crashpad_http_upload—Send an HTTP POST request


crashpad_http_uplaod [OPTION…]


Performs an HTTP or HTTPS POST, building a multipart/form-data request from key-value pairs and files in the manner of an HTML <form> with a POST action. Provides the response.

Programs that use the Crashpad client library directly will not normally use this tool. This tool is provided for debugging and testing as it isolates Crashpad’s networking implementation normally used to upload crash reports to a crash report collection server, making it available for more general use.


  • -f, --file=KEY=PATH

    Include PATH in the request as a file upload, in the manner of an HTML <input type="file"> element. KEY is used as the field name.

  • --no-upload-gzip

    Do not use gzip compression. Normally, the entire request body is compressed into a gzip stream and transmitted with Content-Encoding: gzip. This option disables compression, and is intended for use with servers that don’t accept uploads compressed in this way.

  • -o, --output=FILE

    The response body will be written to FILE instead of standard output.

  • -s, --string=KEY=VALUE

    Include KEY and VALUE in the request as an ordinary form field, in the manner of an HTML <input type="text"> element. KEY is used as the field name, and VALUE is used as its value.

  • -u, --url=URL

    Send the request to URL. This option is required.

  • --help

    Display help and exit.

  • --version

    Output version information and exit.


Uploads a file to an HTTP server running on localhost.

$ crashpad_http-upload --url http://localhost/upload_test \
      --string=when=now --file=what=1040.pdf
Thanks for the upload!

This example corresponds to the HTML form:

<form action="http://localhost/upload_test" method="post">
  <input type="text" name="when" value="now" />
  <input type="file" name="what" />
  <input type="submit" />

Exit Status

  • 0


  • 1

    Failure, with a message printed to the standard error stream. HTTP error statuses such as 404 (Not Found) are included in the definition of failure.

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