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// Copyright 2019 Google LLC
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// WP2 encoder: main interface
// Author: Skal (
#ifndef WP2_WP2_ENCODE_H_
#define WP2_WP2_ENCODE_H_
#include <cassert>
#include "./base.h"
#include "./debug.h"
#include "./format_constants.h"
namespace WP2 {
// Coding parameters
struct EncoderConfig {
static const EncoderConfig kDefault;
EncoderConfig() { assert(IsValid()); }
// Returns true if all parameters are within their valid ranges.
bool IsValid() const;
// Compression parameters:
float quality = 75.0f; // Range: [0 = smallest file .. 100 = lossless]
// Quality 100 is strictly lossless.
// Quality above 95 (exclusive) is near lossless.
// Quality in [0-95] range will use lossy compression.
size_t target_size = 0; // If non-zero, set the desired target size in bytes.
// Takes precedence over the 'quality' parameter.
float target_psnr = 0.f; // If non-zero, specifies the minimal distortion to
// try to achieve. Precedence over 'target_size'.
float alpha_quality = 100.f; // Range: [0 = smallest size .. 100 = lossless]
int effort = 5; // Compression rate/speed trade-off.
// Range: [0=faster-bigger .. 9=slower-better]
bool use_av1 = false; // Use lossy AV1 internally instead of lossy WP2.
// Side parameters:
// Set whether the image will be rotated or mirrored during decoding.
Orientation decoding_orientation = Orientation::kOriginal;
// Add a heavily compressed preview to be decoded and displayed before final
// pixels (small size overhead up to kMaxPreviewSize).
// Takes precedence over 'preview_size / preview[]' params.
bool create_preview = false;
// If preview_size>0, incorporate 'preview' data as preview in the bitstream.
size_t preview_size = 0;
const uint8_t* preview = nullptr;
TransferFunction transfer_function = WP2_TF_ITU_R_BT2020_10BIT;
// Parameters related to lossy compression only:
int pass = 1; // Number of entropy-analysis passes. Range: [1..10]
// Spatial noise shaping strength in [0(=off), 100]
// Affects how we spread noise between 'risky' areas (where noise is easily
// visible) and easier areas (where it's less visible). A high SNS
// value leads to skewing noise more towards areas where it should be less
// visible. In general this improves SSIM but worsens PSNR.
float sns = 50.f;
int error_diffusion = 0; // error diffusion strength [0=off, 100=max]
int segments = 4; // Max number of segments. Range: [1..kMaxNumSegments]
// Selector for explicit or implicit segment-id.
typedef enum {
SEGMENT_ID_AUTO, // use ID_EXPLICIT above a quality threshold
} SegmentIdMode;
SegmentIdMode segment_id_mode = SEGMENT_ID_AUTO;
// If non-zero, forces a quantization factor for the corresponding segment.
float segment_factors[kMaxNumSegments] = { 0.f };
// Alteration tuning:
// If true, some settings are adapted based on the image or quality range.
// If false, all settings are smoothly mapped to the quality parameter only.
bool enable_alt_tuning = true;
// Size of tiles (width/height) in pixels. Each tile is compressed
// independently, possibly in parallel.
TileShape tile_shape = TILE_SHAPE_AUTO;
// Algorithm for dividing the image into blocks.
PartitionMethod partition_method = AUTO_PARTITIONING;
// The set of allowed block sizes for image partitioning.
PartitionSet partition_set = SOME_RECTS;
// If true, use binary space partitioning instead of floating partition.
bool partition_snapping = true;
Csp csp_type = Csp::kYCoCg; // Colorspace.
typedef enum {
UVModeAdapt = 0, // Mix of 420 and 444 (per block)
UVMode420, // All blocks 420
UVMode444, // All blocks 444
UVModeAuto, // Choose any of the above automatically
NumUVMode // End-of-list marker
} UVMode;
UVMode uv_mode = UVModeAuto; // Default sub-sampling mode for U/V planes.
int preprocessing = 0; // Preprocessing filter.
int preprocessing_strength = 0; // Range: [0 .. 100]
bool use_random_matrix = false; // Experimental.
bool store_grain = false; // Experimental: store grain info
bool tune_perceptual = false; // Experimental: tune for SSIM
// Parameters related to lossless compression only:
bool use_delta_palette = false; // Reserved for future lossless feature.
// 0 to disable multi-threading. Any other value represents the maximum number
// of simultaneous extra threads (can be as large as 2^31 - 1).
// No impact on encoded bytes.
int thread_level = 0;
// Memory usage reduction (but CPU use increase). No impact on encoded bytes.
bool low_memory = false;
// Neural compression:
int use_neural_compression = 0; // Neural network compression.
const char* graphdef_path = nullptr; // Directory holding encoder / decoder
// graphdefs structure:
// base/qq/[en|de]coder.pbbin
// TODO(maryla): remove from public API. Should match kDefaultQuantOffset.
int u_quant_offset = 7;
int v_quant_offset = 7;
// Inherit ProgressHook and reference the instance here to get notified of
// progress and/or to abort encoding.
ProgressHook* progress_hook = nullptr;
EncoderInfo* info = nullptr; // If not null, report internal stats and info.
// Picture hint
// Enumerate some predefined picture types for Encode(), depending on the
// source picture type.
typedef enum PictureHint {
HINT_NONE = 0, // nothing particular (default)
HINT_PICTURE, // digital picture, like portrait, inner shot
HINT_PHOTO, // outdoor photograph, with natural lighting
HINT_DRAWING, // hand or line drawing, with high-contrast details
HINT_ICON, // small-sized colorful images
HINT_TEXT // text-like
} PictureHint;
// Main encoding function
// Encodes an image. Returns WP2_STATUS_OK if no error occurred.
Encode(const ArgbBuffer& input, Writer* output,
const EncoderConfig& config = EncoderConfig::kDefault,
PictureHint picture_hint = HINT_NONE);
// Specialized call
// Encodes an image of 'width' by 'height' pixels of channels 'c0, c1, c2' in a
// custom color space (converted from alpha-premultiplied RGB samples), 10b max.
// The '_step' parameters specify the distances in samples between scanlines and
// must be multiples of two. The 'ccsp_to_rgb_matrix' and the following
// 'ccsp_to_rgb_shift' are assumed to output RGB with 8 unsigned bits of
// precision. Alpha must have a precision of 8 unsigned bits unless 'a_buffer'
// is null. Returns WP2_STATUS_OK or an error.
WP2_NO_DISCARD WP2Status Encode(
uint32_t width, uint32_t height,
const int16_t* c0_buffer, uint32_t c0_step,
const int16_t* c1_buffer, uint32_t c1_step,
const int16_t* c2_buffer, uint32_t c2_step,
const int16_t* a_buffer, uint32_t a_step,
const int16_t ccsp_to_rgb_matrix[9], uint32_t ccsp_to_rgb_shift,
Writer* output, const EncoderConfig& config = EncoderConfig::kDefault,
const Metadata& metadata = Metadata());
// AnimationEncoder
class AnimationEncoder {
AnimationEncoder(const AnimationEncoder&) = delete;
AnimationEncoder(AnimationEncoder&&) noexcept;
// Copies data from 'pixels' to an internal buffer. 'pixels.metadata' is
// ignored. Frames must have a 'duration_ms' of at least 1 millisecond.
// 'force_dispose' may increase the quality of the current frame at the cost
// of a bigger file. Returns WP2_STATUS_OK if no error occurred.
WP2_NO_DISCARD WP2Status AddFrame(const ArgbBuffer& pixels,
uint32_t duration_ms,
bool force_dispose = false,
PictureHint picture_hint = HINT_NONE);
// Same as above but for a custom color space. See Encode().
// All input frames must have the same color space within an animation.
WP2_NO_DISCARD WP2Status AddFrame(
uint32_t width, uint32_t height,
const int16_t* c0_buffer, uint32_t c0_step,
const int16_t* c1_buffer, uint32_t c1_step,
const int16_t* c2_buffer, uint32_t c2_step,
const int16_t* a_buffer, uint32_t a_step,
const int16_t ccsp_to_rgb_matrix[9], uint32_t ccsp_to_rgb_shift,
uint32_t duration_ms, bool force_dispose = false);
// Encodes all frames. Call it again to compress the same frames with a
// different 'config' and/or to another 'output'.
// Returns WP2_STATUS_OK if no error occurred.
WP2_NO_DISCARD WP2Status Encode(
Writer* output, const EncoderConfig& config = EncoderConfig::kDefault,
bool loop_forever = true, const Metadata& metadata = Metadata()) const;
struct State;
State* state_; // Pointer to implementation.
} // namespace WP2
#endif /* WP2_WP2_ENCODE_H_ */