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# Version of AllTypes test case for protobuf 3 file format.
import re
match = None
if 'PROTOC_VERSION' in env:
match ='([0-9]+).([0-9]+).([0-9]+)', env['PROTOC_VERSION'])
if match:
version = list(map(int, match.groups()))
# proto3 syntax is supported by protoc >= 3.0.0
if env.GetOption('clean') or (match and version[0] >= 3):
env.NanopbProto(["alltypes", "alltypes.options"])
# Define the compilation options
opts = env.Clone()
opts.Append(CPPDEFINES = {'PB_FIELD_16BIT': 1})
# Build new version of core
strict = opts.Clone()
strict.Append(CFLAGS = strict['CORECFLAGS'])
strict.Object("pb_decode_fields16.o", "$NANOPB/pb_decode.c")
strict.Object("pb_encode_fields16.o", "$NANOPB/pb_encode.c")
strict.Object("pb_common_fields16.o", "$NANOPB/pb_common.c")
# Now build and run the test normally.
enc = opts.Program(["encode_alltypes.c", "alltypes.pb.c", "pb_encode_fields16.o", "pb_common_fields16.o"])
dec = opts.Program(["decode_alltypes.c", "alltypes.pb.c", "pb_decode_fields16.o", "pb_common_fields16.o"])
env.RunTest([dec, "encode_alltypes.output"])