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// Copyright 2015 The Crashpad Authors
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <functional>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "client/crash_report_database.h"
#include "util/misc/uuid.h"
#include "util/stdlib/thread_safe_vector.h"
#include "util/thread/stoppable.h"
#include "util/thread/worker_thread.h"
namespace crashpad {
//! \brief A thread that processes pending crash reports in a
//! CrashReportDatabase by uploading them or marking them as completed
//! without upload, as desired.
//! A producer of crash reports should notify an object of this class that a new
//! report has been added to the database by calling ReportPending().
//! Independently of being triggered by ReportPending(), objects of this class
//! can periodically examine the database for pending reports. This allows
//! failed upload attempts for reports left in the pending state to be retried.
//! It also catches reports that are added without a ReportPending() signal
//! being caught. This may happen if crash reports are added to the database by
//! other processes.
class CrashReportUploadThread : public WorkerThread::Delegate,
public Stoppable {
//! \brief Options to be passed to the CrashReportUploadThread constructor.
struct Options {
//! Whether client identifying parameters like product name or version
//! should be added to the URL.
bool identify_client_via_url;
//! Whether uploads should be throttled to a (currently hardcoded) rate.
bool rate_limit;
//! Whether uploads should use `gzip` compression.
bool upload_gzip;
//! Whether to periodically check for new pending reports not already known
//! to exist. When `false`, only an initial upload attempt will be made for
//! reports known to exist by having been added by the ReportPending()
//! method. No scans for new pending reports will be conducted.
bool watch_pending_reports;
//! \brief Observation callback invoked each time the in-process handler
//! finishes processing and attempting to upload on-disk crash reports
//! (whether or not the uploads succeeded).
//! This callback is copied into this object. Any references or pointers
//! inside must outlive this object.
//! The callback might be invoked on a background thread, so clients must
//! synchronize appropriately.
using ProcessPendingReportsObservationCallback = std::function<void()>;
//! \brief Constructs a new object.
//! \param[in] database The database to upload crash reports from.
//! \param[in] url The URL of the server to upload crash reports to.
//! \param[in] options Options for the report uploads.
//! \param[in] callback Optional callback invoked zero or more times
//! on a background thread each time the this object finishes
//! processing and attempting to upload on-disk crash reports.
//! If this callback is empty, it is not invoked.
CrashReportUploadThread(CrashReportDatabase* database,
const std::string& url,
const Options& options,
ProcessPendingReportsObservationCallback callback);
CrashReportUploadThread(const CrashReportUploadThread&) = delete;
CrashReportUploadThread& operator=(const CrashReportUploadThread&) = delete;
//! \brief Informs the upload thread that a new pending report has been added
//! to the database.
//! \param[in] report_uuid The unique identifier of the newly added pending
//! report.
//! This method may be called from any thread.
void ReportPending(const UUID& report_uuid);
// Stoppable:
//! \brief Starts a dedicated upload thread, which executes ThreadMain().
//! This method may only be be called on a newly-constructed object or after
//! a call to Stop().
void Start() override;
//! \brief Stops the upload thread.
//! The upload thread will terminate after completing whatever task it is
//! performing. If it is not performing any task, it will terminate
//! immediately. This method blocks while waiting for the upload thread to
//! terminate.
//! This method must only be called after Start(). If Start() has been called,
//! this method must be called before destroying an object of this class.
//! This method may be called from any thread other than the upload thread.
//! It is expected to only be called from the same thread that called Start().
void Stop() override;
//! \return `true` if the thread is running, `false` if it is not.
bool is_running() const { return thread_.is_running(); }
//! \brief The result code from UploadReport().
enum class UploadResult {
//! \brief The crash report was uploaded successfully.
//! \brief The crash report upload failed in such a way that recovery is
//! impossible.
//! No further upload attempts should be made for the report.
//! \brief The crash report upload failed, but it might succeed again if
//! retried in the future.
//! If the report has not already been retried too many times, the caller
//! may arrange to call UploadReport() for the report again in the future,
//! after a suitable delay.
//! \brief Calls ProcessPendingReport() on pending reports.
//! Assuming Stop() has not been called, this will process reports that the
//! object has been made aware of in ReportPending(). Additionally, if the
//! object was constructed with \a watch_pending_reports, it will also scan
//! the crash report database for other pending reports, and process those as
//! well.
void ProcessPendingReports();
//! \brief Processes a single pending report from the database.
//! \param[in] report The crash report to process.
//! If report upload is enabled, this method attempts to upload \a report by
//! calling UplaodReport(). If the upload is successful, the report will be
//! marked as “completed” in the database. If the upload fails and more
//! retries are desired, the report’s upload-attempt count and
//! last-upload-attempt time will be updated in the database and it will
//! remain in the “pending” state. If the upload fails and no more retries are
//! desired, or report upload is disabled, it will be marked as “completed” in
//! the database without ever having been uploaded.
void ProcessPendingReport(const CrashReportDatabase::Report& report);
//! \brief Attempts to upload a crash report.
//! \param[in] report The report to upload. The caller is responsible for
//! calling CrashReportDatabase::GetReportForUploading() before calling
//! this method, and for calling
//! CrashReportDatabase::RecordUploadComplete() after calling this method.
//! \param[out] response_body If the upload attempt is successful, this will
//! be set to the response body sent by the server. Breakpad-type servers
//! provide the crash ID assigned by the server in the response body.
//! \return A member of UploadResult indicating the result of the upload
//! attempt.
UploadResult UploadReport(const CrashReportDatabase::UploadReport* report,
std::string* response_body);
// WorkerThread::Delegate:
//! \brief Calls ProcessPendingReports() in response to ReportPending() having
//! been called on any thread, as well as periodically on a timer.
void DoWork(const WorkerThread* thread) override;
//! \brief Rate-limit uploads.
//! \param[in] report The crash report to process.
//! This currently implements very simplistic rate-limiting, compatible with
//! the Breakpad client, where the strategy is to permit one upload attempt
//! per hour, and retire reports that would exceed this limit or for which the
//! upload fails on the first attempt.
//! If upload was requested explicitly (i.e. by user action), do not throttle
//! the upload.
//! TODO(mark): Provide a proper rate-limiting strategy and allow for failed
//! upload attempts to be retried.
bool ShouldRateLimitUpload(const CrashReportDatabase::Report& report);
//! \brief Rate-limit report retries.
//! \param[in] report The crash report to process.
//! This implements a per-report retry rate limit (as opposed to per upload
//! rate limit in ShouldRateLimitUpload). When a report upload ends in a retry
//! state, an in-memory only timestamp is stored in |retry_uuid_time_map_|
//! with the next possible retry time. This timestamp is a backoff from the
//! main thread work interval, doubling on each attemt. Because this is only
//! stored in memory, on restart reports in the retry state will always be
//! tried once, and then fall back into the next backoff. This continues until
//! kRetryAttempts is reached.
bool ShouldRateLimitRetry(const CrashReportDatabase::Report& report);
const Options options_;
const ProcessPendingReportsObservationCallback callback_;
const std::string url_;
WorkerThread thread_;
ThreadSafeVector<UUID> known_pending_report_uuids_;
// This is not thread-safe, and only used by the worker thread.
std::map<UUID, time_t> retry_uuid_time_map_;
CrashReportDatabase* database_; // weak
} // namespace crashpad