Update gtest to 9518a57428ae0a7ed450c1361768e84a2a38af5a

4665eee10a1d test, please ignore
826656b25f62 Remove workarounds for unsupported MSVC versions
c43603f288f4 Remove GTEST_HAS_HASH_SET/MAP check
a3a42514f1a9 Define GTEST_DISABLE_MSC_WARNINGS_PUSH/POP for all
48021336904c Add back warning suppression that shouldn't have been
1454f301c554 Update README.md
09beafcd1d54 Merge branch 'master' into patch-1
7a0680dc2230 Merge pull request #1959 from robinlinden:remove-msvc-
d5932506d6ee Merge pull request #1961 from coppered/patch-1
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64368e0584e0 Googletest export
f7779eb3cb5d Googletest export
a3013cceffbe Googletest export
3cf8f514d859 Update build badge
ce526b87007a Issue #1955: Remove THREADS_PREFER_PTHREAD_FLAG
28a3261fdf94 Create CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
87589af5ba5a Update .travis.yml
2f126c74d264 Update .travis.yml
5404fd7d06a8 Update .travis.yml
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191f9336bc92 Merge pull request #1977 from

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775a17631217 Fixed typo
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ba344cbc405f Googletest export
10e82d01d94c Update README.md
a28a71ae41fa Update README.md
214521a1486d Update WORKSPACE
3fd66989bb5c Googletest export
067aa4c28bb1 Do not define GTEST_IS_THREADSAFE within GTEST_HAS_SEH
3d71ab4c37de Googletest export
fe14e3030737 Merge pull request #1995 from siddhanjay/patch-1
2c8ab3f18b2e feat:  Add initial support for PlatformIO and Arduino
695cf7c96249 Merge pull request #1997 from gpakosz:GTEST_IS_THREADSAFE
39c09043b83e chore:  Add initial library.json config
d9251df84951 fix: Remove global chmod from Travis
31eb5e9b873a chore:  Update version to latest release
b5c08cb9f4f1 Cache gcc and clang APT packages
06bb8d4d6dcf Googletest export
6cbd3753dc19 Googletest export
ea5e941d8470 Change directory ownership earlier
fc0f92676865 Don't cache APT packages on OS X/macOS
3b1f43c2e7a5 Use if statements
b545089f5117 Merge pull request #2004 from cotsog/patch-1
6ef591381372 Googletest export
3949c403c0ed Update README.md
81f00260668d Googletest export
c6cb7e033591 Googletest export
b5f5c596a991 Merge pull request #2000 from
1496f73cc4c3 fix:  correct JSON syntax
0f698c830f79 chore:  Add .vs to .gitignore for Visual Studio
096fb37a1976 Googletest export
1ec20f87e390 Googletest export
b7dd66519f4a Googletest export
ed3f9bb22960 Googletest export
85c4172ed66e Update README.md
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e26a3fa13ca2 Googletest export
9494c45e75a5 Googletest export
a83cc11abe48 Googletest export
b93a13ec4db4 Improvements have been made to the example/sample makefiles
             for both googlemock and googletest. Library files are now
             created and named like versions produced by Cmake
34a99e547ab7 Googletest export
4160336cb433 Merge pull request #2013 from ciband:chore/fix_library_json
150613166524 Update README.md
c0ef2cbe42df fix:  Correct GitHub paths
16269ae2f857 Merge pull request #2027 from ciband:chore/fix_library_json
77004096e850 Update README.md
6729a1361150 Merge #2002
0cf2130c0b59 Update Xcode project file
3bedb5a9fc36 Merge pull request #2035 from syohex/update-xcode-project-
6d5ce40d4c27 fix:  Add additional source and include directories
de99386b67a3 Merge branch 'chore/fix_library_json' of
             https://github.com/ciband/googletest into
25905b9f9a45 Merge branch 'master' of
2ace910a3580 Revert "test, please ignore"
8ed34e0f6b4e Remove outdated scripts
933e5df28372 Merge pull request #2039 from gennadiycivil/master
f8b1c1af1775 Googletest export
14c2fba7349e Googletest export
1bcbd5871e34 Merge pull request #2037 from ciband:chore/fix_library_json
bfcc47fc2f61 Merge pull request #2026 from
8a27d164cbc7 Update README.md
6e410a3ae965 Update README.md
ac8c102dae66 Update README.md
3a460a26b7a9 Googletest export
827515f8a092 Googletest export
5d3a2cd9c854 Update docs, TestCase->TestSuite
58e62f7a989c Merge branch 'master' of
3880b13e4c0b Merge pull request #2042 from gennadiycivil/master
ade8baa7d213 clang-tidy: modernize-deprecated-headers
8369b5bbd0dd fixing build errors for unused parameter
b6cd405286ed Googletest export
644319b9f06f Merge pull request #2048 from ciband:chore/clang_tidy
216c37f057ae Googletest export
f31bf1d362af Googletest export
50f1a77955bd Merge pull request #2051 from enptfb55:master
7a7e2bba1d62 Googletest export
bc1023b4131c Googletest export
6693e85b0402 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:google/googletest
2edadcedf350 Workaround homebrew issue
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097407fd3cfb Googletest export
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eb9225ce361a Googletest export
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Crashpad is a crash-reporting system.


Source Code

Crashpad’s source code is hosted in a Git repository at https://chromium.googlesource.com/crashpad/crashpad.

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