Make building and publishing easier

* Auto-detect nodejs (instead of node) and add a symlink to the environment
   * On Debian-based systems, all you now need to do to set up your dev env is
        $ sudo apt-get install -y nodejs npm && make configure
* Detect missing node binary *before* running npm install
* Fold into Makefile
* Make publishing to other destinations easy:
   * Publish to /testing: make publish
   * Publish to /hackhack: make publish DEST=hackhack
   * Publish to /: make publish DEST=prod
* Eliminate babel and publish straight ES6
* Simplify CSS pipeline, removing SASS and autoprefixer, and using csso
* Rev-bump packages (except for eslint)

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A install-less WebUSB-based tool for the Twinkie USB Power Delivery monitoring dongle.


  • Plug the Twinkie dongle to your host
  • Open your Chrome browser and visit (or click on the pop-up)

For developers

This site is using Material Design Lite.

It is structured as Progressive Web App based on the Web Starter Kit which contains more documentation how to use gulp and build or deploy this site.

The site source repository is chromiumos/twebkie.

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