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Provide exception classes for :mod:`migrate`
class Error(Exception):
"""Error base class."""
class ApiError(Error):
"""Base class for API errors."""
class KnownError(ApiError):
"""A known error condition."""
class UsageError(ApiError):
"""A known error condition where help should be displayed."""
class ControlledSchemaError(Error):
"""Base class for controlled schema errors."""
class InvalidVersionError(ControlledSchemaError):
"""Invalid version number."""
class DatabaseNotControlledError(ControlledSchemaError):
"""Database should be under version control, but it's not."""
class DatabaseAlreadyControlledError(ControlledSchemaError):
"""Database shouldn't be under version control, but it is"""
class WrongRepositoryError(ControlledSchemaError):
"""This database is under version control by another repository."""
class NoSuchTableError(ControlledSchemaError):
"""The table does not exist."""
class PathError(Error):
"""Base class for path errors."""
class PathNotFoundError(PathError):
"""A path with no file was required; found a file."""
class PathFoundError(PathError):
"""A path with a file was required; found no file."""
class RepositoryError(Error):
"""Base class for repository errors."""
class InvalidRepositoryError(RepositoryError):
"""Invalid repository error."""
class ScriptError(Error):
"""Base class for script errors."""
class InvalidScriptError(ScriptError):
"""Invalid script error."""
class InvalidVersionError(Error):
"""Invalid version error."""
# migrate.changeset
class NotSupportedError(Error):
"""Not supported error"""
class InvalidConstraintError(Error):
"""Invalid constraint error"""
class MigrateDeprecationWarning(DeprecationWarning):
"""Warning for deprecated features in Migrate"""