ivybridge: Enable 2x refresh in memory controller

RW BIOS update to enable 2x refresh mode in the ivybridge
memory controller.

Since this is done in an RW update it needs to happen in
U-boot and it needs to be persistent across suspend/resume.

To accomplish this:
- on boot, enable 2x refresh in MCHBAR if it is not already
- update the RW_MRC_CACHE to enable the same bit in the
saved MRC training data so it is applied on resume
- enable a protected range register to cover the RW_MRC_CACHE
region so it cannot be modified once booted.  (only done if
the SPI flash is write protected)

TEST=manual testing to build this into an RW update, load it
on a machine, and verify that 2x refresh is enabled and that
it persists across reboots and suspend/resume cycles.  Also
verify that the protected range register is enabled if the
SPI flash is write protected.

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