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Nanopb example "simple"
This example demonstrates the very basic use of nanopb. It encodes and
decodes a simple message.
The code uses four different API functions:
* pb_ostream_from_buffer() to declare the output buffer that is to be used
* pb_encode() to encode a message
* pb_istream_from_buffer() to declare the input buffer that is to be used
* pb_decode() to decode a message
Example usage
On Linux, simply type "make" to build the example. After that, you can
run it with the command: ./simple
On other platforms, you first have to compile the protocol definition using
the following command::
../../generator-bin/protoc --nanopb_out=. simple.proto
After that, add the following five files to your project and compile:
simple.c simple.pb.c pb_encode.c pb_decode.c pb_common.c