Update DEPS for buildtools and GYP

Point buildtools to its new location and update it to 3e50219fc450.


437a616be5b2 Roll doclava from Android version 6.0.0 to 8.1.0
e514b423cd41 Remove libunwind arm dependency from libc++abi
d8b13809dced Build libc++abi with LIBCXXABI_SILENT_TERMINATE set
dd61138d2390 Add libunwind include path to libunwind config
a2cbf26d9ed3 Roll lib{cxx,cxxabi,unwind}
95d2a25d1de9 Roll gn 5478ca083b..c67646fb60 (r528993:r531988)
cac097d5c2b8 Roll lib{cxx,cxxabi,unwind}
f115f4786771 Revert "Roll gn 5478ca083b..c67646fb60 (r528993:r531988)"
2637e7e91152 Roll gn 5478ca083b..a0a05a85c5 (r528993:r533513)
053f96910491 Add Windows support to libc++ target
a09e064635a4 Merge "Add Windows support to libc++ target."
2888931260f2 checkdeps: Add "noparent" support, similar to OWNERS files
3748a2a90871 Roll gn a0a05a85c5..ee966518c2 (r533513:r544233)
10d701fce52d Prepare for |is_posix| switch in the Fuchsia build
ce837ab781da Roll lib{c++,c++abi,unwind}
c81e25593ef4 [CFI] Update libc++abi to include cfi-icall fix
4c8aa3ad4fd3 Roll gn ee966518c2..b709e226c5 (r544233:r549249)
e8aa02ea839e Merge "Roll gn ee966518c2..b709e226c5 (r544233:r549249)"
8febfea9bc7e Move SVN revision comments to be variables in a gni file
ab7b6a7b350d Roll gn b709e226c5..76b9b6c759 (r549249:r552354)
b7d53a93026d Make libc++abi C++17 ready
50bedd71e73c Roll gn 76b9b6c759..8b9e025d4d (r552354:r554932)
0b71401b977f Roll gn 8b9e025d4d..0fbf0789d9 (r554932:r555198)
292896eef97e Roll libc++abi 52c7a376..05a73941
ae5162d61ffc Remove unnecessary android_crazy_linker dependency from
c2fb17cecaf9 Correctly configure __cxa_demangle visibility
a9e946f166b7 Exclude libc++abi target when use_custom_libcxx=false
e7546473ac90 Move extern-C before __attribute__ declarations
e0b3d0a72133 Roll gn 0fbf0789d9..ccbeab673a (r555198:r558753)
8ca403ab93e0 Merge "Move extern-C before __attribute__ declarations"
4cbff1e40ea6 Roll lib{cxx,unwind} to ToT
94288c26d2ff Revert "Roll gn 0fbf0789d9..ccbeab673a (r555198:r558753)"
893eb86b02b2 Set no_default_deps in shared libc++ builds
6f4dae280c6a Roll gn 0fbf0789d9..84176d72a4 (r555198:r564007)
5941c1b3df96 Roll gn 84176d72a4..a3bcd204a1 (r564007:r567268)
9c9fd97928dd Roll gn a3bcd204a1..7f29218b23 (r567268:r570036)
f45682622e92 Remove GN from buildtools
506ae1c73670 Add gn-has-moved binary in old gn location
49b054d87c53 Remove libcpp_is_static
aec56e26079f Roll to gn from gn.googlesource.com
2568b85b1fa9 Merge "Remove libcpp_is_static"
66c7d9dc3c26 Re-add .gitignore for GN
a57c8cf55208 Merge "Re-add .gitignore for GN"
7876a3a2adc9 Revert "Remove libcpp_is_static"
0dd5c6f980d2 Merge "Revert "Remove libcpp_is_static""
4ae75c1f8188 Add components/tracing in visibility for libunwind
637716e67c05 Remove libcpp_is_static
5a265b45c14c Merge "Remove libcpp_is_static"
691bfec9d73b Only set is_component_build if !is_component_build
9a90d9aaadeb Use new export_libcxxabi_from_executables variable
2dff9c9c74e9 Roll GN from "UNKNOWN" to 1413 (4cf8d15..e134e49)
13a00f110ef9 Roll lib{cxx,cxxabi,unwind}
fdce2ad26b26 Roll libcxx{abi}
24ebce457874 Update clang-format binaries and scripts for all platforms
da9b2941cbf6 Revert "Roll libcxx{abi}
04161ec8d7c7 Roll gn to version 1496 (0790d304)
7d88270de197 Added statically linked linux binary for clang-format
b07ce09e6870 Roll lib{c++,c++abi,unwind}
5cce74c6ae2e Roll libc++
93e021048e8a Add thomasanderson and thakis to libc++{abi} OWNERS
0e1cbc4eab68 Stop removing hide_all_but_jni_onload config from libc++
9d61cbb94fd6 Make libc++ a shared library on Android sanitizer builds
40194ab03962 Do TODOs related to Android/libc++
2f02e1f363b1 Don't export operator new/delete on Mac
6fbda1b24c18 Add eu-strip to buildtools/third_party/
d658e92a1fc2 Delete buildtools


6b05562fca00 [buildtools] add owners
97f503c698ae Update libcxx{abi}
daac513c763a Fixes necessary for enabling libc++ on Windows
3e50219fc450 Fix mac/component/asan builds

Update GYP to 8bee09f4a578.

52d9dcea6525 Add prototype of Travis config
ac24c9a9501e osx
2f9ae921f899 add copyright to .sh
2ea7773b5a97 set +x  on buildbot/travis-checkout.sh
834a0592ddee fiddling with directories
c3b797d883df try exporting PATH and only build ninja for now
541da5393710 try other order for sync:
39ad9f30379c see if ninja is getting pulled
007db9efe490 see if ninja is getting pulled
0afd3fc18f12 try a wrapper script
7f2941039abf readd osx
d22dd9717aeb and try clang
deb62526ffbb Disable some tests that fail on bots to try to get a green
4d467626b0b9 Make Travis build only the master branch
81286d388abf infra: remove cq.cfg, which is no longer used
197c82b78bc8 Patch GYP so that building with Xcode 10 works
f825c98e4bff Fix issue with missing resources in Xcode ui tests targets
6dbf304b77cb Add a copyright header to TestCmd.py
9df93ee4302e Make Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition work w/ GYP
f989ef9f1c41 Use ast module instead of compiler module for parsing files
f2dca32f7856 Update simple_copy.py for Python3 types
ab4aca868d68 Mostly mechanical changes for Python3 support
732bde62a5eb Fix one dangling utf8 decode call needed for python 3
e22714e51525 Fixes needed for Python3 on Win32
703706c4995b src,win: add VS2019 version
bd11dd1c51ef More miscellaneous fixes for Python3 compatibility
8bee09f4a578 Changes for windows and easy xml to get gyp to run under
             python 3

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  2. .gitignore
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  19. minidump/
  20. navbar.md
  21. package.h
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