rambi-5216.B firmware-squawks-5216.152.B firmware-sumo-5216.382.B firmware-swanky-5216.238.B firmware-winky-5216.1.B firmware-winky-5216.265.B firmware-wolf-4389.24.B firmware-zako-5219.17.B firmware-zako-5219.B release-R30-4537.B release-R31-4731.B release-R32-4920.B release-R33-5116.B release-R34-5500.B stabilize-4443.B stabilize-4512.B stabilize-4537.118.B stabilize-4537.147.B stabilize-4636.B stabilize-4701.B stabilize-4731.31.B stabilize-4731.62.B stabilize-4731.85.B stabilize-4825.B stabilize-4856.B stabilize-4886.B stabilize-4920.6.B stabilize-5062.B stabilize-5085.B stabilize-5116.113.B stabilize-5116.115.B stabilize-5116.53.B stabilize-5116.88.B stabilize-5254.B stabilize-5339.B stabilize-5412.B stabilize-5414.B stabilize-5463.B stabilize-5500.100.B stabilize-5500.130.B stabilize-5500.26.B stabilize-5500.71.B stabilize-5511.B stabilize-5579.B stabilize-R33-4982.B stabilize-falco-4537.91.B stabilize-springlte-5116.46.B test-4824.B test-4980.B test-5394.B test-5619.B
  10. e3afe51 do not add -m64 flags automatically by Mike Frysinger · 6 years ago factory-3536.B factory-4128.B factory-4290.B factory-pit-4280.B factory-skate-4262.459.B factory-spring-3842.B factory-spring-4131.B factory-spring-4262.B firmware-skate-3824.129.B firmware-spring-3824.4.B firmware-spring-3824.55.B firmware-spring-3824.84.B firmware-spring-3824.B release-R26-3701.B release-R27-3912.B release-R28-4100.B release-R29-4319.B stabilize-3658.0.0 stabilize-3701.30.0 stabilize-3701.30.0b stabilize-3701.46.B stabilize-3701.81.B stabilize-3881.0.B stabilize-3912.79.B stabilize-4008.0.B stabilize-4035.0.B stabilize-4068.0.B stabilize-4100.38.B stabilize-4255.B stabilize-4287.B stabilize-bluetooth-smart stabilize-daisy-4319.96.B stabilize-spring-4100.53.B toolchain-3701.42.B toolchainA toolchainB
  11. 22c1120 Workaround TPM_E_INVALID_KEYHANDLE error when evicting keys. by Darren Krahn · 6 years ago release-R25-3428.B stabilize-3428.110.0 stabilize-3428.149 stabilize-3428.149.B stabilize-3428.193 stabilize2 toolchain-3428.65.B
  12. f2e618d Workaround TPM_E_KEYNOTFOUND error when evicting keys. by Darren Krahn · 7 years ago
  13. 2c96667 Use better error code when key reload fails. by Darren Krahn · 7 years ago factory-2985.B factory-2993.B factory-3004.B
  14. 669a483 Fixed key eviction during LoadKeyByBlob. by Darren Krahn · 7 years ago factory-2914.B
  15. 3d1cfba Fixed trousers test suite autotest integration. by Darren Krahn · 7 years ago factory-2848.B
  16. d1de1b4 Added support for owner delegation in Tspi_TPM_ActivateIdentity. by Darren Krahn · 7 years ago factory-2846.B firmware-stout-2817.B
  17. f02001f Fixed a linked list manipulation bug. by Darren Krahn · 7 years ago factory-2460.B factory-2475.B factory-2569.B factory-2717.B factory-2723.14.B firmware-butterfly-2788.B firmware-link-2695.2.B firmware-link-2695.B firmware-parrot-2685.B firmware-snow-2695.90.B firmware-snow-2695.B release-R21-2465.B
  18. 0485b37 Restrict tcsd input to uid root or group tss. by Luigi Semenzato · 7 years ago factory-2305.B factory-2338.B factory-2368.B factory-2394.B firmware-link-2348.B
  19. be067e9 trousers: update hardware_TPM tests to whatever was in autotest/files/ by Zdenek Behan · 7 years ago factory-1987.B release-R19-2046.B
  20. ce9efba Moved scoped_tss_type.h from cryptohome to trousers. by Darren Krahn · 7 years ago
  21. 832902a Fixed memory leaks when setting RSA key attributes. by Darren Krahn · 7 years ago
  22. 89976a7 Added call tracing to Trousers. by Darren Krahn · 7 years ago factory-1412.B release-R17-1412.B release-R18-1660.B
  23. 8e30eed Avoid shutdown-time crash in wpa_supplicant. by Luigi Semenzato · 8 years ago 0.12.433.B 0.12.433.B109 0.12.433.B62 0.13.434.B 0.13.509.B 0.13.558.B 0.13.587.B 0.14.811.B 0.15.877.B 780.B factory-1020.B factory-1235.B factory-1284.B factory-980.B firmware-881-u-boot-v1 firmware-kiev-2.112.B firmware-u-boot-v1 firmware-uboot_v2-1299.B release-1011.B release-R16-1193.B test-982.B
  24. 987b8de Change to use a unix socket instead of TCP. by Frank Swiderski · 9 years ago 0.11.241.B 0.11.257.B 0.11.257.B90 0.12.362.B 0.12.369.B 0.12.392.B 11.1.241.B
  25. 0327159 Upgrade from trousers 0.3.3 to 0.3.6 and from testsuite 0.2 to 0.3. by Luigi Semenzato · 9 years ago
  26. 128797b trousers: merge parallel make changes from autotest.git repo by Zdenek Behan · 9 years ago
  27. 52a3abc trousers: move autotest tests into trousers.git repo by Zdenek Behan · 9 years ago
  28. da60476 inherit review settings by Mandeep Singh Baines · 9 years ago
  29. a328f6e The DefineSpace04 test currently fails because this test is expecting that it will by tedbo · 9 years ago
  30. 575295f Adding TSS/TPM test suite to trousers. by Luigi Semenzato · 9 years ago
  31. c0011b1 Added README.chromium. by Luigi Semenzato · 9 years ago
  32. a609822 Original trousers 0.3.3 distribution. by Luigi Semenzato · 9 years ago