Enable clang -Wextra-semi in POSIX/Fuchsia clang builds

This completes compatibility with clang -Wextra-semi and enables that
warning when building with clang for POSIX/Fuchsia. The enabling
mini_chromium change depends on the compatibility changes in gtest.

-Wextra-semi is only used when using mini_chromium’s build
configuration. This does not affect in-Chromium builds.

This updates mini_chromium to d3e46f173a22 and gtest to 8b6d3f9c4a77.
Semicolon-related changes in each:


29c507fb618e Add -Wextra-semi to POSIX/Fuchsia Clang builds
d3e46f173a22 Sync base/numerics with upstream as of 97fa6e4bdf7b


56ef07a20308 Build gmock cleanly with clang -Wextra-semi
a1dd07786b9a Build gmock cleanly with clang -Wextra-semi and

All changes:


4e8b715e2aeb Partially restore VS2015 support; baseline functionality
29c507fb618e Add -Wextra-semi to POSIX/Fuchsia Clang builds
d3e46f173a22 Sync base/numerics with upstream as of 97fa6e4bdf7b


4d62b5b9aef0 fix:  Remove Arduino entry points
0c0ca9038245 fix:  Correct *_main.cc paths
adc5045cbf27 chore:  Alphabetize exclude directories
23533009b872 chore:  Add Windows cmake files to .gitignore
0ffa5f9779fc Merge branch 'master' into chore/fix_library_json
fd1c7976aee8 Merge branch 'chore/fix_library_json' of
             https://github.com/ciband/googletest into
202dcabf39fd misc:  Revert formatting changes
23e693787399 misc:  Reapply Arduino functions
45c58aa6f360 fix:  Add Arduino setup()/loop() functions back
c868da198834 Enable building as a shared library (dll) on Windows with
7c4164bf404d Fix INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P with zero variadic arguments
91bfc0822855 Enable CI on Windows (appveyor) with Bazel
569fba4d742b Make internal FunctionMocker class final
fdc59ffd050a Add AllOfArray matcher that verifies a value matches all
             member of some array/container/list/set/..., e.g:
bf07131c1d0a Merge pull request #2041 from ciband:chore/fix_library_json
46b81732b634 Fixed "make dist"
5ec7f0c4a113 Merge pull request #2079 from acozzette:fix-dist
718bb65acff1 Avoid dynamic/static runtime linking (LNK4098) by properly
             replacing MD(d)->MT(d) in both C and CXX flags, resolves
01148677a937 Merge pull request #2086 from hugolm84:fix-dynamic/static-
1f42ae7353b3 Merge pull request #2063 from mathbunnyru:master
9318a18ccf8f Added -Wgnu-zero-variadic-macro-arguments" clang
2775733ee1e9 Update advanced.md casing in example
ce29e55cfcbb Merge pull request #2090 from KellyWalker/patch-1
8e37822b4b21 Merge pull request #2063 from mathbunnyru:master
acde02c635f8 Repeat #2090
e04254989d26 Merge pull request #2091 from google/gennadiycivil-patch-1
1c23efb42450 Fix README.md broken link
4f4c01d8c866 Merge pull request #2092 from Billy4195/Update_README
fe519d64a6e0 fix: Add *_all.cc files to ignore list
b2b24622500d fix: Add Arduino to embedded platform list
53798de93935 chore: Add PlatformIO supported platforms list
0ea2d8f8fa16 Fix stack overflow in AnyOfArray tests
67265e070677 cmake: move global project definition to beginning
f89253434fd3 cmake: detect Cygwin which needs extensions to build
471f5bc433c0 Merge pull request #2098 from
876bdfa565b7 Update example code in gtest.h to prefer override over
             virtual now
52ea4f7beaa6 Mark legacy _TEST_CASE_ macros as deprecated
50059a12b9fd Address -Wgnu-zero-variadic-macro-arguments
9df5475b8267 Test out changes with clang/OSX each PR using Travis CI
5dfcd1bc422d Update .travis.yml
f80d6644d4b4 Update .travis.yml
b3679d856586 Fix an invalid example of JSON report in advanced.md
e28b50609e78 Merge pull request #2103 from kw-udon/fix-json-in-advanced-
9a502a5b14b4 Merge pull request #2100 from ngie-eign/test-clang-osx-
47568eade6b9 fix:  Correct *-all.cc file paths
48e6f1f387e6 Stop TestInfo::Run() calling a function through null
f4d3cdb65753 Generate a libgtest.la to help libtool managing
60cf03313da2 Set gtest version correctly for older cmake versions
dda0df3b0ac6 Internal change
28a96d1834dd Fix matcher comparisons for std::reference_wrapper
4f79e316acc9 Internal changes
b68ec344bfe4 Merge pull request #2101 from MaEtUgR:fix-cmake-cygwin
b37574c1bfb3 Merge pull request #2107 from
c4ccab33aaa0 Internal Change
ed2fe122f8dc Fix -Wunused-private-field issues with clang
1ded83195d93 Compile clang with `-Wall -Wshadow -Werror`
96826743ea0a Import `patch-bsd-defines` from FreeBSD ports [1]
75c3396099bf Merge pull request #2113 from knuto:pr/set_old_gtest_ver
e5e846da7fda Merge pull request #2120 from ngie-eign:clang-compile-with-
ea43be9d1a78 Merge pull request #2119 from ngie-eign:clang-wunused-
f73b2fb39efc Merge pull request #2114 from knuto:pr/libtool_support
54ec41f00018 Merge pull request #2121 from ngie-eign:add-dragonflybsd-
d850e144710e Merge pull request #2112 from knuto:pr/fix_null_pointer
a4af76cf8c13 Add `cxx_strict_flags` for clang to match FreeBSD's WARNS
2147806d2d5c Fix clang `-Winconsistent-missing-override` warnings
5388473acfb6 Fix clang `-Winconsistent-missing-override` warnings
1c22797cd304 Fix clang `-Wunused-parameter` warnings
fcf59ca7bf63 Ignore `-Wsign-conversion` issues
9dc235b59cfd Avoid array index out of range
6d4d2f06bebc Merge pull request #2141 from dspinellis/index-fix
0e424c7594dd Update gtest-death-test to use new Fuchsia API
873e479817d3 Internal Change
c374893023c9 Merge pull request #2123 from ngie-eign:clang-inconsistent-
c5a792d1b685 Merge pull request #2125 from ngie-eign:clang-unused-
1411d27a944d Merge pull request #2061 from samolisov:building-with-
7203f37f57e4 Merge pull request #2137 from ngie-eign:clang-ignore-sign-
cd09534deccd Don't hardcode the filename in
b6473fcf90a3 Merge pull request #2126 from ngie-eign:clang-add-more-
37ae1fc5e6be Merge pull request #2147 from ngie-eign:gtest-test-death-
d70cd4e35859 Fix grammatical error in primer.md
5154386c5f76 Merge pull request #2152 from rsinnet/patch-1
efecb0bfa687 Replace more pump'd code with variadic templates
fc979623a91e Minor build system fixes
56ef07a20308 Build gmock cleanly with clang -Wextra-semi
db9b85e27522 Let embedders customize GTEST_INTERNAL_DEPRECATED()
a1dd07786b9a Build gmock cleanly with clang -Wextra-semi and
3dd2e841c34b Fix emission of -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant when
             comparing integers
8b6d3f9c4a77 Merge pull request #2158 from CarloWood:master

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