1. 1cbe957  dumb: exit early if BO is already mapped by Daniel Kurtz - 33 minutes ago master
  2. 9aeac37  don't schedule swaps on CRTCs with all outputs disconnected by Dominik Behr - 2 days ago stabilize-5791.0.B
  3. d37d25d  drmmode: do not clear newly allocated bos used for scanouts by Daniel Kurtz - 2 days ago
  4. 946c2eb  exa: Update logic for choosing root pixmap's backing bo in prepare access by Daniel Kurtz - 12 days ago factory-nyan-5772.B firmware-nyan-5771.B stabilize-5784.0.B
  5. 62fa35a  exa: only switch to blit mode when preparing write access by Daniel Kurtz - 3 weeks ago
  6. 9740b41  Use libdrm Exynos GEM buffer allocation instead of dumb buffers. by John Sheu - 3 weeks ago
  7. 66a14d8  omap_dumb: add some bo/fb lifecycle logging by Daniel Kurtz - 4 weeks ago stabilize-5696.B stabilize-5712.8.B
  8. 55a7cf9  omap_dumb: cleanup some getters by Daniel Kurtz - 4 weeks ago
  9. 9b87fd9  omap_dumb: improve error reporting in omap_bo_del by Daniel Kurtz - 4 weeks ago
  10. 52714c2  Don't modify virtualX/virtualY if resize() hook fails by Daniel Kurtz - 5 weeks ago stabilize-5680.B
  11. bfc7816  Don't cleanup set_mode_major twice by Daniel Kurtz - 5 weeks ago
  12. 78b2f5f  drmmode: refactor set_flip/blit error paths and page flip messaging by Daniel Kurtz - 5 weeks ago
  13. 933f248  omap_dumb: use armsoc ERROR/DEBUG_MSG() macros by Daniel Kurtz - 5 weeks ago
  14. a62418a  Move logging/debug message macros into their own header file by Daniel Kurtz - 5 weeks ago
  15. 2b73240  omap_dri2: remove unused field from SwapCmd by Daniel Kurtz - 5 weeks ago
  16. 1346790  improve robustness of switching between flip and blit modes by Dominik Behr - 5 weeks ago
  17. ea37a0d  Use depth-24 visual as default, but create a XRGB8888 visual too by Daniel Kurtz - 9 weeks ago stabilize-5579.B stabilize-5656.B test-5619.B
  18. 3f2fc2d  Copy FB before performing the first mode set by Daniel Kurtz - 9 weeks ago factory-rambi-5517.B
  19. 7f40aec  Revert "dri2: Update Pixmap pitch when changing its backing bo" by Daniel Kurtz - 10 weeks ago stabilize-5511.B
  20. 8d7bc60  Adjust nplanes and Colormap size for Direct/TrueColor visuals by Daniel Kurtz - 2 months ago