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This is the App Engine app that serves
To work on this app, obtain the following packages:
- Go, from This is only necessary for local development
and testing. The directory containing the go” executable, such as
/usr/local/go/bin, must appear in $PATH. It does not appear critical for the
Go version used to match the Go runtime version used (for example, these
instructions were tested with Go 1.14 locally but a Go 1.11 runtime when
deployed), but if problems are encountered, it would be wise to use the same
version for both local development and AppEngine deployment.
- The Google Cloud SDK from, This is
necessary for both local development and for AppEngine deployment. Unpacking
this package produces a google-cloud-sdk directory, whose bin child directory
may be added to $PATH for convenience, although this is not strictly
The commands in this README are expected to be run from the directory containing
it. $GOPATH must also be set to include this directory:
% export GOPATH="$(go env GOPATH):$(pwd)"
To test locally:
% go get -d crashpad-home
% …/google-cloud-sdk/bin/ src/crashpad-home
Look for the Starting module "default" running at: http://localhost:8080” line,
which tells you the URL of the local running instance of the app. Test
http://localhost:8080/ and http://localhost:8080/doxygen to ensure that they
To deploy:
% version=$(git rev-parse --short=12 HEAD)
% [[ -n "$(git status --porcelain)" ]] && version+=-dirty
% …/google-cloud-sdk/bin/gcloud app deploy \
--project=crashpad-home --version="${version}" --no-promote \
(Note: the $(pwd) is necessary for gcloud app deploy to recognize that the
application is in GOPATH, putting it into GOPATH mode”. This normally happens
correctly on its own even with a relative path, but will fail for relative
paths when $(pwd) is a symbolic link. Using an absolute path here will save you
from this frustration, freeing you up to undoubtedly experience other
Activate a newly-deployed version by visiting the App Engine console at,
selecting it, and choosing Migrate Traffic”. It is also possible to delete old
versions from this page when they are no longer needed.