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// Copyright 2015 The Crashpad Authors
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <memory>
#include "client/crash_report_database.h"
namespace crashpad {
class PruneCondition;
//! \brief Deletes crash reports from \a database that match \a condition.
//! This function can be used to remove old or large reports from the database.
//! The \a condition will be evaluated against each report in the \a database,
//! sorted in descending order by CrashReportDatabase::Report::creation_time.
//! This guarantee allows conditions to be stateful.
//! \param[in] database The database from which crash reports will be deleted.
//! \param[in] condition The condition against which all reports in the database
//! will be evaluated.
//! \return The number of deleted crash reports.
size_t PruneCrashReportDatabase(CrashReportDatabase* database,
PruneCondition* condition);
std::unique_ptr<PruneCondition> GetDefaultDatabasePruneCondition();
//! \brief An abstract base class for evaluating crash reports for deletion.
//! When passed to PruneCrashReportDatabase(), each crash report in the
//! database will be evaluated according to ShouldPruneReport(). The reports
//! are evaluated serially in descending sort order by
//! CrashReportDatabase::Report::creation_time.
class PruneCondition {
//! \brief Returns a sensible default condition for removing obsolete crash
//! reports.
//! The default is to keep reports for one year or a maximum database size
//! of 128 MB.
//! \return A PruneCondition for use with PruneCrashReportDatabase().
static std::unique_ptr<PruneCondition> GetDefault();
virtual ~PruneCondition() {}
//! \brief Evaluates a crash report for deletion.
//! \param[in] report The crash report to evaluate.
//! \return `true` if the crash report should be deleted, `false` if it
//! should be kept.
virtual bool ShouldPruneReport(const CrashReportDatabase::Report& report) = 0;
//! \brief A PruneCondition that deletes reports older than the specified number
//! days.
class AgePruneCondition final : public PruneCondition {
//! \brief Creates a PruneCondition based on Report::creation_time.
//! \param[in] max_age_in_days Reports created more than this many days ago
//! will be deleted.
explicit AgePruneCondition(int max_age_in_days);
AgePruneCondition(const AgePruneCondition&) = delete;
AgePruneCondition& operator=(const AgePruneCondition&) = delete;
bool ShouldPruneReport(const CrashReportDatabase::Report& report) override;
const time_t oldest_report_time_;
//! \brief A PruneCondition that deletes older reports to keep the total
//! Crashpad database size under the specified limit.
class DatabaseSizePruneCondition final : public PruneCondition {
//! \brief Creates a PruneCondition that will keep newer reports, until the
//! sum of the size of all reports is not smaller than \a max_size_in_kb.
//! After the limit is reached, older reports will be pruned.
//! \param[in] max_size_in_kb The maximum number of kilobytes that all crash
//! reports should consume.
explicit DatabaseSizePruneCondition(size_t max_size_in_kb);
DatabaseSizePruneCondition(const DatabaseSizePruneCondition&) = delete;
DatabaseSizePruneCondition& operator=(const DatabaseSizePruneCondition&) =
bool ShouldPruneReport(const CrashReportDatabase::Report& report) override;
const size_t max_size_in_kb_;
size_t measured_size_in_kb_;
//! \brief A PruneCondition that conjoins two other PruneConditions.
class BinaryPruneCondition final : public PruneCondition {
enum Operator {
//! \brief Evaluates two sub-conditions according to the specified logical
//! operator.
//! This implements left-to-right evaluation. For Operator::AND, this means
//! if the \a lhs is `false`, the \a rhs will not be consulted. Similarly,
//! with Operator::OR, if the \a lhs is `true`, the \a rhs will not be
//! consulted.
//! \param[in] op The logical operator to apply on \a lhs and \a rhs.
//! \param[in] lhs The left-hand side of \a op. This class takes ownership.
//! \param[in] rhs The right-hand side of \a op. This class takes ownership.
BinaryPruneCondition(Operator op, PruneCondition* lhs, PruneCondition* rhs);
BinaryPruneCondition(const BinaryPruneCondition&) = delete;
BinaryPruneCondition& operator=(const BinaryPruneCondition&) = delete;
bool ShouldPruneReport(const CrashReportDatabase::Report& report) override;
const Operator op_;
std::unique_ptr<PruneCondition> lhs_;
std::unique_ptr<PruneCondition> rhs_;
} // namespace crashpad