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import subprocess
import os.path
def has_grpcio_protoc():
# type: () -> bool
""" checks if grpcio-tools protoc is installed"""
import grpc_tools.protoc
except ImportError:
return False
return True
def invoke_protoc(argv):
# type: (list) -> typing.Any
Invoke protoc.
This routine will use grpcio-provided protoc if it exists,
using system-installed protoc as a fallback.
argv: protoc CLI invocation, first item must be 'protoc'
# Add current directory to include path if nothing else is specified
if not [x for x in argv if x.startswith('-I')]:
# Add default protoc include paths
nanopb_include = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
argv.append('-I' + nanopb_include)
if has_grpcio_protoc():
import grpc_tools.protoc as protoc
import pkg_resources
proto_include = pkg_resources.resource_filename('grpc_tools', '_proto')
argv.append('-I' + proto_include)
return protoc.main(argv)